E�������4�s�? The screen on the door control can display the status of the TTC. The LiftMaster 882LM Wall Console enables you to control your garage door and opener lights with a multi-function control panel that operates opener lights from inside the garage. The MAS feature MUST be activated at time of installation. DO NOT enable TTC if operating a one-piece door. ���/�7����\P87 ��A;��o�Y���H=���h�x� Designed with your convenience in mind, it can operate the Garage Door Opener and lights from inside the garage and allows fast and easy accessories programming with the new internal learn button. You also get an adjustable light timer and large push button. �����?&�� p7^�Z�d �I�[�C��t]4w7vO�vA����Xb>VX����ғ�B�* endstream endobj 209 0 obj <>stream S�d�ی�*J[s.`�F�ѫ0R�)/q���sBX]�S�c8�gb3L�1�*�/?��keD���l@�~�ދ���,Qe�:"�ɭ0,�{���I��_#��8��S{ZU� kzܔJ���,uf_$��fa��"��P��YNk,zL�d��f�SR��8X��o%�"#>�)������]B���IȊ�F�0�� � ����P�)(3� © 2012–2020, manualsdir.comAll rights reserved. The LOCK feature is designed to prevent activation of the garage door opener from remote controls while still allowing activation from the door control and keyless entry. Also for: Myq. The motion sensor will automatically turn on the garage door opener lights when motion is detected. Related Articles. A keyless entry should be installed in the event of an accidental lock out when using this feature. ݢx��C�E�8y�Z��o�78�5��Xqi�a��X� ]�rm�u��};�v�,Ax���C�%.Y�Ԋ�6 ��Ua�Q�`���E��v��IBa\t &N*����q����^��ȋ�Y�q�U(����z{�5S��� �6>����.�i�[z�t�jY��r��?F���m)���[%d�*!UQlw�i�{0GZ������!�K�k32��G����~��hxU�ø�}6}�,@�S��fƒ�,Բֳ$�9dz��ì�d8Q�2t .����0y�a��Cԅ&l��Xuֿ*��S�[M������-k�,��J� 6V���@�T[�n���zr΂oC���Z�-��Z��ij���?�~Ɖ��K 9F�;��ە�������k��]��J}Q���d�#� ��X endstream endobj 210 0 obj <>stream [�9�\�d%6�\'��� �l��g[ ���Sg� endstream endobj 208 0 obj <>stream MODÈLE 882LM Aperçu des fonctions Pour utilisation avec les ouvre-portes de garage Security 2.0TM. The factory setting is off. A maintenance alert message will display on the screen indicating the garage door opener may be in need of maintenance. ��AEK� Les fonctions sont réglables et peuvent être activées ou désactivées comme vous le souhaitez. 5 feet (1.5 m), and away from ALL moving parts of door. • Connect ONLY to 12 VOLT low voltage wires. The screen will display the time and temperature until the menu button is pressed, and then it will display the menu options. This feature assists the homeowner in ensuring the garage door opener system stays in good working condition. �w�n��! vacation). TTC can be set to automatically close your garage door from the fully open position after a specified period of time (1, 5, 10 minute intervals or a custom setting up to 99 minutes). Refer to the Feature Settings section. This feature is NOT intended to be the primary method of closing the door. yellow Learn button and two yellow antennas. ����m/����X��$Ll�L�Pb�;d�Зx��Ð�IIC偉w|�����$���� �H;ٟ�`!� w�:?������!6�(Fu-�?��� �8`�O����dT��`��p� ��Z��3� zw��ƌ5J͑N.�C�Q��4���$�ߠ�]�L�)4��AOr0�A���t�%?�x4�eN���2�C����W#�)�'�P/��Y�a�. The lights will come on for the set period of time, then shut off. The LIGHT button will not control the lights when the door is in motion. Contact Chamberlain Technical Support: http://bit.ly/ContactChamberlainSupportThis video is intended for demonstration purposes only. [���\0v�y��e��s�`��q�A���@�WA"lr}����&܂�ݍ���{�]3��c��G��Ib�Ih����h����ӏ��I���A�mD�i��J�&��w�f>[\f�!���)%�Goނ�嵱�]"�X�"a>$��Pޣ�ٓ�yƒS�rg� �m�H�~ggu2]�v�o8� endstream endobj 3 0 obj <>stream The factory setting is on and set at 4-1/2 minutes. When the lights are turned on they will stay on until the LIGHT button is pressed again, or until the garage door opener is activated. A���,db�-䊟�T��вnnB.����$: >Z�\q�d!���ѵHg��"��w�%�N� The garage door opener will beep and the lights will flash before closing the door. Safe operation and servicing requires that you follow all instructions and safety advisories found in the manual.To locate a trained, professional installer or service technician go to LiftMaster.com/locate-a-dealer.


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