A Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in veterinary science from the University of Arizona prepares you to pursue an advanced degree in veterinary medicine or to start work in the field of veterinary and comparative biomedical sciences upon graduation. Veterinary science majors typically aim to further their education at vet school, though there are other career options open to these graduates, too. Find out about the requirements of... An associate's degree program in veterinary technology can prepare students to work as technicians in veterinarians' offices... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with University of Pennsylvania, Get Started with Michigan State University, Get Started with Mississippi State University, Get Started with The University of Tennessee, Get Started with Western Governors University. What are the Core Courses of a Marketing Management Major? Small animal veterinarians tend to care for pets, such as cats and dogs. Next: View Schools What can you do with an art degree?What can you do with a mathematics degree?What can you do with a biology degree?What can you do with a medicine degree?What can you do with a design degree?What can you do with an architecture degree?What can you do with a performing arts degree?What can you do with a business degree?What can you do with a sports science degree? You can also use your bachelor's degree as a foundation for further study in a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program. Trading America for Australia: why do chickens eat each other? Many people have a tough time finding a job right out of college. Most entry-level positions for animal care and service workers require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Trading America for Australia: comparing practices between countries, Best universities for life sciences degrees, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. For example, veterinary research played a significant role in conquering diseases such as yellow fever and malaria, and in understanding human heart disease, organ transplant procedures, and a variety of drug therapies. Once working, many veterinary surgeons choose to further specialise their knowledge by studying for additional qualifications. For free! Degrees in veterinary sciences typically teach students to provide medical care to animals. Copyright © 2020 Worldwidelearn.com. What, if any, opportunities are available for community-based experience in the field? As with on-call physicians, their free time is often interrupted (typically even more so than physicians, since there are fewer vets serving any one area). Although job duties vary by employer, they are usually called upon to perform a variety of key laboratory and clinical duties and procedures. After completion of a pet grooming certificate program, individuals take a written examination administered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Because there are so few accredited veterinary colleges, educational spaces are limited and competition can be quite intense. Veterinary technicians require only two years of school. Most universities also offer the opportunity to complete a research project. With the skills you develop, trained vets can move into other industries, such as within veterinary teaching and research – which is vital in the advancement of understanding the field – government service, working within pharmaceutical companies, the armed forces, in international and overseas organisations and animal charities. Requirements may vary depending on whether you pursue a concentration in clinical or animal laboratory medicine. Connect with Job titles might include clinical laboratory technician, animal scientist, animal nutritionist, and health inspector.


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