The New York State Department of Civil Service has developed this test guide to familiarize you with the Entry-Level Police Officer Series written test. Each department may also choose its own exam. State Police Exam: New York: Complete Preparation Guide (LEARNING EXPRESS LAW ENFORCEMENT SERIES NEW YORK) The state police written exam is chosen by a committee referred to as the POST. This test guide provides a general description of the subject areas to be tested and an explanation of the different types of questions that will be presented. Examination dates may be canceled or changed. State Police Exam: New York: Complete Preparation Guide (LEARNING EXPRESS LAW ENFORCEMENT SERIES NEW YORK) [Learning Express Editors] on PolicePrep has developed full length practice exams based on the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (NCJOSI) Exam. Each state POST either designs its own exam or selects an exam provided by an assessment company. This includes the NY State Police (NYS Troopers) and most county and local Police and Sheriff Agencies. Exams Taken: NYPD, NYPDSSA ,NYPDTEA NYCDEP, NYCDOC ,NYCDOS Enforcement, PAPD ,NYSDOC, NYPD dispatcher, NCPD, NYS Trooper, NYS University Police (downstate/upstate), Monroe County PD, Chenango Sheriff, Rochester PD, YPD ,OC Sheriff. EXAM TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT ISSUE DATE APPLICATION DEADLINE SCHEDULED EXAM DATE November University Police Officer 1 Nov 15, 2019 Dec 18, 2019 Feb 01, […] In Process: NYPDPC Exam 2214 APD5- Complete Medical- Complete JST- 11/20/2013 Oral/Psyc- 11/27/2013 Mini Med - ? I was told most of the people who take the ranger test fail. PolicePrep provides the most comprehensive training program to help you pass all stages of the New York State Police Department recruitment process. in 2012 the park police test was given over 7000 took the test, 4370 passed, 147 started the academy in the 4 years in 2013 the university police test was given, upstate 2263 on the list, 81 got on the job, 1 year left, scores of 85 and above were canvased *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a tentative schedule. Most law enforcement agencies in New York State use the NYS Civil Service Police Exam (as updated in 2019) for their entry-level written test.


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