Onions are useful in respiratory infections, from sinusitis to bronchitis. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); How to Increase Fiber Intake: 20 Fiber-Rich Foods you Should be Eating. Some evidence also suggests that honey stimulates the immune system. Signs, Stages, Symptoms, Treatment, Everything You Need To Know About First Aid, How Section 8 Apartment For Rent Programs Work, Learning About A Reverse EIN Number Lookup, Choosing And Finding Clearance Patio Furniture Sets, Tax ID Reverse Lookup – Tax ID Reverse Lookup Solutions, Tax ID Number Lookup: Conducting A Tax ID Number Lookup. If the fever persists after a few days and is accompanied by a severe headache as well a sore throat and skin rash, you should get a checkup done. These include a variety of crunchy, spicy, acidic food that is difficult for the body to digest and cause immense pressure on the intestines. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. RASPBERRY: Raspberries facilitate the elimination of waste substances produced in the blood because of infection. In case of high temperature, the diet must be: Fruits and vegetables meet these requirements very well and should form the basis of the diet, particularly during the acute phase. Garlic can provide a wide range of different health benefits. GARLIC: Garlic is an effective natural antibiotic. 15 Best Foods to Eat When You Feel Sick, ... Soothing quality aside, tea also helps you get in all of the fluids you need—especially if you have a fever or any stomach upset, she says. Some of these foods that should be avoided during fever are discussed in this article. Which is why, in cases of mild or moderate illness, it’s likely worth a try. EUROPEAN CRANBERRY: This is an effective antibiotic that helps fight a fever caused by Escherichia coli and other bacteria, which cause urinary and digestive infections. Rather have a balanced diet divided into small meals throughout the day which should include plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you're struggling to stomach certain food, try small amounts of bland foods like scrambled egg. ), here is the answer. LEMONS: Lemons are amongst the best foods to eat when sick with a cold and fever. These food items also give your body a lot of energy. The ginger is the most effective as its ant-inflammatory properties bring down the fever right from the first bite. As well as being high in vitamin C, citrus fruits also contain special flavonoid compounds which can decrease the inflammation in your system and improve the functioning of your immune system. Eat these food items when you are sick and you will surely recover within no time. Fevers naturally cause us to sweat, which can mean that we end up becoming dehydrated. Because of their vitamin C and phytochemical content, fruits improve the body’s immune system’s capacity to fight infections. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Oranges and lemons are two of the most recommended foods to eat when you have a fever. This is because orange juice provides the body with immense energy as well as provides it with a number of nutrients. While you may not have an appetite, it's essential to eat the best foods for fever to help your body heal. Fever is something we have all tried our best to avoid but have failed to do so. You can eat the following foods when you are sick to bring the fever down: Your fever can reduce substantially if you mix ginger and rice pudding with a vegetable broth and have it atleast once a day. These fruits will help you to start recovering from your fever faster, making them ideal for our list of 9 healthy foods to eat when you have a fever. You can eat it cooked, raw, in a salad, or as fresh juice. You should drink atleast one cup of hot green tea or lemon tea to soothe your throat and get rid of that congestion, when you are sick.


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