Man I’m gettin those when I get paid. so you Better Becareful. It’s a vicious cycle! I love the pictures included in this posting. Having doubts about the authenticity of a pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Playoffs Bred 2019 and need a legit check? As for the second step of the fake vs real Air Jordan XI sneakers legit check guide, we will let you know how to spot the fake Jordan sneakers just by looking at the shape of the toe box area. But the smaller ones, gotta watch out for those! In the image with the real vs fake Air Jordan 11s above, we have pointed out how the fake box label has its text looking too thick. Thanks for the tips! The number should be clear and distinct, printed in white, with even lines, unbroken, and with the same degree of thickness. In the fake vs real Air Jordan XI image above, we have pointed out how, on the fake Air Jordan sneakers, the glossy material around the sneakers is more shiny on the fake sneakers than the one on the legit Jordan XI pairs. If your answer is YES, you can achieve these things only if you get your website on the network I am talking about. The patent leather around the toe box should be smooth and will match the contour of the shoe with no gaps or ridges. If you need help with the authentication of your Air Jordan XI sneakers, we’ve got you covered. In replica shoes, the patent leather comes up higher or much lower on the shoe’s upper than does its placement on authentic shoes. On the other hand, the authentic Air Jordan 11s have their text on the interior tongue label looking thinner than the one found on the fake label. The words will be embroidered in white, be of high quality, and be clear, distinct, and easy to read. In fact, we are here today to teach you how to spot fake Air Jordan 11 Bred sneakers in five simple steps with our ultimate guide. Then, you can observe how, on the fake Air Jordan XI sneakers, the Jumpman’s upper arm (the left one) is looking thicker on the lower side of it and on the upper part (near the ball), it seems to be thinner. Jordan’s are a beautifully packaged sneaker. I was able to pick up a retail pair this week for the sole purpose of doing a side by side comparison with its fake … I never even thought about checking the quality of the box. In the Air Jordans, the logo on the top of the tongue should be specifically placed in the third lace space, fitting neatly between the laces, and easy to see when looking down on the shoes. This is very neat! Authentic Nike Air Jordan 11s will have a band of fabric across the top of the tongue of the shoe with the Jumpman Jordan centered and neatly embroidered. Another detail often missed is the formation of the letter “Q”. That brings us to the end of our real vs fake Air Jordan XI legit check guide. Thanks! Stitches should be of the same size with even spaces between. With that popularity, the counterfeit versions have become increasingly flooding the market. Now that you’ve got the main idea of what we are about to talk about today, let’s get to the seven five on how to spot fake Air Jordan 11 sneakers. Such smart work and reporting! Buy Authentic Jordan 11 Bred Here How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 11 Bred in 17 steps 1. Keyword there is almost.. There’s a ton of ways to find out if your Jordan 11s are real or fake … It’s a service we provide. But they are older and people don’t really toughly examine their shoes upclose and personal. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out. As for the first step of the fake vs real Air Jordan XI sneakers legit check guide, we are going to inspect the Jumpman on the side of the shoes, because as we said previously: We consider the Jumpman as one of the most reliable signs of a fake Air Jodan XI pair. Check for details on the shoe label such as spelling errors and stitching that is neat and straight. As for the second step of the guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 11, we are going to inspect the text tab that’s placed behind the laces of the Air Jordan XI sneakers. The edges of the Jumpman on the insole should be sharp and crisp so the logo does not appear smeared or blurred. Authentic Nike Air Jordan 11s have a specific sole pattern which will be identical on all models. It will include the year and country of manufacture, the style and name of the shoe. I’m sure the major retailers are more regulated. My son wants some new Jordans. Prefer having your items checked by one of our authenticators? So if the box number and number in the shoe match the shoes are real? Product is not available in this quantity. Well unfortunately China sells a lot of counterfeit goods. Then again, I will be spending my hard earned cash for them, so I might as well make sure I’m not getting scammed. While their products are “knock offs”, their techniques have come a long way. I sure learnt something new today. The rubber is transparent and the Jumpman logo can be readily observed underneath the top layer of the rubber sole. In the replica shoes, the logo may be found in the second or fourth lace space and might not fit precisely between the laces. I was just looking at your 25 Ways to Tell If Your Jordan 11s Are Fake or Real website and see that your site has the potential to get a lot of visitors. Most of these pointers I would have never even thought of. There will also be a style number on the label which is nine digits long. I honestly appreciate your information, very interesting. There’s a number of … On the other hand,  the authentic box label of the Air Jordan 11s has its text too thin. Follow this resourceful guide full of photos, videos, and notable differences that will help you determine whether a pair is 100% authentic or fake. The label itself should be attached to the shoe so that it is flat, with no bumps or wrinkles in the fabric. The OG patent leather should have two even rows of stitching – these should be smooth and even. Keep up the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. In replica shoes, this point is more rounded. The heel tab should contain the number 23. It will have a tag that includes the words, “greatest player ever”. If it’s possible to press on the carbon fiber and make a slight dent, chances are the shoes are replicas. Authentic Nike shoeboxes have a tightly-fitting lid, with no gaps. Yeah I got ripped off by some joker selling them out of their trunk back in the day. In a replica pair of shoes, one or more of the shoelace tabs may be looser than the others. PROFILE Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro's with this detailed 17 point step-by-step guide by … Where can I get my Air Jordan XI authenticated? That’s how running a successful site works… Here’s to your success! As for the seventh step of the guide on how to spot fake Air Jordan 11s, we will have a look at the box label of the real vs fake Air Jordan 11s. Nike shoe boxes are made with a label affixed to one side of the box which lists details about the style name of the shoe, the shoe size, the color combination, and country in which the manufacturing took place. Sometimes, a simple Google search as to when that version of the sneaker was created can help: How the box’s label is attached can also be an indicator: The iconic Michael Jordan “Jumpman” logo is an easy test as well: Lift up the tongue of the shoe and check the label on the underside: The 11s will also have a printed logo of the jump man on the insole. In authentic Air Jordan 11s, this carbon fiber is strong and durable. The cutout in the patent leather on the center back of the heels of the replica shoes tends to be noticeably higher than on the authentic model. How can I spot fake Air Jordan XI in 60 seconds? I always warned him about deals – especially on the internet – that might be too good to be true. In replica shoes, the label may be misshapen, wrinkled, bumpy, appear to have been carelessly placed, and be difficult to read. On real Nike Air Jordan 11s the stitching between the 23 heel tab patch and the leather may not even be visible.


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