The BLS says increasing rates of automation in manufacturing will increase the need for plant engineers. Where a company has a manufacturing plant, it usually has a plant engineer on the payroll. This requires passing exams and demonstrating significant education and experience. Industrial engineers often work on teams with other professionals and production staff. What Is Involved With Being a Plant Manager? They devise efficient ways to use workers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or provide a service. Does this sound like you? The BLS mentions that some positions require production engineers to travel. Take our career test and find your top matches from over 800 careers. Qualifications to Become a Production Engineer. The job requires expert math, physics, and computer skills to design schematics for new processes and systems.Communication skills are also important, as a manufacturing engineer must describe his or her recommendations to executives and explain new procedures to floor workers. Duties range from installation to troubleshooting. The BLS mentions that experienced production engineers can also pursue certification through the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Production engineer responsibilities include working alone in a comfortable office as well as on the worksite along with a team of workers. Educational Requirements for a Computer Engineer, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Industrial Engineers, PayScale: Average Production Engineer Salary, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: 17-2112 Industrial Engineers. For example, they design systems for: In all these different projects, industrial engineers focus on how to get the work done most efficiently, balancing many factors such as time, number of workers needed, actions workers need to take, achieving the end with no errors, technology that is available, workers' safety, environmental concerns, and cost. Aspiring Minds says a plant engineer needs excellent problem-solving skills and the knowledge and intelligence to correctly analyze and interpret data. Any sort of apprenticeship program or college co-op education program that gets you out of the classroom and into the field is a plus for your career. When solving problems, they may be in an office at a computer looking at data that they or others have collected. Take our free career test to find out if industrial engineer is one of your top career matches. A plant engineer has to test and evaluate machinery regularly and fix problems fast. Their main job is to ensure that all products are manufactured with utmost efficiency and quality, according to … Manufacturers of airplane parts offered an average wage of $102,350 compared to $91,530 for medical equipment manufacturers. It also helps to have industry experience and knowledge of automation. Job Description for a Plant Manager in the Automotive Industry. You can find him online at Aspiring Minds and BLS both stress that a plant engineer needs excellent communications skills, both oral and written. What is the workplace of an Industrial Engineer like? Miami University: Manufacturing Engineering, Training Needed to Work as a Chemical Engineer. GHD says plant engineers may be called on to improve efficiency, upgrade to new technologies, repair equipment, increase production and reduce bottlenecks in manufacturing. According to PayScale, the average plant engineer salary is $79,607, with a range from $56,000 to $112,000. The BLS attributes this growth to the role's importance in many industries as well as increased demand for healthcare products. Oregon State University: What Do Manufacturing Engineers Do? Here's a look at the average salaries the site has provided based on a production engineer's experience: Industrial engineers of all types can expect favorable career prospects. Production engineers work in the sphere of manufacturing, overseeing the production of goods in many industries at factories or plants. An industrial engineering technician observes operations at a factory, manufacturing plant, or warehouse to ensure production efforts are as efficient and safe as possible. Read on to learn more about the production engineer role and requirements. He lives in Durham NC with his awesome wife and two wonderful dogs. Ashley Donohoe started writing professionally in 2010 about career, business and technology topics. Industrial engineers have distinct personalities. Just as a chief engineer can have many different working environments, such as an outdoor construction site, an office, or a production factory, they have many responsibilities as well. What Kind of Experience Do You Need to Be a Manufacturing Engineer? Industrial engineers look at ways to make manufacturing as cost-effective and efficient as possible, including both the machines and the factory staff; plant engineers focus entirely on the machine side. Electronic component manufacturers offered engineers $99,530 on average. Then they use mathematical methods and models to design manufacturing and information systems to meet those requirements most efficiently. Some of them are also enterprising, meaning they’re adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. To find ways to reduce waste and improve performance, they first study product requirements carefully. These engineers also investigate the company's current manufacturing processes to make things faster. They tend to be investigative individuals, which means they’re intellectual, introspective, and inquisitive. A plant or manufacturing engineer is a subspecialty of industrial engineering, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says.Industrial engineers look at ways to make manufacturing as cost-effective and efficient as possible, including both the machines and the factory staff; plant engineers focus entirely on the machine side.


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