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The Ultimate Guide for Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

If you know a little bit about Japan, you've probably heard about its incredible Spring painted with white and pink cherry blossoms. If you have ever planned to visit Japan, you shouldn't miss this beautiful display of pale pink flowers fluttering to the ground. As...

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10 Things to Do in Tokyo During Summer Games 2020

Summer Games 2020 is just around the corner, and in the blink of the eye, the world is going to turn their heads towards Japan and its bustling capital, Tokyo. If you are attending the Olympic games, there is already plenty to see and...

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Tech Events

Discover Japan’s Latest Technology and Innovations Japan is known worldwide for AI advancement technology and leading cutting-edge innovations in robotics. Japan is rapidly moving toward “Society 5.0”, adding a fifth chapter to the four major stages of human development: hunter-gatherer, agrarian, industrial and information. We manage groups...

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Beauty Events

Immerse in the World of Japanese Beauty J-beauty is one of the major beauty trends in the world. From the minimalistic approach to skin routine and products to the strangest cosmetic products and treatments you’ve seen. Japan, being the land of the innovation, has plenty to...

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Tokyo Olympics 2020

Experience the Tokyo Olympics Games and beyond Are you planning the trip of a lifetime to Tokyo Olympics in 2020? We can assist you in organizing your trip to help you get the most from this historic and unique sporting tournament! The Olympic games are planned to be...

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