Literature circle role sheets, book bingo printables, book report forms, and other reading worksheets. Trina is determined to find a shark tooth before she leaves Myrtle Beach. Michael needs to make some extra money to buy a new video game, and with his older brother's help, he'll make enough in no time. In this worksheet, children read a story about two friends who like to roller skate together in their neighborhood. It's just one of many ways octopuses defend themselves. Jake the dog walks down the street with his owner, meeting friendly neighbors along the way. These non-fiction reading comprehension articles feature all types of animal species. The printable reading comprehension worksheets listed below were created specially for students at a 3rd grade reading level. Third Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets & Printables. Aliens from Planet Zabooboo have invaded Woodland Elementary School! Professor Al Ligator teaches kids about the five groups of vertebrates. A kid balls up his dirty socks, which frustrates his mother but leads to creative fun. When a leak in the water pipes means digging up Colin's old sandbox, he starts to get nostalgic for the days when he used to dig in the sand hoping to find dinosaur bones. The history of piggy banks and how today's popular design was actually a mistake. When Rosie visits the beach with her father, she can't see the nighttime stars she loves. Use this resource for your students to practice reading and comparing the story elements of two fiction texts. The Navajo Native American people helped the American war effort in World War II in an incredible way! Find out how to prevent germs from making you sick. Reading worksheets by grade: Kindergarten. Eli, her next-door neighbor, shows her just how much fun raking leaves can be if you make a game of it. Find out how pattern camouflage, color camouflage, and mimicry can benefit predators and prey. A fun Readers' Theater story about a hungry kickball team whose wish for popcorn is magically granted. When Sarah's cat gets stuck in a tree, he may finally have his chance. There are lots of fun facts about Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, and Giant Pandas in this article. This reading comprehension article includes short answer, multiple choice, and vocabulary questions. Kayla is worried about her first sleepover. Dana doesn't know what to do now that her best friend Elianna moved across the country. Can her grandmother help her figure out how to have a garden without a proper yard? But when she shows up at the bowling alley, she'll find out things aren't always what they seem. Grade 3. Role Play Reading Comprehension Worksheets In these reading comprehension worksheets, students can increase their understanding of colloquial and idiomatic expressions and get a feel for conversational English. What she learns, though, is that she has the power to change her attitude and make things better. All Adrianna really wanted for Christmas was a new sled, but now that she has one it won't snow. But when the backhoe reveals a fossil hidden in the dirt, Colin's dreams of discovery may come true after all. But when he discovers what the treat is, he's more than a little disappointed. Reading comprehension passages written at a 4th grade reading level. Learn how we're able to extract electrical energy from the sun. Paige decides to join Alec and play the game, but what happens when she causes him to lose the game? Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - English Comprehension For Grade 3. A teacher scolds a student for flying in school, but then she has a change of heart. When Trevor's dad has to work late and can't take Trevor to Game World, he thinks his night will be boring. Boys drool!" Will she ever be the best at anything? Some of the worksheets for this concept are Maxs good habit, How to make ice cream, Know your vegetables, Grade 3 reading practice test, English language arts reading comprehension grade 3, Trinity gese grade 3 work 1, Grade 3 english language arts practice test, Grade 5 english listening comprehension. ID: 1115508 Language: English School subject: English language Grade/level: Grade 3 Age: 6-7 Main content: Reading comprehension Other contents: jumbled sentences Add to my workbooks (8) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom When Lena's two best friends plan a bowling trip without her, Lena is determined to find out why she's left feeling like the spare. Meet a sneaky, undercover thief who steals sandwiches and hot dog buns from campers during the night. Want to learn all about coral reefs? Each file includes a fiction or non-fiction reading passage, followed by a page of comprehension questions. Brooke's mom is taking her someplace special, but Brooke can't figure out where that could be. For complete access to thousands of printable lessons click the button or the link below. Students can discover Egypt's Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in this quick reading comprehension worksheet. When a baby deer shows up in the backyard, Sarah wants to treat it like a pet, but when her mom tells her the dangers of interacting with wild animals, Sarah will have to find another way to remember her backyard visitor. Learn about this fascinating insect and its life cycle. But when she looks down in the sand, she discovers a new kind of star. It's a cosmic catastrophe! But her parents can't afford to take the time off work. They're all too busy planning a surprise party for the school custodian. Have you ever heard of the pink fairy armadillo? Ava doesn't want to disappoint her best friend Melanie by missing her pool party, but Ava doesn't want everyone to find out she can't swim either. But will Michael get his new game or find a way to repay his brother? All Toby wants for his birthday is a new Super Robotoman action figure, and he makes sure everyone knows it. Bella and Mia are excited about camping out in the back yard. Learn about the similarities and differences between different American holidays. Reading comprehension stories, poems, and articles written at a 2nd grade reading level. Reading comprehension questions, vocabulary, and a writing prompt are included. There are three sheets for each separate reading passage, so be sure to print them all (we have numbered them to help out). Help your third grader practice following directions on how to build a tornado in a bottle, and build his reading comprehension skills in the process. Learn to read poetry aloud. But his older brother shows him that sometimes you have to make your own fun. Alex's imagination has transformed his swing set into a time machine. Can his grumbling stomach change his mind and maybe even his taste buds? Did you know that a giant squid can grow up to the size of a school bus?! Olivia needs a great idea for her school's pumpkin decorating contest. Xander is attending the school fair, but he feels unlucky and believes he doesn't have a chance of winning any of the games. Learn about hibernating animals, why they hibernate, and what happens to their bodies during the winter months. When Robin, Sam, and Chris want a bear for a pet, they are surprised to find out that their parents think it's a wonderful idea.


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