Check our website to make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized RØDE reseller. Also, the added videos on your site are wonderful as well. Learn more. Angled adjustment of the whole setup in relation to a mic stand is easily carried out via a lever that doesn't require much pressure to hold everything firmly in place. hearing the quality of sound he was producing with the NT1-A. Looking at the table below, both mics appear to be pretty similar: As you can see, the differences between the pair seem to be minimal at best. 10+ Joined Reverb. I've used it for all my vocal and guitar tracks and have even been surprised with it's piano capability! A couple of their most popular models are the similarly named NT1 and NT1-A. RØDE is running circles around everyone right now! The end result is a warm sounding, dynamically broad true condenser. Rode NT1 original version. I expected quality from RØDE, but I didn't expect such excellence in a mic with a price range so far below the competitors. Microphones à condensateur large membrane. Beware of counterfeit goods. Excellent. The NT1-A is truly a crystalline sounding microphone, capturing a clear sounding recording of virtually everything we threw at it. North Kansas City, MO, United States. But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. However, many users of both mics claim that there are aural subtleties that separate the two - so what gives? The nuanced character of the NT1-A captures instruments with remarkable clarity, whilst its ability to handle high sound pressure levels makes it suitable across a wide range of applications from vocals to percussion. 1400 marques et 400 000 articles en stock, Paiement en 3 fois sans frais à partir de 149€, Entreprise 100% Française : stock et sav en France, accessoires sonorisation pied de microphone, M5FM03 M5 MICROPHONE HAUT DE GAMME NOIR 3 M, ACO67 - MINI JACK FEMELLE STEREO/JACK MALE STEREO, Contactez Romain au : 02 61 88 01 40 (appel non surtaxé). Each matched pair is supplied with a signed and dated certificate listing the two matched serial numbers. Convert Audio to MIDI: How to Using Different DAWs. Claviers - home studio - DJ - sonorisation - éclairage : Instruments à vent - librairie musicale : Une fois fermée, vous n'aurez plus accès à la conversation. At the end of the day we can all edit things to our hearts content with the plethora of filters, compressors, equalizers, etc., that are available. Or buy a NT1-A from one of our recommended online retailers in United states. Once they hear the sound (I do use a tube preamp) they are blown away. range)! Unlike the original, which I thought had a good deal of high-mid and top presence; the new version is a much flatter sounding mic. Coupled with premium electronics the NT1 boasts an astonishingly low 4.5dBA of self-noise. Indeed, Rode claims the NT1 is the world's quietest 1-inch cardioid condenser. What makes the RØDE NT1-A so astonishing you might ask? The serial numbers are engraved at the end of the machining process, prior to assembly of the electronics, acoustics and quality assurance. BA1 1UA. Both mics have fairly similar technical specifications. RØDE really makes it easy for their customers to get everything they need in one conveniently priced package. There is a less emphasized low-frequency range with a 1 dB uplift from 100Hz to 250Hz. I wanted to thank you for making my life/job that much easier by making it that much simpler to get amazing sound right from the get-go. It brings clarity to the mid-range, helping vocals sit with confidence at the front of the mix, while the top end exudes a hint of air but stops well short of sounding gritty or harsh. This mic will get the job done. All rights reserved. When it comes to designing professional studio-ready microphones that don't cost the earth, there are few that come close to Rode Microphones. It was received as a remarkable microphone at its price point (£329 = ~$530 in 1997 dollars). Rode have even gone to the trouble of creating a video that gives you an insight into the ways that you can utilise the NT1-A to best effect. Présentant un médium légèrement accentué, associé à un aigu d’une fluidité soyeuse et un grave chaud et rond, le NT1 se distingue de tous les autres microphones de sa catégorie. La couche de finition est en céramique durable, de qualité militaire, exploitant des techniques d’application électrostatiques de pointe, mises au point par RØDE pour garantir une finition extrêmement dure, résistant aux rayures et aux coups. Rode claims the NT1 is the world's quietest 1-inch cardioid condenser. Something that crops up from time to time are questions that pit products against each other, none more so than in the case of the Rode NT1 vs NT1A. haven't found anywhere else. The microphones frequency response is relatively flat, with a slight boost around 3kHz adding a brighter sounding clarity to your recording. Rode's revised NT1 condenser microphone might look similar to the NT1A but it has been completely redesigned from the ground up – the only feature it shares with the NT1A is its mesh grille. In einer weiteren Weltneuheit für RØDE wird der Schallkopf mithilfe des branchenführenden Lyre-Systems von Rycote im Mikrofon aufgehängt, um externe Vibrationen auf Kapselebene zu minimieren.


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