Let us continue from the illustration mentioned at the beginning of this article. I have taken NOC from Bangalore to Gujarat RTO for my commercial vehicle. A transfer of registration certificate from an existing owner to a new one also involves a transfer of bike insurance policy. Hence, for the convenience of understanding, let’s keep the reference of RTO transfers to inter-state transfers. This way, the person can use the vehicle for three months almost like an owner. If you do not change your RTO status, it is considered as obstructing enforcement of law and is met with fines, cancellation of driving license, etc. 2 to 3 years, should I change my car to Maharashtra number ? RC status is NOC issued. Get a Motor Insurance quote for your Car/Bike. Road tax copy – paid in previous state’s RTO, Road tax copy – paid in new state’s RTO, Bank details for money transfer via cheque. Yes, you can register the vehicle in a different district by approaching the respective RTO. If you are planning to stay in the new place for less than 3 months then you don’t have to do anything. The fee to apply for NOC is Rs. An RTO keeps records of individual drivers and their vehicles in accordance with details such as excise duty payment, pollution control standards, emission standards, etc. In the meantime, check out these related posts: You wake up to bright, optimistic morning. Go Digit General Insurance Limited (formerly known as Oben General Insurance Ltd.), Address: Atlantis, 95, 4th B Cross Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, Bengaluru 560095. The registration number is Looking for online NOC for bike in Bangalore or online NOC for car in Bangalore or NOC for vehicle transfer, Itzeazy is there to help you. At the time for canceling NOC, do the car owner needs to be present or will the agent do it? How much is fine. Physical presence of either vehicle or registered owner is not required . How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Andhra Pradesh? If you plan to use your car or bike on public roads, you need to get the vehicle registered. Now don't want NOC for any other state. The bike RC transfer fee from one state to another varies depending on its state of transfer. 3 weeks time. vehicle is migrated to needs to taken and taxes to be paid. Owner shall file the Use the following SMS method to check if the RC has been transferred in your name or not. I got NOC issued from it in RTO Delhi for RTO in Alwar(Rajasthan). What is the fee to apply for an NOC for a bike with the RTO? You will need a No Objection Certificate from the bank before selling the car, which has an ongoing loan. What is the fine amount if I ride without an NOC (if at all it is an offence) I heard from traffic police that the fine can be paid only in court. Having a vehicle insurance policy helps protect against damages to your vehicle under various circumstances. Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) Transfer in India: Car and Bike RC Transfer Process Within the Same State: 1) Transfer of ownership in case of a normal sale: 2) Transfer of ownership on the death of an owner of the vehicle: 3) Transfer of ownership of a vehicle purchased in public auction: Documents Required for Vehicle RC & Ownership Transfer within the same State: Car/Bike Registration Transfer Step-by-step Process – within the Same State: Car/Two-wheeler Ownership Transfer Online Method: Car and Two-wheeler Registration Transfer from One State to Another (Interstate): Documents Required for Interstate Vehicle Registration Transfer: Interstate Car/Bike Registration Transfer Step-by-Step Process: Required Documents – Download Vehicle Transfer Forms Online: Transfer of ownership in case of normal sale: Transfer of ownership of vehicle purchased in public auction: How Much Time Does the RC Transfer Process Take? The answer will vary from one RTO to another based on the supported technology. Related Links. I have taken NOC for my bike from Cochin RTO in 2016. This document is like a proof of ownership. How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Maharashtra? How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number, Transfer of Vehicle Registration from One State to Another State, 7 Traffic Rules every Motor Vehicle driver should know. For imported bikes, its fees extend up to Rs. Such organizations also assist in the RTO vehicle transfer process. Based on your requirements, you can modify the modifiable details and know the vehicle insurance rate. Normally NOC process takes approx. I have taken NOC from Pune RTO for Noida registration in 2016, but due to some issue NOC was not accepted by Noida RTO. Here, the vehicle’s RC is transferred in the new owner’s name. Under section 47 of Central Transportation Act, any vehicle running in a state with a registration number of an outside state does not require a NOC and does not have to pay any road tax for a period of 12 months from the date transportation. Let us alleviate your dread regarding the fee. Once the documents are submitted, pay the required fees and get the receipt to complete the process. Next, a seller must hand over all necessary documents to be transferred to the buyer. Do I have to re-register my vehicle? Step 1 – Bank’s NOC if bike purchased on loan. The vehicle hypothecation process needs to precede the transfer of ownership process. Terms & Conditions. An RTO transfer can be initiated both within the state as well as from one state to another. My 2 wheeler is registered in Chennai. I want to register my car now in Bihar. Duly fill Form 27 and Form 28 and submit it with the RTO. You can do so by approaching your nearest RTO and following their process. You can visit the Parivahan Website > Informational Services > Downloadable Forms > Vehicle Registration and download the appropriate forms. The charges for RC transfer vary from one Indian state to another. The buyer will receive the new RC. To do so, you must submit the essential documents required for such NOC, like the application form, NOC from the bank, Form 28, NCRB report, bike’s chassis imprint, etc. If the policy has expired, the buyer must purchase a new plan to abide by the motor vehicle safety rules. In case you are travelling from a state where the road taxes are less than the state you are relocating to, you will need to pay the surplus amount upon re-registration. Website of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited . No Objection Certificate from the RTO where the vehicle was originally registered. Stay upto date with the latest Car Insurance Articles and Two Wheeler Insurance Articles here. NOC should be submitted to the new RTO withi 45 days of its issuance , otherwise there is fine on it.


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