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Experience the Tokyo Olympics Games and beyond

Are you planning the trip of a lifetime to Tokyo Olympics in 2020?

We can assist you in organizing your trip to help you get the most from this historic and unique sporting tournament!

The Olympic games are planned to be held from the 24th of July to 9th August 2020 in Tokyo. The games will feature 321 sports, alongside the 5 new sports that will be introduced in Tokyo. The stated goal for the Tokyo Games is to be more youthful, more urban, and include more women. Over 12,000 athletes participating will represent a total of 207 nations at the games.

Discovering Japan, between matches, will enrich your experience while you are there. A fusion of culture and style, there is plenty to see in Japan. The country is home to 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of the best cuisines in the world, stunning wilderness, beaches, and countryside, and Japanese hospitality is second to none.

Let Us Customize A Trip For You

We don’t just assist in your travel needs, we offer an awe-inspiring, extraordinary and meaningful Japan experience! If you are interested in going to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, register with us using the form below, and we’ll get back to you with customized travel options.

Asahi Olympics Travel Packages can include airfare, hotel lodging close to the Olympics venues, ground transportation, sightseeing tours and more!

Our World Experts offer full support and dedication to customizing this tour to fit your wishlist – We can mix and match experiences, hotels and highlights to fit your taste.

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