The only thing that keeps Calculators from being a total load when they don't have any spells learned is the reaction ability that lets them immediately counter and heal half of any damage taken. Sticks are also awesome 2-range weapons, especially with MA boosting gear. You can dodge skills and redirect spells with a bit of knowledge of the CT system. et/ou dans d'autres pays. Generally, since the lategame is so poorly scaled, earlygame utility >>> lategame utility. They can also use guns and pass that ability to other classes, if that's a thing you care about (Guns have 100% accuracy, but fixed damage unless you Charge or get a lucky crit, so they're really only useful as emergency weapons for casters should they run out of MP). However, Time Mages have very little offense against generics, barring the extremely slow (cast time and JP wise) Meteor spell. Calculator is easily the only god tier as it completely and utterly dwarfs every other class in its absurd power. Though, two-hand can be pretty devastating in its own right. You get most of the spells on the way to this job. Truly among the best classes in the game. This wide variety in jobs can make it difficult to determine which jobs you want to play and which you should focus on gearing up more so than others. Learn the Abilities: Curaga, Firaga and Graviga, Kronos - Extended Duration of Buffs and Enfeebles, Lower Monster Malice, Increased Recovery Magic Range. Knight How this character is placed over Ninja or Lancer for you is insanity to me. As it is believed to be the easiest SSCC class to run with (Solo Straight Character Challenge). Priest: The Priest's healing abilities are mostly outclassed by that of a Chemist, who has faster and more reliable healing abilities. Move-MP up is only really useful when combined with Damage to MP, as it's generally better to use the spell MP Drain. Priest - healing is better left to Chemists and Monks, but all Zodiac bosses are weak to Holy damage and the Magic Defense Up support ability stacks with Shell, so it's at least situationally useful. This class does next to nothing useful in comparison. They have so much potential, and in the 1.3 version they rank probably in high, but in vanilla damage is just way more superior in all situations, except for personal buffs like haste which are amazing. Jump is a useful tool, but oftentimes is not fast enough and quite unnecessary in many instances. Immune to near everything, and as, say, a dark knight (which is a little bit of grind) you can't die from anything. Nevertheless, longbow range scales with vertical height, and so having an Archer with Teleport turns them into difficult to kill snipers. Nothing else in their skill list is worth getting. Summoners: Not as effective at bosskilling as Wizards, the Summoner's strength lies in its ability to kill generics very efficiently with very powerful AoE summons. Press J to jump to the feed. Paralyze, Sleep and Petrify are also great tools against randoms, essentially rendering them useless. After lots of playthroughs of one of my 5 favourite games of all time, I've compiled a tier list of what I believe are the most "efficient" jobs to use ingame. Samurai hands-down has some of the best skills. Time Mage: Haste has been one of the best magic spells in almost every game it's in, so it should be no surprise that it's pretty cool here too. Lancer - powerful by itself in the late game, but doesn't synergize with anything else and the skill list is boring (all you really need to do is save up for the most expensive horizontal and vertical jumps and you can rain pointy death on pretty much the entire battlefield). Also, Move +3 is generally better than Jump +3 as a Movement ability. Calculator - too slow to be worth it to use as a main Job, but Math Skill turns a party member into a walking one-person Weapon of Mass Destruction when used as a secondary Ability...when that party member has spells to cast. Ces attaquants sont spécialisés dans le combat rapproché, utilisant des combinaisons de coups dans des positions précises pour infliger de grands dégâts aux ennemis. Ninja Is by FAR not "low" tier. Bard - see Dancer, though overall Bards are better for buffing the party in the long run since they can boost ally stats higher than Dancers can drop enemy stats. I'm more than happy to explain my choices. Thief - pretty much the worst non-caster DPS of any class, their utility lie in their Steal abilities. Ce guide présente les actions et traits disponibles, les différents combos réalisables et les bonus qui en découlent ainsi que toutes les interfaces visibles en jeu. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I agree with your list, but I find it funny how low the status classes are I.e. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Knight is completely worthless after Lenalia Plateau, but it really helps out with evasion in Dorter. Time Mage - the best non-Calculator support castor Job, in my opinion, since their spells affect action economy. I apologize if I seem hostile, I'm really not. After lots of playthroughs of one of my 5 favourite games of all time, I've compiled a tier list of what I believe are the most "efficient" jobs to use ingame. Beowulf is my boy though. If I had ordered bottom tier, Calculators would have easily made last place. Dancer and Bard also have absurd unlocking requirements and no real immediate value besides Move +3. Flare is amazing at deleting bosses, and with no element nothing is immune to it. Bow chip can help in the first few battles, but this damage becomes negligible fast and bows can never keep up with other, superior weapons. Oracle - they are overshadowed by Beowulf if you decide to add him to the party (since his Templar skills go off instantly and have better odds of succeeding) and the status ailments are situationally useful at most, but what really makes this class shine is Life Drain, which has a surprisingly good success rate against Zodiac bosses and always takes 25% of their max health, making it easy to know exactly how much HP they have spawned with. I understand you left them off because they don't meet your requirements and that's fine.


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