Although I prefer Travelocity because they have a 24 hour money back guarantee. Ciao Louise, the weather is still quite warm in September, especially in Southern Italy. Going to Italy (Florence, Venice and Rome) for my 1 year wedding anniversary this upcoming December. Here the Halloween costumes still tend toward the scary, as Carnival (usually in February or March) is their time to dress in any style of costume. Should I be leaning more towards summer or autumn at that point? Italy’s clothing styles vary from the north to the south. Italy has a reputation for creating fashion. Also, are there specific colors I should stay away from so I won’t stick out a lot? Here are some tips on how to choose the best shoes for Italy: Below you’ll find helpful seasonal clothing tips and suggested packing lists that you can use as a guideline to prepare for a trip to Italy: Tunic Top | Sleeveless | Sweater 1 | Long Sleeve | T Shirt | Skirt | Pants| Jeans | Dress 1 | Dress 2 |  Raincoat | Jacket  | Sandals | Boots | Scarf | Backpack. Thank you for confirming too, in the south, don’t show too much skin. When I asked Simona, who runs a pensione with her family, about shoes, a huge smile crossed her face. if booking for more than one person as the multiple booking option seems to give better rates than Trenitalia. Layers are essential especially as the weather begins to cool. Train is one of the most popular options for traveling from one region to another. Italian Tourism Official Website . Italian style also has a lot to do with ingenuity. I was in Rome 2 weeks ago , and I have searched every website looking for a paticular Italian clothing store on ether Via Frattina ViaVia Borgognona Jeans are handy for this reason: you can put important items, like your wallet and phone, in your front pockets, where it’s very difficult for a wandering hand to snatch it. Ballet flats, boots (ankle, mid, or tall), and one additional pair sound like just the right type of shoes for Italy. I could throw it over my shoulders when visiting churches and then toss it in my bag afterwards. Italians love boots and you’ll likely see them already in October, but whether or not you’ll be too warm for them depends on how easily hot or cold you are! We love Airbnb for accommodation in Italy. Happy that Jacopo was able to give us info straight from the source , This could not have come at a better time for me! Hello, I will be in Florence and Venice in late February. Hi. Will there also be a Scotland series? Alternatively, being closed toe wedges for a dressy alternative. If you find you have left behind an essential, or need to add to add classic Italy clothes to your travel wardrobe, don’t panic. What types of shoes for hiking and walking (plus they have to look stylish)? America’s beautiful Western style hasn’t hit Italy much, but our philosophy is to dress comfortable and confident while traveling! Remember to be sure to pack a pair of waterproof or water-resistant shoes, too. It is a wonder that they never seem to look down and never get their heels caught between the stones. To modify your old jeans, go to your nearest piazza and scoot around on the steps for a related effect. We’re happy to help , what about for men?what to wear? If it will be cold during your trip, opt for one of these. . Can you please help me on what to pack & what to wear in Paris, Venice, Rome, London & Spain? Hi Faith It depends what kind of activities you’ll be doing i.e. That said, it also tends to rain in the autumn and winter. Thank you so much! The scene in other cities – Venice, Naples and Genoa among them – comprises, yes, the stores of the largest Italian houses, but it can also be the seat for prestigious artisan ateliers spanning ancient traditions, such as Marinella ties in Naples, or Genoa’s Finollo, renowned for its fine shirts. Capri pants and cotton slacks are often worn as alternatives. Choose no more than two to three pairs of shoe in neutral colors that can mix and match with all your clothing. As with most destinations, practical sense applies. Take a look at this carry-on men’s carry-on packing list for Europe for additional tips. While not recommended for all day sightseeing, ballet flats are also a good option should you want a dressier pair of shoes on your trip for warmer days or evenings. Hi Julie, congrats on your dream vacation becoming a reality! If they had, they would not have manufactured four-inch heels for streets paved with cobbles. Depending on how many days or weeks you’re traveling, you may want to use luggage organizers such as packing cubes, which allow optimum use of the space in your luggage, keeping everything organized and in place during your travels, and making the task of unpacking and repacking simple and stress-free. We’d go with the chelsea ankle boot because it’s likely to be more comfortable and you’ll get more use out of it — it doesn’t rain so often in Rome. Italians don’t leave home without a pair of stylish pair of large, dark sunglasses, a great way to pull any outfit together… and add a level of glamorous mystery. Helpful for every season! As for shoes, take whatever pair you like the most that are also comfortable. When the weather’s crisp, but not freezing, try out a timeless trench coat, blazer or khaki jacket. Don’t be afraid to  try all three together for a stylish, and functional, look on a cold day. and the south have more local trends and traditions. Many times it’s the same price and saves you from having to spend extra time and money to go back to where you started your trip. Note that locals don’t appreciate flip-flops being worn anywhere but seaside. One unexpected issue that many travelers discover once they get to Europe are the cobblestone streets.


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