The fledgling Brown Thrashers look … And thanks Kendra for the kind remarks. Not bad! Great photos! Very cool. Three young Brown Thrasher fledglings were brought to us for care after they were found wet and cold after a storm with no parents in the vicinity. The adult apparently saw me watching (with the big glass camera eye) and jumped over to protect the baby. All Content Copyright © 2020 Wild-Bird-Watching. Both parents incubate four eggs for nearly two weeks. Brown Thrasher, wild bird pictures and photography, songs calls and music, bird watching and birding tips, bird identification, feeders and food, eggs nests and houses, birds of America, habitat. both male and female. It didn't occur to me that I had constructed a dust bath, but a Brown Thrasher found it. These birds Most of the diet of the thrasher is insects. But I didn’t imagine that a second one would soon join him! The Brown Thrasher is a versatile eater, they will eat ground-dwelling insects (often found beneath dead leaves), wild nuts/seeds, and wild fruit. The Brown Thrasher is a versatile eater, they will eat ground-dwelling insects (often found beneath dead leaves), wild nuts/seeds, and wild fruit. The brown thrasher has a white under part with heavy black streaking and yellow legs. Oops! It's skills were quite poor, so the parents took turns coaching the baby to fly in various directions for food. The female may pick up sticks as a sign of her willingness The only major distinguishing feature is that the juvies have blue eyes, instead of the yellow eyes of the parents. The fledgling hasn't realized yet that it's standing in a food field. They have a lot of mouths to feed! Thanks, Lexarose. Both sexes help in the care and feeding of the chicks. Brown Thrashers are common here but I don't usually see them since they don't visit the feeders. Both male and female birds share in the nest building process. The nest Claiming © Powered by ScanSoft Trading Company Ltd. I normally use the Kaytee brand of peanutbutter suet dough but have bought another brand too, make sure it is the dough though not the greasy suet. Would he eat fruit if we left some out? Incubation is done by Keeping to the topic of Brown Thrashers, I can't resist posting photos of the very first Brown Thrasher I ever saw, in August 2009. In most of the South, it is a year-round bird. These birds prefer dense I didn't even know what the bird was then, but I took continuous shots and ended up with something like 64 pics and, with much agonizing, winnowed it down to 10 pics. I've never seen a bird do that before, they won't even take a water bath in my yard. Posted in Backyard Birding , Birds , Blue Birds , Brown Thrasher , Florida Birds , North Florida Birds , Song Birds , Wild Birds | Tagged Backyard Birding , … A relatively large, distinct-looking bird strongly associated with dense brush and shrubby habitat. I saw my first Thrasher this summer at a birdbath and was surprised at how big they are.I Like your water bath,it's so clean you must be lucky enough not to have starlings! A very knowledgeable birder later told me it was a recently fledged immature thrasher. Often seen on the ground, the brown thrasher is a bird of woodland edges, thickets, hedgerows, brushy riversides and parks, and shrubby backyards. Nearly a foot long, the brown thrasher is a strong and handsome bird, equally at home in woodland edges or shrubby backyards. Dee Campbell  5/16/2008)Today I witnessed two brown thrashers, that seemed to be harrawsing a snake.


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