Seiring berjalannya waktu justru Oh Yoon-Seo menyukai sosok pria dingin seperti Lee Dong-Wook yang sebenarnya berhati lembut. YS – Hello, from now on, I know I am not good enough, but please look at me prettily. There really is no need for elaborate words to describe the easy vibes coming off between them. Then he leaves. he sits with them. The secretary is a disgraced former Hallyu actress, who is actually in disguise after being caught in a tabloid scandal with a third generation chaebol. She is an innocent beauty like me. She tells him that the line should be longer. Tell the writer until she bleeds from her ears that we are not doing it. he is all like, For Sure! CEO Yeon tells him to put her on a diet to lose 10 Kilograpms. In the bathroom she pretends like she is dying and says that she is sorry to tell him this, then she pretends to die. I am only hiring her because you asked me. Missing: The Other Side (OCN) Eunji tells her that she will tell her something since she is older. This one has a knife to Yoonseo’s neck. Moon-hee thinks that Jung-rok is cranky, but he is the ace of their lawfirm with a #1 winning rate. She goes to see a screenwriter and asks her for the lead role in her new drama. I hope you will work harder to be helpful to your lawyer. They are bringing that same fun, flirty, fresh take on the romantic comedy genre that openly makes fun of itself in the most adorable way possible. She starts off a little ditzy but she evolves into a strong and smart woman. Don’t worry. His face is blank. Watch Now on VIKI. The CEO tells them all to be normal when she comes. Akhirnya Oh Yoon-Seo bekerja untuk seorang pengacara selama beberapa bulan bersama Kwon Jung-Rok diperankan oleh Lee Dong-Wook. . Are you here to give me this script? As a reward, he gets a phone call from Yoon Seo and they speak during the live broadcast. Yoon Seo tries to change his mind but he refuses and treats her coldly. She laughs at that. he tells her to eat delivery. Begitu juga dengan Lee Dong-Wook yang diam-diam juga mulai menyukainya. This drama is based on a web novel “Jinsimi Dadda” by “예거 / Yegeo”, which was published from 2016-Dec-23 to 2017-Oct-11 via “kakaopage“. he says he had these clothes at home….and he had the bouquet at home. And of course, incredibly strong production values, music etc, Nice,entertaining,,romantic and comedy drama,both lee joon hyuk and oh jung se act very well.both leads are also very cute handsome and pretty…..Shim Hyung Tak and Park Kyung Hye are also very cute and meaningful….. . For me it’s just PERFECT, This drama ia cute. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Oh Ui Shik as Kong Hyuk Joon, Kim Chae Eun as Lee Joo Young if ( dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value > 0 ) { She smiles and says her name. This will help them address the hurt and traumas from their past. The plot is well thought out of and coherent. The drama may have a simple storyline, but it also touches on the harsh reality celebrities and even ordinary citizens face in a society overruled by social media. he starts to hide it. huh? Touch Your Heart Episode 16. Every subplot is designed to help the characters grow. Oh Yoon Seo and Kwon Jung Rok’s working relationship improve. he tells her that it is 7:30am. Source:  AGB Nielson, *** All images are property of Rakuten VIKI. SATURDAY + SUNDAY Cut to Yoon-seo talking to her company CEO about how she has to work at a lawyers office in order to find out how to be a lawyer. But she exclaims that she wants to quit, cut cut cut! Yoon Seo’s lighthearted attitude and her charm will make you adore her. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN) He starts to think about Kwon Jung-rok. Then we go to Oh Yoon-eo looking at a lot of pills in her hand. In its own way, Touch Your Heart was able to sincerely convey this message. She only heard the part that sounded like it was about her. So you are great. Apart from the main leads, all the supporting cast showed harmony as well. It is a daebak script with a daebak writer. Jungrok gets in, hesitantly. It was 16 episodes full of fluffy and heart-fluttering moments, with a tinge of heartaches and trials. Watch Now on VIKIeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ohkdramas_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',112,'0','0'])); Their relationship has now taken a big step forward.


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