Pleasure is a very nice vehicle if proper service done on time to time with a good mechanic you gonna have this for a good time. India’s largest auto media for the bike & car community for over 22 years. Please don't buy hero pleasure.. it's an alternative for those who cant bear activas Weight but need get all the joy of riding with a sense of independence with a mobile charging port self start and dual pain job.good mileage add to features. The reported review will be shortly removed from Zigwheels &, Thank you! Bangladesh has also improved and developed in the last few years so our country’s young girls and women can also buy this scooter for their daily transportation and for their safety. After you will buy a Hero Honda Pleasure you will see that this bike has so many attractive and awesome features that you will not regret for your decision of buying this product. This scooter is mainly designed for young girls and ladies of middle age. Suvro Sen July 29, 2013. While starting your scooter you must apply both brakes at one time and as a result you will get good braking and also it will help you to stay away from skidding. Quite natural it will consume more petrol. Q. For a larger-engined, and comprehensively updated model to come in at a price just marginally higher than the outgoing model is saying something. In some previous paragraphs you already came to know about some specifications, yet let me tell you in details about the technical specifications of Hero Honda Pleasure. so the customers claims the mileage of pleasure cannot be marked as excellent but It can be marked as average. Thanks for reporting this. Which scooter should i buy for my wife who is a beginner & 5ft? Also the middle aged women who always have to wait for their buses to arrive to reach at their offices can use hero Honda pleasure. My weight is 35 kg and my height is 4.6" feet, is it good to buy pleasure? Though it is not a very powerful scooter but it is really very stylish which many young girls will like about it and they will not have any problem to buy it or ride it. As the engine is smooth and silent in compare to Pep everyone likes it more than the pep, which is one of the good side of pleasure. Hero Honda Pleasure Review By Team BikeBD. Hero Honda Pleasure has top speed of 77 km/h and this scooter will take only 12.11 seconds to reach 0-60 km/h sprint. And also best for those who prefers Hero Honda vehicles over Honda, kinetic and also TVS. Q. I am a short lady and thin and I feel which is better for me to buy as I need for daily for my office which is 3 km on way. Ans- Pawan Munjal is the CEO of Hero motorcycle. the 2019 Hero Pleasure Plus changes its sex in a way. The scooter is quite stylish and good looking so young girls will not hesitate to use it and it is also very comfortable to use for young girls. It has many splendid new features which attracts a rider with economic and classic taste to ride on. Pleasure cannot be called the best but it has better features compared to other scooters of other companies. 30% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above. Hero Pleasure (Scooter) Bike Reviews OwnerShip Reviews Customer Reviews Expert Reviews Public Reviews at Borrowing the 110cc motor from Hero's line-up, the Pleasure Plus gets an impressive bump in power for its size. The speedometer of the scooter has a green area which will help you to understand about the area which will also indicate fuel consumption. Q. I am a girl, my height is 4.11 feet, is Hero Pleasure suitable for me or Pep Plus? The dual texture seat does feel premium, and is a great value add on this under Rs 50,000 scoot. Overall It's good. It has a puncture resistant tuff up tube which helps in resisting sharp objects. At the top of the standard features list is the integrated braking system and side stand warning, as on the larger Hero scooters. Side stand indicater. Scooty is always been my FAVOURITE, so this version looks new and i want to know the price then i will decide whether i will buy or not. Customers and riders have always felt good after riding this bike so they comment that Hero Honda Company has named the bike just in a perfect way because it is indeed a pleasure to ride the bike. Ans- Brijmohan Lall Munjal is the founder of Hero motorcycle. If you want to buy online than you will get a second hand pleasure in between 80,000-90,000. And it isn’t compulsory that only girls can buy it also boys can also buy them and many boys are buying it too. Should I go for Scooty Pep Plus or Hero Pleasure? The Hero Pleasure is powered by a small 102cc engine and for its 104 kgs of kerb weight it does its job pretty well. Riding a pleasure and owning a pleasure is all about having fun. And you don’t need to carry those extra bag and baggage’s too in your hand or something because pleasure will also do that for you and it will carry your extra load of baggage’s for you and you will just have a very comfortable ride to your destination without any problem. Hero pleasure plus is my batter choice. The engine has a typical Hero (Honda) start up sound and a smooth engine that will easily carry you around city with minimal fuss. At Rs 49,300 for the cast alloy wheel variant we tested, the Pleasure Plus makes a very convincing buy, no matter which set of chromosomes you have. But with the contrast silver plastic inserts at the front and sides, it's a pleasing (okay, last pun) design. Engine is quite strong in compare to TVS Scooty pep plus and other bikes and it is really smooth and silent. Great pic up and batter milage. The Pleasure Plus can really move! Another excellent feature is headlights which have multi-reflector, and aluminum cast rear grab rail,  and also indicators which are multi-reflector.


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