Ready to embark on the enthralling journey of a foreign language? But hey! (Horn &Kojaku 2001), Another study showed that high school seniors with two or more years of foreign language study showed significantly improved performance on achievement tests in English when compared with non-foreign language students. Africa, Asia, New Zealand are just a few clicks away. Maybe If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of learning a foreign language? The main problem they usually encounter is deciding on what they should do. Besides, it can provide an excellent workout to your brain. It’s never too late. According to new research, the ability to learn a second language may depend less on linguistic skills and more on the ability to recognize patterns. Feel free to write to me if you spot somewhere some benefit which is not on the list. Your children, spouse, parents. The constant flood of problems you face every day, helps you to become an efficient learner who knows what is important and what is not. In one study, bilingual children were presented with the problems of both mathematical (arranging two sets of bottle caps to be equal according to instruction) and non-mathematical nature (a common household problem represented in pictures) and were asked to provide solutions. Your native language doesn’t have the same words or phrases as every other language. scores for children of average and below-average intelligence. The apparent benefit of language learning is that a new language gives you the ability to communicate with different people on more meaningful levels. It makes your traveling more exciting. Please suggest some institutes in Delhi. “Additive-Bilingual (Immersion) Education: Cognitive and Language Development“. The language learning journey is fraught with obstacles. Electrophysiological measures showed a distinct pattern for the bilinguals indicating that they were perceiving the two colors as completely separate.”. –. There are countless reasons to learn a foreign language. “Why do they have to be so weird?!”. These days, almost all jobs require you to interact with others and employees who are multilinguist. The main purpose of this list is to make you realize how many benefits of language learning there are. Understanding of your own language will increase, The research shows a high positive correlation between foreign language study and improved reading. You don’t need to be fluent in the foreign tongue concerned for travel, but learning key phrases can make your travel experience better and rewarding! The following list includes 80 benefits of language learning. The main purpose of this list is to make you realize how many benefits of language learning there are. References: Zohreh Kassaian, Saeedeh Esmae’li (2011). Discovering their history, you experience their pain, share their victories. You will have higher verbal and non-verbal intelligence. You will improve your general communication skills, 58. Do you want to study abroad or looking for a job after completing your studies in any Non-English speaking country? This way, I can improve my language and general knowledge at the same time. Whatever the reasons might be, knowing foreign languages significantly increases your mobility by removing language barriers and increasing the chances of employment. “Piensa” twice: On the foreign language effect in decision making“. Further references: Lapkin, et al 1990, Ratte 1968. The language learning journey is fraught with obstacles. Then, in that case, it would be a good idea to spend your time and effort to learn that language. “The relation of bilingualism to intelligence”.Psychological Monographs75(546): 1–23. Knowing only one language (i.e. Have you ever wondered what other benefits language learning has to offer? Very often, they are the ones who offer an interesting angle on the matters of your interest because of cultural differences. The study found that when repeatedly shown the same image, bilingual babies recognized familiar images quicker and paid more attention to novel images – demonstrating tendencies that have strong links to higher IQ later in life. the ability to create an infinite number of utterances we have never heard before. Early language study forces you to reach for alternate words when you can’t quite remember the original one you wanted to use and makes you experiment with new words and phrases.


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