You could have said a million and I'd still be here, hitting NP. That makes this one worth twirling a sparkler over, or blackening the sidewalk with some snakes. Or maybe you won't need to. Where did you grow up? Nor was the thought of importing engines from Germany so those apects of the MM100 were rejected. An early prototype - the MM100 - was powered by a Porsche four and eschewed an exhaust system for a hollow frame pathway. Then you throw in that it's an air-portable model. When you were a kid, you may have enjoyed a refreshing Capri Sun, which came in a silver mylar bag. Back . The final M422 ended up not quite as weird or reliant on former enemies, however compared to the traditional military Jeep we all know and love, it was a radical departure in every single way. Well, how about 4-wheel independent suspension on quarter ecliptics, and a Posi diff at each end. All Rights Reserved. Not a good idea. That's too bad because it was cool car and you just don't see them around any more. Military jeeps are another "shut up and take my money" thing for me. What do you think, does that price for this Mighty Mite make the Military grade? Another that you will definitely see is this 1961 Jeep M422 Mighty Mite. Toggle navigation Menu Browse Categories . This is an American Motors M422 Mighty Mite, a lightweight, air-transportable utility vehicle developed for … Tel : 866-934-1206. Another that you will definitely see is this 1961 Jeep M422 Mighty Mite. M422 Mighty Mite Parts Army Jeep Parts - 0 Items Account My Account; My Orders; My Wishlist; Login. © ArmyJeepParts 2020. At 1,700 pounds (771 kg), it is the lightest of the U.S. military trucks to date. MB GPW Parts ... Home → M422 Mighty Mite. What, you never did that? Also, this was the first U.S. small military vehicle designed with independent suspension all around (front: leading arms/trailing arms rear), sprung by ¼-elliptical leaf springs. Click here to send a me a fixed-price tip, and remember to include your Kinja handle. What else is shock and awesome about the Mighty Mite? Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Capri is the second European Ford to carry that name, and the…. No, it is not a three-quarter-scale Willys MB Jeep for parade or Shiner duty. This is the very definition of an unCPable car. The ad says that the trucklette is complete, original, and in working order. The actual mandate was for a quarter-ton 4WD truck that was less than 107-inches long, 60-inches wide and able to fit in a 171 cubic foot box. Shop NowCategory. However, relatively short-lived production means they are few and far between today. You decide. I mean, have a gander, it's right there. Indianapolis Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears. Development of the Mighty Mite began just after the end of WWII (the Big One) with the intent of providing the U.S. Marines with an ultra-light and compact jeep that could be carried by helicopters to where the shootin' was going on. It's Independence Day here in the U.S. and in honor of that event, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is a fightin' man's Jeep, albeit a little one. Click here to browse! Is this used car a good deal? That's right, old-school military Jeeps. You know what else you don't see around much? 1963 American Motors M422A1 Mighty-Mite The Elkhart Collection 55 hp, 1.8-liter V-4 engine Four-speed manual transmission Equipped with four-wheel-drive transfer case A military jeep built for air-drop Marine use Yesterday's 1973 Mercury Capri was also silver, but to 60% of you, its price wasn't likely to quench anyone's thirst for value. Among the M422's many other unique features were front and rear limited-slip differentials, inboard differential mounted drum brakes, center-point steering, and the alumi… Not eclectic enough? Or, has this tinyJeep's price gone AWOL? The American Motors Mighty-Mite was developed in the mid-1940s as a lightweight alternative to the Jeep that could be more easily deployed by helicopter. Hours : 9am-5pm (EST) M-F, Bulb 24v 1251 M-series 0.263 amp (sgle contact bulb, clear, 2 tun-fil) 190877, Cap, horn button, late type large rubber 804623, Head Light Bulb Assembly 24 volt Import M Series 7418343, Head Light Bulb Assembly Wagner 24 volt M Series 7418343, Red Reflector with housing, Guide A2 marked 506101, Tail Light, Blackout and Stop Light 24v-28v right assembly 802432, Tail Light, Door, LH Service & Stop Light 24v-28v Left assembly 118452, TIRE 6:00 x 16 MILITARY NON DIRECTIONAL NDT 6 PLY WWII PROFILE STA (McCreary brand USA), Trailer Receptacle Cover M-Series Jeeps 5935-00-773-1428. That helps to keep the weight down, and in fact the M422 comes in at a featherweight 1,700 lbs. MB GPW Engine; MB GPW Clutch; MB GPW Fuel; MB GPW Exhaust; MB GPW Cooling; You'll need to decide - before the fireworks start - if its price makes you want to indepen-dance. The Inventory team is rounding up deals you don’t want to miss, now through Cyber Monday. Well, there's also the 104-cid air-cooled V4, a mill that cranks out a stout 52-bhp. Find this solid project-grade example here on eBay as a classified listing with a $5,000 Buy-It-Now. Plusses include a rebuilt carb, new glass in the tiny windscreen, and new tires. It has lights and is presently plated so it is street legal, but with only 52 ponies, don't expect it to be a highway star no matter how light it is. M422 Mighty Mite. I mean, have a gander, it's right there. Today being the 4th, which perhaps might make you feel a little more patriotic, maybe you'll also feel a little more charitable when considering this veteran's price tag. To keep the weight down, the M422 became the first U.S. jeep to be fitted with an aluminum body. The seller is asking $6,500 for this amazing piece of military history and you now need to say whether that's a deal or not. You might also want to grab a pillow off your mom's couch for the seat as it looks to be cold, hard metal. MB GPW Parts. Help me out with NPOCP. First off, it's an all-aluminum body. The AMC Mighty Mite seen here was full of them, from an aluminum body to a full synchromesh gearbox. Only a little over 1,000 of these babies were built by American Motors and it's doubtful that many are left today. 1963 AMC Mighty Mite Was a V-4 Mini Jeep Built for US Marines, and Now It's for Sale Jeeps are cool and all, but they are-- for better or worse --a dime a dozen.


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