Name : Sudarshan Dahal 3-Min Quiz Measures Your Vibration With Uncanny Accuracy! I really felt excited reading it and you have actually opened my mind to a lot of things that I would not have known. Do not reduce the Master Numbers (11 and 22) right away. Tracey, Through your responsive reaching out to the world, you become a beacon for others. Consider what you’re carrying that attracts what you do not want. This is where your sense of balance and judgement is most necessary. I’m 5/29/89. Really cool stuff with this website you’re doing an amazing job forever grateful for your energy. As a positive 4, you have the ability to build a useful world through sound reasoning, where your hard work and patient perseverance will benefit others in a tangible way. Elizabeth! . There is no limit to what you can do, if your actions are governed by reason rather than emotion. Working for material gain alone will not provide the satisfaction you need, and you must learn to share your good fortune with others. You should master at least one talent. You must share your wisdom to enlighten the world, so you cannot be bound by enduring ties that would limit your mobility. 6. Your disappointment in the outer world drives you to a lonely existence, where you become a hermit or recluse, and shut out the people who cannot live up to your ideals. We travel different paths, gain personalized lessons and at some point we reach this level where our awareness explodes with deep understanding about the world and ourselves. Your birthday Life Path reduces to a 5…so that’s interesting! As a 3, you should learn no to spread yourself too thin, which is an easy trap to fall into, with your many talents and interests. You had me excited there for a minute – but, nope, you’ve calculated it incorrectly. One of the most important and most wake up call like steps is discovering what is your vibration when you start off. The 4 speaks to Form, Discipline, Manifestation in the physical, Restriction….whether you read it positively or negatively…. No matter what mode of raising your vibration to pick, you have to decide a couple of things in advance. A negative 4 can be a “workaholic” whose stern and sterile outlook makes life a plodding drudgery. As the recipient of this vibration, you are a very creative builder, an individual who puts form and structure into life. An 8 knows no halfway measures. Your keen mind makes you a formidable enemy. Sorry for the double comment. You need to be first and best at whatever you do. Overwork brings on emotional difficulties. can’t seem to find a reason. You are attracted to the mystical side of life. You work zealously for the causes you adopt, and you should encourage your philanthropic leanings. The blueprint ends up giving you a number that rules each 9-year phase in your life and their book gives ‘temporary vibration’ explanations for the number 1 right on up to 78/6 so the amount of in-depth information you get is really amazing. I think it just sounds and feels right. Others sense your sagacity, honesty and fairness and seek you out to settle any differences they encounter. You may become discontented and jealous and play the martyr. Sorry I am so late replying – I don’t know what happened there! You easily acquire money and independence, so that you are free to pursue your worldly destiny. The other prominent number in my chart is 22. Individuality, Independence, Being exactly YourSelf and no one else! I think my vibrational numbers are Jean = 3 As a result, you become a dominant force in any group to which you belong. Why is that? Your vast knowledge will impress people, and you will eventually accomplish the supreme task of the 5, that of cleansing the sanctuary or regenerating the body by control of the senses. birthday- (July) 9+7+1+9+9+5=40/4 There you learn to enclose yourself behind secret walls, where your creative imagination roams freely. Your life path number is 7 + 3 + 1 = 11/2 – a Master Number! or Whole name = 5 Becoming aware of your vibration—and the levels of what surrounds you—allows you to seek opportunities to raise your vibration level. This book makes correspondences between numbers, astrology, planets and the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Can you please help me calculate my vibrational numbers? What resides in you and where you put your attention grows. Hmmm, that’s interesting! You can be too self-indulgent, and extravagance could be your downfall. With your sound business judgement and knowledge of the value of a dollar, you prefer a big expanding business to a small enterprise. Need to know my vibration number , ( nemerology). You have a genius for thinking in broad terms while always arriving at practical solutions. You are intrigued by ESP, the occult and mystical and spiritual studies. Highly intuitive and creative and unconventional if you’re working with the energies at the 11 vibration and not just the 2 vibration. 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 23/5. If you are a positive 2, you can be of great service to others because of your ability to settle situations amicably, and you may well become the power behind the throne. 22. How is 2017 going so far? Since you have a pioneering instinct, you are usually first, and because you have the courage to assert yourself, you are often the best. You are oversensitive and easily depressed if your surroundings are unhappy. She prefers to be at home rather than to go out and battle the world for a living. Hi, my name is Janice, born July 21, 63. You are here to build your own unique personality, which you can do only by exercising your will. As a constructive 5, you can go to the heights and the depths without harm. My feeling of 33 is that at your highest level and as you grow older your intuition grows, you have more mystical experiences and you can see the Magic of Life! How to analyze if your name is in harmony with birthday number. What will your choice be today for the experience you wish to have? When crossed you are quick tempered. As a child, you spent time in a square crib and playpen. Because you communicate well and are very witty, talkative, enthusiastic and attractive to the opposite sex, you can easily fall into the sensual life, disregarding and wasting your many talents. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You are independent! Your right active nature radiates like the Sun to warm the lives of others and your ease with people draws them to you like a magnet. Your quick mind and instant reactions cause you to make impulsive decisions on occasion, and you tend to be impatient with people who respond more slowly. This is one of the four master numbers and it can be experienced as either a 22 or a 4, or as a fluctuation between the two during your lifetime. Thanks you❤️. You might deceive yourself, but you can't deceive All-Knowledge. Source's replies are yes, no, yes/no, or wrong question. Sooooo, that’s significant eh?? Ay yay yay, how could that have happened!!?? Your Vibration is Rising. In the country you can lead a leisurely life in a dignified and conservative atmosphere. You love life, the joy of social contracts, entertainment and new experiences. An employer can rely upon your stability, steadiness, honesty and sense of responsibility. I’m waiting for your kind response. Use the positive 8 vibrations to create a stable material world in which you are willing to share your fine managerial capabilities and creative talents. You like comfort and peace and will not tolerate discord. This can produce unhappy relations with others, including your mate. Your ability to detach yourself and see separateness gives your creative and inventive potentials room to grow. Your imaginative powers are increased because you can see hidden aspects of beauty in life. You played with square blocks and most likely romped in a square yard.


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