Temperature and air circulation can be controlled more easily. but with a few months of growth your herb container might be getting out of hand. Before storing, all herbs dried in the sun or open air should be heated in an oven to destroy insects and insect eggs. Excess moisture will increase drying time. When drying herbs, microwave ovens should be used as a last resort. If they are not entirely dry in 2 weeks, place them in a 100-degree F oven until thoroughly dry. Sun drying is the least expensive way to dry herb leaves and seeds. A kitchen oven is often used for drying herbs. This is a important step. Simply wash leaves, if needed, and scrub roots with a vegetable brush to remove dirt. Receive My Favorite Recipes Straight to Your Inbox! Plus it’s alot of work. It’s the last full week of August. When dry, remove the leaves from the stems. Do you accept? Place whole roots or slices on a baking sheet and place in warm oven. Once out of the oven take oregano and crumble leaves into a container. Place them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Hang the bunches with the leaves down so oils will flow from the stems into the leaves. Dry roots in the oven for 6 to 8 hours, depending on the thickness of the roots or root slices. There are various ways how to dry herbs; however, the herbs should always be fresh and clean beforehand. After it’s dried, crumble it up and put in a jar. Oregano is one of my favorite herbs to use in cooking and I use it from sprinkling on layers of lasagna to seasoning meat to adding to stews. Yet another way that you can keep marjoram fresh is by drying it. Place whole roots or slices on a baking sheet and place in warm oven. If your oregano is dirty, you should wash it first and then let it sit or hang it overnight, before moving on to drying in the oven. Then, set your oven to its lowest temperature and put the tray inside, turning the herbs every 30 minutes. How do you like to use dried oregano? Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. How to Store Dried Marjoram. Air-drying marjoram “The easiest way to air dry sturdy herbs [such as marjoram] is to tie the washed branches into small bundles (5-6 stems) and hang them upside down, in a warm (21 to 70-80°F), dry, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Everyone is welcome! How to Dry Mint worked so well (enjoying a cup of mint tea right now!) Finding the right spot is sometimes difficult: basements are usually too damp; garages have car fumes. Tray drying herbs is another method. This content printed from the website located at: This website would like to use cookies to collect information to improve your browsing experience. Do add dried marjoram early in a long cooking process. Please review our Privacy Statement for more information. Put oregano in one layer on cookie sheet. Otherwise, there is a chance of mold growth. Submit your question or recipe review here. Hanging herbs to dry at room temperature is the easiest and least expensive way for how to dry herbs. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Test herb leaves, seeds, and roots for dryness before storage. Store dried foods in dark glass jars or in tins in a cool, dry, dark place. Let me know in the comments! Oven Drying Herbs. On the following day preheat oven to 170 degrees F. I love seeing what you’ve made! Roots should be hard and brittle when dried. Tag me on Instagram at, No Canning 24 Hour Dill Hamburger Pickles. Marjoram will keep up to 2 years … Roots should be hard and brittle when dried. Sun drying can also cause herbs to lose flavor and color; therefore, it is not a favored recommended method. Turn oven to warm or the lowest possible setting. Ok, maybe it’s not that much work but it’s alot more work than this method. Take extreme caution to prevent scorching, fire, and possible damage to the microwave. It requires little equipment. that I went back to this method for the oregano. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M University and Auburn University) is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Place a layer of silica sand in the bottom of an old shoebox, arrange herbs on top, and cover them with more silica sand. To make sure the air is circulating inside the oven, leave the door of an electric oven slightly ajar. 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How to store marjoram after it is harvested (method 3): drying . When thoroughly dry, rub the pods between the palms of your hands to remove seeds. To substitute dried herbs for fresh ones, use 1⁄3 to 1⁄2 teaspoon of dried herbs for 1 tablespoon of fresh. The bag will catch the seeds as they dry and fall from the pods. ALABAMA READY - Resources for Dealing with Hurricanes, Alabama You might also include them in recipes for meat pies and other main dishes. This is usually during fall and winter when there is sufficient food stored in the plant. Please LMK – thanks! and economic well-being. Nothing can stop our oregano, including a harsh Winter. Drying oregano only takes 1 hour in the oven. Keep covered with a kitchen towel on counter. Follow the directions that come with your microwave oven. Heat for 10 minutes at 160 degrees F. Cool herbs and package immediately. Place the shoebox in a warm room for about two to four weeks until the herbs are thoroughly dry. My farm is a 1,000 sq ft apartment in NYC. Hang the bag in a warm, dark, area for about two to four weeks, checking periodically until the herbs are dry. This process works best with low moisture herbs like: Herbs with high moisture content will mold if not dried quickly.


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