Spray the rug with the moth spray again to keep it protected. to the ever-present possibility of the carpet falling out or off the car, hitting the road at high speeds and getting run over by the angry Buick behind you whose view you were blocking (and the dozen vehicles behind it), there’s no shortage of reasons to forgo this method of rug transporation. Avoid storing your rug on floors, attics, garages, basements. After that you should change the paper out. Avoid spaces where humidity is too high as this can lead to mold and mildew problems. When actually packing your rug, be sure to roll it, not just lay it anywhere! The thing you should do, after you have identified the direction of fibers, is to stand on the rug, pick up the right end and start walking backward, folding it over itself, to the other end. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For Persian rugs, you should first start with folding and then identify the direction of fibers. If you just moved to a new house or apartment with a baby or toddler,... Good planning is essential for the success of any project – especially so when it... Do you have to tip movers? You can simply make the moving company aware that you knew the value of your rug before it was transported.Another important step is to get your rug cleaned with NYCleaners before it is packed away. When the time comes for folding, you should do it against the grain. Don’t wrap the rug with a rough material that could damage or discolor the fabrics – plastic wrap with no holes or seams is an example of effective protection. Sometimes, old vans or trucks can be home to pests and even mold (depending on what they were transporting in the past) unbeknownst to the driver – this can result in the rug getting eaten away at, infested or simply contracting a foul smell. Instead, roll your carpets in brown or kraft paper and finish the packing by taping the paper. Your email address will not be published. The exposure to the sun and fresh air will better prepare them for packing. Fully Licensed & Insured US DOT 2813699  MC - 968868, Licensed by the Department of Transportation. Filed Under: Guide, Storage Tagged With: climate controlled storage, long term storage, oriental rug storage, storing oriental rugs. We point this out because, when you think about the price, you will conclude that some common area rugs you own are not worth the time and money you are investing in the move. Be careful because, at one point, you will feel that it is beginning to go right or left. The best way to store your oriental rug is to roll it. To roll a Persian rug, you will need more time. It might sound funny at first, but as with all other belongings in the house, you should also decide which rugs you are going to bring to the new home. Keep an eye out for the surrounding conditions, too – humidity should be kept in check, as Oriental rugs frequently have delicate colors that can fade or even wash away when subjected to certain kinds of moisture. The fibers of an area rug have a specific direction. Before you start thinking about unpacking after the move, you should relocate first. You should research if your particular fabric should be rolled face up or down; it can vary with material and backing. Stop with the rolling when you come to the 3-foot section that is still unfolded. In truth, moving an Oriental rug … When packing rugs for moving, you just have to follow the proper packing steps to make sure the floor coverings reach the new home in pristine condition. After all, you should bear in mind that it can be much more expensive to move area rugs to another home than to just leave them behind and buy new ones after the move. Climate controlled storage is important for the preservation of your rug. All you should do is tie them up on each end of the rug, firmly enough so that it can’t unroll, but loosely enough to prevent any damage. You’ll need two pieces of chosen material for each carpet. Now you have three layers, one on top of the other. Folding rugs are only an option if they are smaller rugs or cotton, still you probably want to roll the rugs to avoid permanent damage  if you are unsure of the fabric, or length it will be stored for. TURN the rug upside down. You can use muslin (loosely woven cotton fabric) as a finish to your rug, it acts as a good barrier from dust and light, museums will generally use rolled textile sheets or clear polyethylene instead of muslin which protects the rugs from water damage, dust, and helps keep the rug in its original condition for long periods of time. Keep the rug as straight as possible easing up if the rug gets too uneven. In general, hand-made Persian rugs cost a fortune and are often too valuable to part with them under any circumstances, so you’d better get ready to learn how to pack an oriental rug for moving. Start rolling the rug by laying it on a flat surface, make sure there are no folds or creases before you start. Make sure if you are storing more than one rug, never stack rugs on top of each other, lay them side by side. The best way to roll the rug is to roll along a tube that is at least 2” in length longer than your rug. Ensure the safety of their items so... Read More, You’re moving to a new home soon and you’ve already made up your mind to transport some of your belongings... Read More, Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Last updated on August 20, 2019, Joshua Green is a relocation expert and a moving industry professional, one of the esteemed contributors to MyMovingReviews.com with specialized articles and informative guides which help people organize and execute their moves easily and comfortably. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid placing anything on the rug as well – ideally, it should have its own place away from potential falling objects but not high enough to become bent or fall down and suffer damage. While being prepared for the move, both throw and Persian rugs should be turned upside-down. Here’s how to pack an oriental rug for a move: FOLD the Persian rug lengthwise into thirds. It is time to use it. In that case, go back a little bit and straighten it up. Some household items will always be more difficult to pack and move than others. You don’t have to measure it perfectly, just gauge it roughly. I liked your suggestion about vacuuming it before I try moving it. Then, go to the other end and draw it over the folded part. Persian rugs should also be vacuumed and cleaned of any dust and dirt, but given their value, you should undoubtedly consider getting the help of expert cleaners. Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack a Rug. It’s the little things that make a world of difference in the end. Well, not quite. If you’re moving the rug inside a truck, van or similar vehicle, make sure to eliminate the chance of hard objects falling on it, as this could easily damage the fabric and even tear a hole in the rug. We will take care of any lingering dirt, debris or spills on your carpet, making sure it arrives at the destination looking brand new. Packing rugs for moving is not a complicated task, so you should be able to do it without any major issues even when you don’t have anybody to give you a hand. Instead, transport and store your Oriental rugs with a dedicated company that knows how to handle expensive and fragile items – your rug will thank you later. This is an important detail to have in mind to avoid untimely damage to your area rugs and small carpets. These are some tips to help make your oriental rug storage a success. *At MyMovingReviews we will connect you with a professional moving expert. Home Moving, Office Moving, Packing, Storage, The Comprehensive Guide on Moving, Packing and Storage. On the other hand, Persian rugs are expensive and valuable in so many ways. Make sure the storage space has sufficient air circulation, if the area you live in is generally low humidity levels (under 50 RH). The Essential Guide to Moving Your Home in Just 5 Steps, How to Move Yourself, Rent a Truck and Get Packed and Moved, Don’t Want to Hire Movers? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You should also keep your rug away from sharp edges to avoid indentations. Luckily, you’ll only need three things to pack a rug for a move: 1) large pieces of durable brown or Kraft paper, 2) two pieces of string, twine or rope per rug, and 3) packing tape. When packing for a move, you will run into some difficulties regarding particular items, including throw rugs and Persian rugs. Now, let’s go back to folding. Likewise, be sure to have your rug cleaned by a pro before moving. Requesting a professional estimate can reduce moving costs by up to 25%. Voila, the Persian rug has been rolled. It would be good to have someone to help you because Persian rugs are large and heavy. Roll the rug tightly till you get to the end. Place the tubing on the rug starting at the end, it’s usually best to start where the weaving begins. A good temperature is generally between 40-60 ° F.  It’s important to keep your rug away from dust and dirt.


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