Thank you for the recipe Sylvia and beautiful photos. xoxo, This dish was DELICIOUS! Login | Register. . At this point, the zucchini is still firm and needs to be softened a little bit. Your email address will not be published. And if you take a photo of your low-carb lasagna roll-ups dish and share it on Instagram, please tag me with @biancazapatka and use the hashtag #biancazapatka to be sure I don’t miss your post! Try to remove as much of its juices. Then sauté the onions and leftover chopped zucchini. And keep in mind, you can always use vegan cheese. This brand Daiya makes a mozzarella cheese that actually melts it is becoming more and more available! This Vegan Zucchini Involtini with Cashew Ricotta Recipe is a simple low-carb take on traditional Lasagna Rolls that’s healthy, gluten-free, delicious and so easy to make! Very lightly brush with olive oil, and either place on a parchment lined sheet pan and roast, or grill each side (turning the grill down to medium). Skewer with a pick if the roll will not stay rolled This is the most consistently good blog on the net. My goodness I loved this recipe! In the meantime, heat the olive oil in a large pan and sauté the onions and leftover chopped zucchini until tender and browned. Allow the mixture to cool down a bit, then stir in the chopped parsley and season it with a bit of pepper. Once baked, sprinkle the zucchini lasagna rolls with some vegan parmesan cheese and garnish with any fresh herbs you like! not impossible mind you, just not as easy. , I made it the other day, delicious. Then stir in chopped parsley, and pepper to taste. (You may have more sauce than you need; reserve what is left for some other use.). So glad you loved this recipe! The zucchini strips will be more translucent and pliable after resting. Find out how many calories should you eat. I added fresh Summer sweet corn to the ricotta filling as a suggested option. This recipe is inspired by the Italian “Involtini”, which are basically stuffed rolls of eggplants or meat. Day old whole wheat bread, Zucchini, Salt, divided and 13 more.. Day-old whole-wheat bread, Zucchini, Salt, divided and 13 more.. Zucchini, Salt, Black pepper, freshly ground and 4 more.. Zucchini , halved lengthwise, Salt, Ground black pepper and 7 more.. Roma) tomatoes, seeded and cubed and 12 more.. Fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced 1/4-inch thick and 7 more.. The sweet corn, with the lemon zest and pop of a few chili flakes is Just heaven! These will be used later to make the filling! Sep 14, 2017 24 Comments ★★★★★ 5 from 13 reviews. I made this wonderful recipe for the second time last night having put this one in my repeating menu. Grill or roast until tender and pliable. Click the button above or drag and drop images onto the button. Before serving, sprinkle with fresh basil ribbons. Beside some eating the wholesome goodness, my favorite part of all is the chopping and prep. Required fields are marked *. As mentioned before, you make the Lentil Bolognese Sauce of my Vegan Lasagna Recipe for a more protein-rich meal. The zucchini slices can be baked, stuffed, covered, and refrigerated a day in advance. Add the basil and almonds to the ricotta mixture and mix until evenly distributed. Stir and some chili flakes and lemon zest if you like. Don't forget to share! Awww, you are so sweet Lydia and this makes me so happy. Thank you, Jasmine! Saute shallot and garlic for the filling and wilt the spinach. They are tasty, can be crunchy and you can use them in so many ways when planning a meal. Pour the sauce over the top just before baking the rolls. 7. Advertise Use two slices of zucchini and place a tablespoon of the spinach mixture close to edge. Privacy Policy Roll the zucchini and place them on a tray after you have spread some olive oil on its bottom. Now spread a thin layer of cashew ricotta cheese over each slice. Add this to a bowl with the ricotta, mozzerella, egg, salt and pepper and the basil. Stir the ricotta filling up with an egg and add fresh basil. ~ Anonymous~. My husband said “it’s a keeper.” The only thing is that my zucchini were quite small (only about 1 inch in diameter and maybe 5 inches long). These three words don’t come together so easily when talking about a recipe. NotesAHEAD-OF-TIME NOTE: The tomato sauce can be made up to 3 days in advance, covered, and refrigerated. It’s a healthy vegetarian dish that will impress everyone! Tasted amazing and beautiful presentation, will be making again soon! 3. It’s not easy when you are trying to go off the beaten path when it comes to food and cooking. Place the zucchini slices on the sheets and brush the tops lightly with more olive oil. Keywords: best zucchini recipes, low carb zucchini rollatini, zucchini ricotta roll ups, Zucchini Rollatini, zucchini rolls stuffed with ricotta. I made this recipe for the 2nd time last night. Smoked mozzarella boosts the yumminess factor, so if you can find it, use it! I’m Bianca, and welcome to my blog! Zucchini are one of my favourite vegetables. Chop up leftover zucchini and set aside to use for the filling. It is filled with creamy, delicious raw vegan cheese, with a satisfying tomato sauce on top. Once the zucchini slices are soft enough to easily roll, pat them dry with paper towels. Lightly brush or spray with olive oil, and either grill or roast until tender enough to roll. Add this to a bowl with the ricotta, mozzerella, egg, salt and pepper and the basil. Yummy! Repeat with the remaining Fragrant summer basil permeates the dish and gives it such delicious  flavor. Lightly brush 2 baking sheets with olive oil.


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