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dining in Japan

Japan’s Dining Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

Japan's dining experiences are something that one should not miss while visiting Japan. Here are our top picks for the perfect night out for all food lovers out there! List of Must-try Dining Experiences in Japan Izakaya An izakaya is a Japanese “gastropub,” where people go to casually...

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Japan's Art Destinations

Discover the Best Japan’s Art Destinations

Tokyo is packed with some of the world’s top museums and galleries, but further afield in Japan are even more fantastic art hubs. Japan‘s thriving art scene has been the catalyst for a museum boom throughout the country in recent decades. With Tokyo’s cultural buzz...

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sushi sashimi

Sushi and Sashimi: Eating the Japanese Way

Sushi and Sashimi may be the Japanese most famous delicacy. There are some countries in which terms sushi and sashimi are used interchangeably, but that is incorrect usage. The two dishes are separate and distinct. They differ by their ingredients, types, sizes...

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Japan is the Perfect Place for Family Vacation

Japan is a dream for families that want to introduce their children to a new and exotic culture. As a result, Japan family vacation is the perfect trip to turn your kids into lifetime travelers. Take them to Japan—they go crazy for this country, and...

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Must Try Japanese Food (Eat Like a Japanese)

Japanese food is incredibly unique, a touch of freshness and perfection to detail. Japanese cuisine offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a boundless variety. It consists of regional and seasonal dishes as well as international cuisine. Moreover, restaurants range from mobile food stands to centuries-old...

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Japanese Etiquette

Japanese Etiquette 101 (A Guide to Japan)

  Japanese Etiquette (Do's and Dont's) It's very well known that Japan is a land full of obscure customs and unwritten rules unknown to the unwary foreigner. The code of etiquette in Japan governs the expectations of social behavior in the country and is considered very important....

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Ryokan Onsen

Onsen – Relaxation, The Japanese Way

The best way to complement days of exploring the busy streets of Japan is an overnight stay at an onsen ryokan. Soak in a tub of bubbling hot water and enjoy views of the landscapes! What is Onsen? There are numerous natural hot springs (温泉, onsen) across Japan....

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