He has a strong desire to please his owner and a quick intelligence. 5. The Spanish Water Dog and Portuguese Water Dog are quite similar in many ways. They are also quite different in others. The Spanish Water dog can trace its history back several hundred years, certainly as far back as the middle ages, although there are different theories as to the true origin but the most accepted is that it was introduced by the Turks who traded in sheep and used them as sheepdogs, in Spain it is often referred to as the Andalusian Turk. We are funded entirely through voluntary donations for which we all work tirelessly! Specializing in Raising Spanish Water Dogs. Spanish Water Dog Rescue is organised and run by five people with extensive knowledge and understanding of the Spanish Water Dog as a breed. The Spanish Water Dog is a highly intelligent breed that does best when given a job to do. Some dog experts theorize that they descended from African dogs or that they are related to other European water dogs, such as the Portuguese Water Dog, or to Turkish or Hungarian herding and flock-guarding breeds.. My name is Dana Aegerter and I specialize in raising Spanish Water Dogs in Milford, Nebraska. Read More Is a SWD right for you? The History of Spanish Water Dogs. Today, we’ll go over what makes the Spanish Water Dog and Portuguese Water Dog different, and what makes them the … There are a variety of theories that exist regarding the origins of the Spanish Water Dog, but most theories suggest that the breed has been present in the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries. Little is known of the SWD’s origins. Welcome to the all new website of The Spanish Water Dog Club, the only official Kennel Club breed club for Spanish Water Dogs. The Spanish Water Dog is easy to train. Origin. For example, they’re both hypoallergenic dog breeds. The aims of the club are to encourage responsible ownership and breeding of Spanish Water Dogs and work towards maintaining the true characteristics and working ability of this magnificent breed. I am a very small breeder and my dogs live in the house with me ️ ️My breeding stock has been flown over from Jerez, Spain (BenJamin Sanchez Garcia – Fraguels) and Caceres, Spain (Raquel Arrabal – Guardián de los Sueños). However, without a strong pack leader (meaning you) he may decide he's the boss.


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