Drake sword has no scaling. Wiki Edits: 3. Irithyll Straight Sword. Description Straight sword bestowed upon the Outrider Knights of the Boreal Valley. Location: Dropped by a Mimic in Lothric Castle. 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Moveset 4 Upgrades 5 Notes Dropped by Anri of Astora upon killing them. What does it get that longsword doesn't? Location: Dropped by Anri of Astora; Complete Anri of Astora's quest line; Sunlight Straight Sword. Step 8 - Head to Irithyll. As long as the weapon is infusable and doesn't have Astora in its name, it'll work on a quality build. Those two are really only useful in the early game where base damage matters more than scaling. Ten more critical. The last one is found past an illusory wall in the Grand Archives. Lothric Knight Sword is actually one of the top 10 or so "best" weapons in the game, most people seem to agree. This one drops the Irithyll Rapier. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License Souls: 3,167.00 . Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:56 pm. Requirements: 12 STR, 14 DEX. Straight sword bestowed upon the Outrider Knights of the Boreal Valley. Anonymous. Telling Anri about Horace's location will net you the Ring of the Evil Eye. Anri's Straight Sword. This weapon is enshrouded in frost and causes frostbite. Location: The Irithyll Straight Sword is located in the Undead Settlement. Every Outrider Knight one day devolves into a beast, constantly hounded by Pontiff Sulyvahn's black eyes. Another one can be found near the two Wyverns in Lothric Castle, down the stairs in the left building. Anri's Straight Sword is a unique straight sword in Dark Souls III. It has been dropped near … Morion Blade. ... that outrider knight drops the irithyll straight sword every time, and nothing else can drop it 0. Once you find the Church of Yorshka , you will find Anri inside. Found on Anri's corpse in Smouldering Lake if they are told of Horace's location without killing him. The Irithyll Straight Sword is a Straight Sword Weapon found in Dark Souls 3. Infusion: Not available. 0. It's one handed 2r doesn't combo like long swords. This one drops the Irithyll Straight Sword. However the Irithyll Straight Sword, on the other hand, is kind of a meme weapon that is usually associated with new players who think it's good. Primary Bonus Attributes: Strength. Irithyll Straight Sword. Location: Dropped by the Boreal Outrider Knight in Undead Settlement. Just take the elevator all the way down. Astora straight sword is more effective. Weapon Type: Straight Sword. Grab the item on top of the corpse, which is Anri's Straight Sword, one of the better blades you can pick up that isn't a greatsword. I mean that's cool an all but like it's hardly noticeable on ripostes ( maybe 50-100 more) if I parry you and I'm welding a straight sword which weighs nothing. Why the **** are you two handing a straight sword except to weapon art. Posts: 404. Anonymous. Irithyll Straight Sword can't be infused at all, meaning it can't take the Refined infusion. This one does. Location: Newport News va. Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:26 pm. Straight sword bestowed upon the Outrider Knights of the Boreal Valley. 7. This weapon is enshrouded in frost, and causes frostbite. This one drops the Outrider Knight Set. Location: Transposed from ... Irithyll Straight Sword.


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