+65 81004008 info@mandreel.com 10, #27-15 Anson Rd, International Plaza, 079903 Morbi tellus purus, tempor quis molestie sed, venenatis ut nulla. Working with Adlina Anis, we managed the company’s social media accounts and their influencer marketing campaigns to great success. So while influencer marketing seems to leverage key trends in Singapore, why would you still choose an influencer marketing campaign over something else? We select influencers based on their engagement and most importantly relevance to your brand. Finally, influencer marketing is growing increasingly popular in Singapore. Some examples include: Zalora is one of the largest online fashion retailers in Asia. Ideally, the influencer marketing agency will coordinate future communications between you and the influencer. Campaign Shoot: Australian fashion giant FOREVER NEW engaged The Asia Collective to source the ideal destination location to shoot their new collection with Australian model Georgia Gibbs being the face of the campaign. AnotherSole is a company that sells some of the world’s most luxurious and comfortable shoes. Meanwhile, all the rest – influencer assessment, price negotiation and reporting – will be covered by … On the other side, the influencer can use his or her own creativity to generate the content and then share it on social media. A social media agency with experience in the Singapore market will be able to advice you how much money you should spend according to your goals. Adlina Anis is an online Singaporean fashion retailer that sells hijab and modest clothing. Zalora has a heavy presence on social media, with 5.5 million Facebook followers, 129,000 Instagram followers, and 64,000 Twitter followers. If you are concerned about protecting the presentation of your product or service, you’ll likely want to take more control. Even the Singaporean government has embraced influencer marketing. Established in 2015 as Asia’s first and only Influencer Marketing Agency specialised in Luxury Travel, The Asia Collective connects hospitality and lifestyle brands alike with our extensive network of leading influencers, content creators and photographers. We have Obviously is a full-service influencer marketing agency, assisting their clients at all steps throughout the influencer marketing process. If you haven’t yet already, you should consider influencer marketing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions. At this stage, you will also want to determine your key performance indicators (KPIs) for your influencer campaign. Some of the top brands that Zalora carries include Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Hollister, and Under Armour. We provide international influencer marketing services with a proprietary network of nano, micro, macro, mega and celebrity influencers. Because influencers receive many messages every day, you will want to make your pitch short and sweet. Influencer Marketing Agencies identify and work with influencers to promote and distribute content on behalf of brands. Influencer marketing companies are managing tens of thousands of influencers around the country. While this will obviously vary depending on your product or service and your needs, collaboration with your influencer can be viewed on another spectrum. This is just a small sampling of well-known influencers in Singapore. Once you have an idea of one or several influencers that you would like to use, you will then need to reach out and start a dialogue. Whether you’re looking to outsource your social media management in Singapore and beyond, or simply require some additional support and strategies for your in-house marketing teams, The Asia Collective is here to help: If you’re interested to learn more about our Singapore Influencer Marketing Agency services, or our Singapore Social Media Agency services we would love to hear from you! Are you a business looking to increase your brand awareness through influencer marketing? Get in touch today We are strategic specialists who truly understand the ever evolving science behind social. While there are a number of tactics that you can select to target those customers, one strategy has become increasingly popular in recent years. Ideally, the influencer will respond to your message and you will proceed from there. If you are having trouble directly accessing the influencer (or wish to bypass the process entirely), you can try contacting the influencer through an influencer marketing agency. Established in 2015 as Asia’s first and only Influencer Marketing Agency specialised in Luxury Travel, The Asia Collective connects hospitality and lifestyle brands alike with our extensive network of leading influencers, content creators and photographers. As a Singaporean business owner, you understand how difficult it is to generate word of mouth about your company. Explain who you are and what you want to accomplish with the influencer. The shoes are 100 percent leather, weigh only 280 grams, and are perfect for travel. Campaign Giveaway: A Singapore based influencer together with The Asia Collective’s social media channels were engaged for a giveaway to increase Karma Resort’s social following and brand awareness.


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