(Page 2 of 2)", "Review: Lumines II - Lumines II is yummier than five golden-ticket Wonka bars. [16][17] Upon the Japanese release of the game, a launch party event was taken place at the Daikanyama Air club to promote its release. [5] Skin Edit mode allows players to create their own custom playlist using skins previously unlocked in Challenge mode. [30] GameSpot also gave the game a favorable review, although had minor criticisms of the new modes for not feeling fresh. It was made available for preorder via Sega Direct and included decorative stickers and a CD soundtrack titled, "Techriders / Exclusive Tracks for Lumines II". [2][3] Challenge mode has been modified and expanded to four classes: B, A, S, and Enduro. Lumines II ist die Fortsetzung der beliebten Puzzle-Action Lumines. Tim Surette [3] Time Attack adds a new feature that allows players to record and save their playthrough to be viewed in the Replay Theater. [12], The game was released in North America on November 2, 2006, and in Europe on November 17, 2006. Lumines II uses the same core gameplay of its predecessor Lumines: Puzzle Fusion with new features included. Since its red-hot reception as an instant classic, the game has gone from being a staple of many PSP hardware sales for the first six months of release to becoming omnipresent. [31] GameSpot noted that Lumines fans may be put off by newer artists, but noted the soundtrack is robust, well-around, and able to appeal to a larger audience. By Mikel Reparaz 20 July 2006 [PSP] Black Eyed Peas and Beck among artists contributing songs and videos to handheld puzzler . Beck--"Black Tambourine" Black Eyed Peas--"Pump It" Chemical Brothers--"Star Guitar" Fatboy Slim--"Gangster Trippin'" The Go! Buena Vista Games veröffentlicht Soundtrack-Liste und zwei neue Screenshots. [32] PALGN was also disappointed in the song selection for a western audience, but felt it didn't ruin the game. Music artist Suigirumn, whose music was featured in the Japanese version of Lumines II, attended the event as the DJ. Lumines, the popular PlayStation Portable puzzle game released early last year, was a favorite with fans not only for its challenging gameplay, but also for its psychedelic visuals and diverse soundtrack. On a side note, [i]Lumines II[/i] will make the PSP the first handheld video game to feature artists’ actual music videos. Team ("Bottle Rocket"). Lumines II pops out soundtrack Sequel to Mizuguchi's PSP puzzler to feature songs and videos from Beck, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, and more. Game-soundtrack vet and top-40 mainstay Black Eyed Peas add "Pump It," while some indie cred is provided by the hip-hop/rock cheerleader outfit The Go! Mizuguchi emphasized the content in Lumines II over the first one with it having more skins and songs than the original and further explained that he wanted to push the UMD to its limits. Yokota stated this made greater variation possible for the music tracks. [2], All the modes from its predecessor return: Challenge mode, Time Attack, Puzzle, VS CPU, 2P VS mode (renamed Duel mode). [13][14] The Japanese version was released later on February 15, 2007. Buena Vista Games veröffentlicht Soundtrack-Liste und zwei neue Screenshots. The game was well-received among critics, with most reviewers praising the new features introduced, however, the song selection received a mixed reaction with some reviewers not enjoying the inclusion of American songs, with others welcoming them. Comments; Shares. Performed by Toby Izui & Q'hey. [7], For the development of Lumines: Puzzle Fusion, audio had to be completed before finalizing the skin's design. [20] Q Entertainment also collaborated with Angel Love Online to promote the game. These classes can be played up to three full laps. Lumines II - Soundtrack-Liste bekannt gegeben. Lumines II also introduces the option to customize the HUD and a tutorial with tips and strategies as well. Lumines II - Soundtrack-Liste bekannt gegeben. Buena Vista Games today announced details of the soundtrack and music videos that will appear in the highly anticipated music-based puzzle game, [i]Lumines II[/i], from renowned developer Q ENTERTAINMENT. It serves as a direct sequel to Lumines: Puzzle Fusion, expanding on previous modes from its predecessor and adding new modes such as Mission mode, Skin Edit mode, and Sequencer.


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