I’ve wanted this for years and I was among the Tweeters during the E3 conference who were elated and instantly disappointed. Of course the original was also released in Europe, so… either version would be great. Hopefully this means we’ll start to see of these games materialising soon. What they did not understand was that Vib Ribbon, with all its retro madness, was also part of the new game continuum and, in fact, a very radical offshoot of that, which was worthy of praise. Senior Partnerships Brand Manager, Theodore Fishman How hard can it be to create a category for digital content? Sure, it didn’t go platinum and it didn’t make a ton of money. Lovely! For other topics, head to our Forums. Fortunately, it was the response from members of the media and gamers to his mention of the game that prompted tomorrow's re-release. Excellent news! Community Director, Insomniac Games, Sophie Price on October 6, 2014 at 11:55AM PDT. seeing as music unlimited is available on vita and PS4..? Layden recalled working at SCEE and attempting to bring the game from Japan to Europe and encountering resistance from Sony's marketing department. That said, we’re still missing some great first party classics like Parappa the Rapper, MediEvil 2, Syphon Filter 2, Ape Escape, Legend of Dragoon and I’m sure there are more I’m missing. Vib Ribbon is the “one that got away” and back then, when we still had that old-school thinking around regional lockout, there was no simple way for those outside of Europe and Japan to even encounter the game. Vib-Ribbon DEMO JPN NEW - Playstation 1 - PS1 - JP. I really hope you would consider making a new, updated version of Vib-Ribbon if this PSOne Classic sells well enough, if only to make it so that the game can recognize MP3 files like CD audio tracks and make levels out of them. However, Layden did say Sony is "working on a way to make it available on PS4," which is encouraging news. But it did show, again, that PlayStation is the place where everything innovative, challenging, new and somewhat off-course can come to find a fan, a market, and a home. There is absolutely nothing stopping it from being possible. I wanted to give Vibri some much-deserved, though belated, screen time as I felt this game really captured the crazy that PlayStation was keen to offer back then… and looks to continue now with our outreach to the innovative and indie game community. So pleased you revived the rabbit Shawn. Here’s my soul. Creative Director Team Ninja, Sid Shuman This title is compatible with the PSP™, PS Vita, and PS3® systems. NICE! Some may be disappointed over the lack of PS4 support, but that doesn't come as a surprise given that PS1 games are (inexplicably) not playable on the system presently. Instead, it was the mention of a nearly 15-year-old game PlayStation game that had never even been released in North America: Vib Ribbon. There’s one more thing You should know, Mr Layden, since Vib-Ribbon is so near and dear to Your heart. Vib Ribbon was designed by Masaya Matsuura, also creator of Parappa the Rappa and Umjammer Lammy, and was released in Japan on 12.9.99. Vib Ribbon is finally making its way to PlayStation Store, and the major catalyst was all of you who wrote, posted, blogged, tweeted that you wished to see this game come back and wanted your voice to be heard by the suits. But the Official Czech PlayStation Magazine supplied me with enough coverage and even a demo. The original versions of FFX, FFX-2, FFXII and Birth by Sleep: Kingdom Hearts would also be nice. All in all, I’m very happy and grateful that Vib-Ribbon is joining the ranks of PS1 Classics because it’s been sorely lacking in that catalogue. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Now I look to all of you experiencing this singular game for the first time. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Here’s my money. Vib-Ribbon. Hmm, I wish they would just give us PS1 and PS2 support on PS4, even if its only the digital games we own. At least trophies? LOVED vib ribbon on PS1, it was one of my most played games when i was growing up. This title is compatible with the PSP™, PS Vita, and PS3® systems. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It was to make a point about having the courage, and talent, to break the mold. …but how are the songs going to be handled? Oh my god, this is some of the best news ever!!! Really hope Sony re-releases this on PS4 with new and original tunes. *_*, Ah Vibri, great to see you again. Download Vib-ribbon™ today for a musical experience that’s completely enchanting – and utterly unique. @andrewsqual The ability to use CD ROMs on PS4 is not the issue preventing PS1 emulation. Nope, nothing important about that. Michael House "Vib Ribbon is finally making its way to North America, and the major catalyst was all of you who wrote, posted, blogged, tweeted that you wished to see this game come back and wanted your voice to be heard by the suits," Layden said. Hey everyone! Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? There’s me thinking, “I’M IN!!!”. Flying Lotus’s new album is coming out tomorrow too! This problem has been here for several months now and every time I bring it up, my comment is either ignored or I get a non-committal response to the extent that “it’s being worked on”. First, some quick backstory on a gaming legend. The news was announced on the PlayStation Blog today by SCEA president Shawn Layden, the man who mentioned Vib Ribbon back in June. There are only a little over a hundred titles in there and I have no idea what algorithm determines which games are shown in there and which aren’t. Perfect combo! Email news@gamespot.com. Until E3. They “have developed a way to bring Vibri to life on PS3 and PS Vita”. This is the crew that developed PaRappa the Rapper and veritably created the genre of rhythm-action gaming, and here they were with 2D, black and white vector graphics featuring a vibrating rabbit that turns into the Archangel Gabriel — or a slug — depending on your skills in traversing an oscillating spline that morphs to the beat of either the groundbreaking soundtrack or any CD the player happens to have around. It’s excellent that you embraced that criticism and turned it into this announcement. :D. Excellent news! Yes! I could not get this into the hands of European gamers without having marketing support for the release. So I hope you and your European and Japanese colleagues can work something out to re-reverse this trend. Developed by NanaOn-Sha. Luckily, we eventually got the greenlight to release Vib Ribbon in Europe. Download Vib-ribbon™ today for a musical experience that’s completely enchanting – and utterly unique. Thank you so much! All content, game titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners. I was definitely on board with that game’s idea. This is brilliant news! I won’t buy it unless I can use my music on Vita. And don’t tell me this is a low-priority issue, because we’re only talking about the legacy of the PlayStation brand here. this site just gave me a PSN code and I can’t believe it actually worked! But, curiously, marketing at the time was not a believer in this quirky game. One day we came upon a game developed by a team I admired very much: Masaya Matsuura and NanaOn-Sha. Chris Pereira This is great, I’m now hoping for parappa 1 and 2, that’s really cool you guys got this one out… I remember reading about it in magazines years ago and thinking “only in Japan..”. You say the PS3 version will read music CDs, why not mp3s too? But I had no idea people in North America didn’t get the game over there. It has the hardware to read the disc, it simply lacks the software to take advantage of that fact since there is nothing that uses CD ROM that can actually run on PS4.


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