Natural fertilizers are healthier for soil, plants, water, air and people than chemical fertilizers. Site includes the legal definition of sustainable agriculture and a list of common farm and ranch practices. Contracts for land enrolled in CRP are 10–15 years in length. Nowadays, with the introduction of Industry 4.0 technology, it is possible to reduce the costs of using natural resources at the required level by ensuring the communication of objects in agriculture. In grazing systems, grazing intensity and timing should be planned well. In general, many methods are applied under the definitions of traditional, organic, industrial, ecological, smart and integrated, and each method differs from the others [3]. The local food industry is booming, with an increasing need for entrepreneurs and workers in this area. In addition, early harvesting or other physical protection methods can help minimize crop damage. Acceptability: If the social effects of land use methods are negative, it is inevitable to fail over time. In this regard, techniques such as choosing durable varieties, keeping proper distance between plants in planting, determining the timing of agricultural practices correctly, using natural predators and crop rotation are important for the success of the method. For example, cereals are preferred for weed control, and legumes cultivation is preferred for providing nitrogen to the crop plant. NIFA "promotes sustainable agriculture through national program leadership and funding for research and extension," "offers competitive grants programs and a professional development program," and "collaborates with other federal agencies." If an awareness of sustainable practices is to be created, it is necessary to rethink in detail what the concept of agriculture means first. Traditional horticultural businesses are adding agricultural products and services to meet consumer demand. In developing countries, large amounts of fossil fuels are used in agricultural production, in particular fertilizer production and machinery use. This cycle can be traditional, industrial and commercial, as well as be sustainable. In general, it focuses on the needs, knowledge, skills and socio-cultural values of the local people. The reduction of soil cultivation in sustainable agriculture has brought with it the weed problem. These products prevent soil erosion, renew soil nutrients, keep weeds under control, and protect soil health by reducing the need for herbicides [5]. Water scarcity, herbicide-resistant weeds, climate change, and declining soil and water quality are increasing crop production risks, lowering yields, and negatively impacting the environment. Among these reasons, agriculture has an important place with 28% (Figure 2) [15]. Related Reading Rooms: Conservation Programs, Environmental Law Local Food Systems, National Organic Program, and Pesticides. Even though it is more reasonable, it cannot offer the same short-term returns. In fertilization without considering this feature of the land, some parts of the land will be applied more than the need and in some places less fertilizer will be applied. Some of the issues to be taken into consideration for the protection of soil physical structure can be listed as follows [15]; Reduce the number and frequency of vehicle traffic, avoid unnecessary operations. These tools help farmers better allocate resources and labor, increase efficiency, and cut costs, while sustainably improving soil health and conserving water resources. Reduces the use of non-renewable sources and inputs from petroleum-based products and uses renewable resources to generate production. Koç Mehmet Tuğrul (September 5th 2019). Some general principles of sustainable agriculture can be listed as follows: Soil must be protected and developed: Soil is absolutely necessary for good and healthy products. In this respect, soil management includes more factors such as chemical fertilizers and the use of organic fertilizers (applied fertilizer type, dose, fertilizer application time, method) and irrigation.


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