"This article was a lifesaver. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 4,835,788 times. If the metal underneath the paint is rusted, you’ll need to remove the paint first and then apply a rust-removing solution, such as vinegar or a commercial rust remover. Let it soak for 10 minutes before rinsing it again. Dry thoroughly. Water is dangerous to carbon steel it creates rust, which is what you're trying to avoid in the first place. By tomorrow, I'm confident it will be OK again. To reapply, simply cut off the used end of the potato and add more soap, letting it soak into the metal for more time. ", It also provides alternatives if you do not have the required item. Step 4 Wash the pan with detergent and rinse well. You can remove rust using household ingredients such as aluminum foil and a mild acid like white vinegar, or with special rust-removing chemicals. To remove rust from small metal items, first fill a container with undiluted white vinegar. Steel, when exposed to moisture and oxygen, forms a crusty chemical component called iron oxide -- otherwise known as rust. What's a good home remedy for cleaning rust off of metal? First, put on a pair of rubber gloves, a dust mask, and some protective eyewear. Be careful not to get any of this liquid (or dried powder) onto your skin, eyes or clothing. Soak in a bucket of vinegar for 12 - 24 hours. Put some citric acid in a plastic container and pour in hot water, enough to cover the item being cleaned. This article was co-authored by James Sears. When using chemical rust removers, be sure you are outside in a well-ventilated area. Soak heavily rusted items for longer periods of time. Follow the directions for your rust-removal product, as application may vary between products. Many great suggestions. This article has been viewed 4,835,788 times. "The info on using household items to remove rust from the things that were rusted; the info saved some money. ", when I checked them the rust was pealing off in chunks in many spots! ", "Had to clean rust from a puppy pen without toxic chemicals. Try dipping aluminium foil in the vinegar and using it as a brush to scrub off the rust. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. ", "Just trying to remove some rust and prevent any more from recurring. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Try using a toothbrush to scrub the baking soda off, and rinse with water. This article has been viewed 4,835,788 times. Supplies needed: Water; Baking soda; Scrubbing pad or steel wool; Cloth; Mineral oil Steel wool is easy to use and something you may already have in your home. In almost all cases, an abrasive or something else will need to be used alongside the acidic material to help grind the rust from the knife blade. If there’s still some discoloration, put the metal in a resealable plastic bag with 1 to 2 cups (180-360 g) of baking soda and some water. Acid is a go to for cleaning rust off of cast iron. Then, drop the item into the vinegar and let it soak anywhere from 10 minutes to 6 hours depending on how rusty it is. Seal the paint with a clear top coat to reduce the rate of oxidation. When it does, use a metal tool to scrape it off. Carbon steel knives can be a beautiful pain in the ass sometimes. But with some time and effort, you'll be able to remove rust from many metal surfaces. Working with rust-removal chemicals can be dangerous, so make sure you take the proper safety precautions. The potato or … The most used solution to treat Carbon steel … This article received 55 testimonials and 100% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Approved. Brush if needed, using a brass brush (from Dollar stores, size of a toothbrush). ", grinder! "This article is very helpful and relevant. House Cleaning Professional. Wash the article of clothing after using the lemon juice to aid in removing the rust. ", "I love the various ideas it has. Dry off the ceramic or porcelain afterwards to prevent new rust from forming. Use the rind from the lime to scrub the mixture off.


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