The information below comes from HealDove. Remedy + Recovery DOGSWELL Styptic Blood Stopper Powder for Dogs & Cats 1.5 oz. How does styptic powder work? Step 2) Press the tip of your styptic pencil directly to your cut., Your email address will not be published. I have Coronation Gold Yarrow with the fuzzy silvery leaves. The vast majority of shaving cuts can be treated with the Styptic Balm by Glyder.. Cayenne Pepper: You can dry and powder it yourself if you grow it, or you can simply buy high quality cayenne powder in various heat units. Read on to learn what you’re missing. To use any of these, add a few drops to the powder to make a paste. Measure out approximately one tablespoon of each ingredient. I’m definitely going to try yarrow. I am never without Cayenne Tincture in our home...or Cayenne Pepper powder either, for that matter. Whenever we harvest herbs for medicine we want to take care to practice ethical wild harvesting. You can also use a tincture of Cayenne Pepper to drop or dab onto the wound site. The most common one is beeswax. Only a small amount is necessary — … Let’s figure out the different types of styptic solutions available to stop shaving cuts from bleeding and which one is right for you. However, if you have severed a major blood vessel you should apply firm pressure to the wound and seek medical attention. Men are realizing these methods actually offer a closer, cleaner shave . Gently apply cinnamon to a wound and it will stop bleeding quickly! But in case you didn’t catch what a styptic pencil is from the paragraphs above, a styptic pencil is basically an “old-school” product used to help stop bleeding. How to Make Yarrow Styptic Powder. Celox didn’t perform better than Quikclot in the study, although blood thinners weren’t mentioned. You can create a poultice using yarrow alone or in combination with kaolin clay and cayenne pepper, too. So we took it upon ourselves to create something, modern and fundamentally better. Rinse and repeat. Get the eBook, How to Relax Using Herbs with recipes and remedies (just one of the downloadables you might enjoy) when you sign up for the newsletter: Disclaimer:  The information in this article, elsewhere on my blog, in my shop sites, in conversations, and on labels is for informational purposes only and not meant to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any medical condition. The pollinators love it and so do I! FTC Disclosure: There are affiliate links scattered throughout this article. But what if the darn thing won’t stop bleeding? If you are using Glyder’s Styptic Balm and your face is already wet, then you’re all set. This is. Again, though, if you don’t have Quikclot on hand, and the wound won’t clot on its own…I myself would not hesitate to use cayenne, yarrow and/or kaolin at the bleed site. Be sure to use only raw honey; pasteurization destroys the beneficial elements. Stop Bleeding Fast with Homemade Styptic Powder was written by Debra Maslowski. It uses a perfect blend of these oils with the aluminum sulfate to stop the bleeding from shaving cuts. Step 1 –  Wet the tip of your styptic pencil with cold water. The main ingredient in styptic pencils is anhydrous aluminum sulfate. Connect with Debra Maslowski on G+. Have you ever used a styptic powder? If the bleeding doesn’t stop after applying the styptic pencil for 5 seconds, depending on your cut, it may take a few tries. For this herbal remedy we will be using the leaves of yarrow and not the flowers. If you do hit the quick when you are cutting … Do you use the powder topically? Even worse, going over a cut that has stopped bleeding could reopen the wound. However, coconut oil is greasy and in heavy bleeding can actually repel the blood, making it harder to stop bleeding. If the wound is large or deep, it may take a few tries. So, why not be prepared and ready for as much as you can? All of the medicinal research has been done on Achillea millefolium. Use a coffee grinder or spice mill to grind the herbs to a fine powder. Find out how to stop bleeding fast using natural herbs and clay. I disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of any of the information contained in this article or elsewhere on this website. My first thought was “I have yarrow!” and then I thought “I can do that!”. Styptic Balm: No need to worry about it drying, melting or breaking by dropping it on the floor, due to our patent pending application process and container. And that's just what I chose. You could race to the emergency room and spend a lot of money and time (which I considered for a moment)....OR you could potentially handle it yourself with a little emergency preparedness and knowledge. With all this said, you should definitely get yourself or the victim of the wound to a doctor quickly, depending on how bad the wound is. Click through to find out how! I have a question. I get my Cayenne Pepper and all of my bulk herbs and spices at Starwest Botanicals.


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