At its core, Microsoft’s strength lies in our talented people and a culture grounded in growth mindset. Online shoe retailer Zappos makes getting fit accessible for all of their employees by providing fitness activities to accommodate all levels of athleticism. CARES connected her with a therapist and, for many months, Beth Anne talked through everything she’d gone through. Microsoft employees help advance LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace and around the globe. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. MoveSpring is a cloud-based employee tracking solution, which assists companies with managing employee wellness programs. Goldcorp is committed to breaking ground in the traditionally male-dominated mining industry. In addition to our comprehensive benefits package, our Occupational Health and Safety program helps ensure employees can stay safe while they are working. The Microsoft CARES employee assistance program (EAP) offers confidential consultations and referral information to support a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. These aspirational initiatives are coupled with some ideas for how you can make these ideas attainable for your people. Browse Open Jobs. To support this culture, we offer a diverse range of learning and development opportunities. Opportunities include: The demographics of our workforce will continue to serve as a measure of our progress toward a more diverse and inclusive Microsoft, and our contribution to the diversity of the tech industry at large. Rodale, the publishing company behind publications like Women’s Health and Men’s Health, lives up to its promotion of a healthy lifestyle of wellness, fitness, and nutrition with its employee offerings. Burnaby, BC “Creating Choices” is a training program that provides group-based learning in areas such as building self-esteem and achieving leadership presence. Amazon is also working with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to create an independent health venture that will be tasked with improving employee experience and health outcomes for all U.S. employees of the three companies. by Clare McGrane on October 23, 2018 at 10:12 amOctober 23, 2018 at 11:26 am. evolved from water cooler chats about what they’re currently reading into running multiple monthly book club chapters for their 300+ employees and hosting company-wide speaker series to take the literary discussions even further. Microsoft provides disclosures to help stakeholders evaluate how we’re meeting our commitments. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Introducing WeWork All Access: 2-week free trial for new members. Show your people you want to invest in their career advancement by providing opportunities for their growth, from sponsoring their enrollment in skills-training courses and opening up your professional network to provide valuable mentorship opportunities. Get a Quote from ALLtech, GeekWire Technology and Business Reporter, SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST/ MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER. Microsoft involves employees and managers in Health and Safety Committees specific to our datacenters, retail operations, and office locations where required. Get personal attention from trained specialists who can help you deal with life’s challenges and daily needs to improve your overall well-being. New and existing workspaces are periodically assessed to ensure they are constructed with sound design-for-safety principles and that controls are implemented effectively. Through our inclusive hiring program, we work towards that goal every day. We collect and share these reports in one place for easy reference and download. Explore the technology and innovations Microsoft employees around the world are creating, from “solving” cancer to tracking down cybercriminals. In addition to our comprehensive benefits package, our Occupational Health and Safety program helps ensure employees can stay safe while they are working. Through Microsoft’s. The better we represent that diversity inside Microsoft, the better we’re able to innovate for those we seek to empower. Today, over 39,000 (65%) of Microsoft employees participate in the corporate wellness giving initiative — employee donations of up to $15,000 matched at a dollar-for-dollar ratio while volunteer time generates $25 hour-by-hour.


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