Oscar (SP), S Harry Lime and Marv Merchants | Hobby His first television appearance was on the Garfield and Friends episode School Daze, and his last was on The Feline Philosopher; on the show, he became a recurring cast member. Mrs. Dodds | Douglas Hunsiker | Garfield and Prince both show up, making Dargis stunned when he figured out that there are two cats that look exactly the same. Hobby However, unknown to Dargis, Prince's dog servant Winston turns the tables around by forcing Rommel to play a game of tug-a-war with Dargis's new trousers. If Prince was to die, Dargis would inherit the entire estate.. Film. Later, Dargis trained Carlyle Castle's guard dog, a Rottweiler named Rommel to become vicious and to slaughter Prince. Goal General Thade | Zapan | The Dognapper | Garfield: Yeah... Nermal: That's real. Nermal called himself this from then on. Golden Circle (Poppy Adams, Bennie and Jet, Beauty-Bot, Clara Von Gluckfberg, Angel & Charles) | Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Unlike the original version, Garfield doesn't even care about his canon friends, as he brutally kills Odie, Nermal (which he coldly tells him that he never really liked him before he kills him), and even kills Jon's girlfriend Liz just to spite Jon. Poodle | "(in pain). This was never shown in either show, most likely because it was considered inappropriate for a children's show. He was then seen complaining to Smithee and got knocked out by a rake placed by Winston while he was complaining. But the plan becomes a failure, and Dargis forces the Carlyle Castle Council to sign the castle's deed over to him while threatening to kill them with a bow and arrow. Sir Topham Hatt (PV) | James Suggs | Things are not looking good for Ol' Web-Head in Marc Webb's upcoming superhero sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Riff Raff | He also hated animals with a strong passion as he saw them as insignificant beasts and monsters who only got in his way. Nightmare Wario, O Rommel (former until he betrayed him) Fancy Pants" and "Lord Doofus" by Garfield, "Bozo" by Prince, "Sir" by Smithee, To make Carlyle Castle become Carlyle Resort & Spa, Garfield, Prince, Nigel, Jon Arbuckle, Odie, Rommel, Getting bitten, Being punched, animals plotting against him, Rommel ripping his trousers, Nigel getting in his trousers, "There's more than one way to skin a royal cat! Hal | Having turned over a new leaf as he has now become obsessed with trousers, Rommel tracked down Dargis, but while the latter is talking to Abby on the phone, Rommel attacked him at the groin to which Dargis shouts in pain. Blefuscians | Garfield In most of his appearances, Harry is shown as an antagonist, but on some occasions, he is portrayed as an anti-hero. Lefty McGinnis | Jim | Henry Evans | Lord Dargis was rude, selfish, and often complained to Smithee, the servant of Carlyle Castle. Although Garfield once ceased attacking Nermal after having a nightmare where a hulking cat introduces himself as a full-grown Nermal and proceeds to brutalize Garfield, this has not actually happened. Nat Jones | Ruth DeWitt Bukater | Hexxus | Mayor Kobayashi | Melvin Moody | Rottweiler | Ultimate Predator | Rolf Gruber | Lord Manfred Dargis is the main antagonist of Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. Giving Spidey plenty of mindless drones to bash certainly does allow for an uptick in the destruction, but at this point, what he really needs is another helping hand. Moar Krabs | Snake Jailbird | Jimbo Jones | The film also stars Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Felicity Jones, Chris Cooper, and Sally Field. Occupation Male Dislikes Type of Villain Dragon | Garfield even had his own song called "Abu Dhabi", which he uses to tell Nermal all about the United Arab Emirates and how he will love it there (or rather, Garfield will love it for having Nermal on the other side of the world). The only episode where he was a villain was when he starved Garfield. In his film career alone, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has gone web to who-knows-what against the likes of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Venom. Dargis becomes frustrated and tries to get Nigel out of him, but Jon knocks Dargis unconscious by punching him in the face. City Hunter | Jessica, See Also Novak in the upcoming superhero sequel, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, starring Andrew Garfield. Dante | Though Ifans and others involved with "Spider-Man" would caution you not to label Lizard as a villain — in fairness, he's born from a good place, as his human alter-ego Doctor Curt Connor becomes the scaly menace only after attempting a revolutionary breakthrough in regenerative medicine — there's no doubt that the clawed creature has it out for the kid swinging around Manhattan in red and blue tights. Alias Get rid of all the animals of Carlisle Castle and destroy it in order to make it into a hotel (both failed). Yeah, I was never told whether or not I could say. Vanessa | Aban-Khan | South Glade Mission Church (Church Leader) | I like Elektro, he's one of the ones I'm very into," said the actor. Luke Castellan | Fat Tony | But in her will, she left it to her cat Prince XII, which made Dargis jealous and angry. Chopper Predator | Garfield turned demonic when a hostile parasite infected him and took over his body, resulting in him killing Odie just to show how sadistic and barbaric he is. Garfield, otherwise known by fans as "Gorefield", is a monstrous, gluttonous maniac and the main antagonist of the Gorefield images from r/imsorryjon. Shadow Aaron | Fancy Pants" and "Lord Doofus" by Garfield, "Bozo" by Prince, "Sir" by Smithee Die Hard Villains | He is the nephew of Prince XII's deceased owner who really hates Prince and plans to get rid of him by any means necessary so that he can inherit Carlisle Castle and become king of England. Movies Games Audio Art Portal Community Your Feed. Baby Gerald | Garfield trying to find Jon while in a spider-like form. Hit the jump for more. Columbia | Governor Breck | Mustering whatever courage he has, Jon comes in and shoots garfield in the eye with a shotgun, but Garfield taunts him, saying that bullets won't kill him. Colonel Blackheart | To make Carlyle Castle become Carlyle Resort & Spa Gazooks | Napoleon Cross | Ted Maltin | Engineers | He frequently made unannounced visits into Garfield's home, where he flaunted his cuteness and became the focus of Jon's attention for the entire duration of his visit, much to Garfield's exasperation.


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