Prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase catalyze. 45. 44. 15. What does the prefix "hydro-" mean? 110. Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\) depicts a typical phospholipid composed of two fatty acids linked to glycerol (a diglyceride). The enzyme responsible for the activation of ace­toacetate to _____________ is absent from _____________ for which these are utilized in extrahepatic tissues. The catabolism of VLDL occurs by___________ with ________ acting as cofactor. Eicosanoids are formed from__________ and some other_________ fatty acids. This problem has been solved! Higher levels of HDL, on the other hand, are associated with lower heart disease risks. 71. 65. 12. 11. 74. Glycolipids lack the glycerol component found in phospholipids. 100. 59. The cell membranes of nearly all organisms are made from lipid-bilayer sheets, as are the membranes of many intracellular components. 4. 63. 41. Cardiolipin found in mitochondria is formed from. 32. Plagiarism Prevention 4. 39. These bilayers are the structural basis for cell membranes in most organisms, as well as subcellular components such as vesicles. Gangliosides contain ceramide and glucose only. Because all three substituents on the glycerol backbone are long hydrocarbon chains, these compounds are nonpolar and not significantly attracted to polar water molecules—they are hydrophobic. 42. Its structure consists of four rings with a double bond in one of the rings, and a hydroxyl group at the sterol-defining position. 56. A triacylglycerol, or triglyceride, is formed when three fatty acids are chemically linked to a glycerol molecule (Figure 1). (a) 5-membered ring, (b) 6-membered ring, (c) 8- membered ring, (d) None of the above. A complete cholesterol test finds the amount of “good” and “bad” cholesterol and the level of triglycerides in your blood. (a) Phosphoprotein, (b) Mucooprotein, (c) Lipo­protein, (d) Glycoprotein. (a) Serine, (b) Lysolecithin, (c) Sphingosine, (d) Gly­col. 60. Content Filtrations 6. As mentioned, the polar heads of these molecules are strongly attracted to water molecules, and the nonpolar tails are not. (a) D, (b) E, (c) F, (d) All of the above. 92. Saturated fatty acids have a straight, flexible carbon backbone, whereas unsaturated fatty acids have “kinks” in their carbon skeleton because each double bond causes a rigid bend of the carbon skeleton. boundary for the cell. (a) Methyl, (b) Ethyl, (c) Phytyl, (d) Cetyl. Fatty acids having no double bonds are called “unsaturated.”. Linoleic acid; Linolenic acid; Arachidonic acid. 6. You may have heard the terms “lipids” and “cholesterol” used interchangeably and assumed they meant the same thing. The Water-soluble Portion Of A Phospholipid Is The Polar Head, Which Generally Consists Of A Glycerol Molecule Linked To A Phosphate Group. 87. 116. ___________ are in much higher concentration in medullated nerve fibres. Which group of enzymes accomplishes both of these tasks? The molecular structure of lipids results in unique behavior in aqueous environments. Increased levels of very long chain__________ have been found in the____________ of patients with Zellweger’s syndrome. 79. The total carbon numbers in linolenic acid and arachidonic acids are _____________ and _____________ re­spectively. Polyunsaturated fatty acids can___________ serum cholesterol level. 22. 37. Phosphatidyl inositol are more ________ than the other phospholipids. 7. Another type of lipids are steroids, complex, ringed structures that are found in cell membranes; some function as hormones. Privacy Policy 8. Arachidonic acid contains the number of double bonds, 41. (a) Lipoproteins, (b) Phospholipids, (c) Ergosterols, (d) Digitonin. A triglyceride is formed by joining three glycerol molecules to a fatty acid backbone in a dehydration reaction. High levels of lipids, a condition known as hyperlipidemia, or dyslipidemia, raise your risk for heart disease. 93. To function properly, cell membranes have to be in a fluid state. Phosphatidylserine is the most abundant type of phospholipid found in cell membranes. A phospholipid is considered this because it has a hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tail. True Or False: A Phospholipid Is One Type Of Triglyceride. Diversity among the oligosaccharide chains found in the carbohydrate coating of the cell surface can be achieved in which of the following ways? Figure 2. The function of cholesterol is to strengthen cell membranes in eukaryotes and in bacteria without cell walls, such as Mycoplasma. 2. These drugs are usually well-tolerated and very effective. All active prostaglandins have at least one dou­ble bond between positions. Cholesterol________ the synthesis of new________ receptors. true. The prostaglandins and thromboxanes are local _____________ and act near the site of _____________. Which ... Phosphate head groups from each layer are "sandwiched" in the Long-chain isoprenoids are also found in hydrophobic oils and waxes. 98. 27. Which of these pairs are correctly matched? (a) Ascorbic acid, (b) Glutathione, (c) Glutamate, (d) Aspartate. 93. 6. These are mainly hydrophobic molecules, but also have hydrophilic hydroxyl groups. molestie consequat, ultrices ac magna. 75. 48. Saturated fatty acids cause the formation of smaller_________ particles that contain more _____________. Free fatty acids are classified with the other plasma lipoproteins. Three groups of eicosanoids synthesized from eicosanoic acid are. Glycolipids lack the glycerol component found in phospholipids. 89. The synthesis of prostaglandins is inhibited by. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 1. Drugs like_________ and__________ can cause the increased fecal excretion of cholesterol and bile acids. Instead of another fatty acid molecule (as for triglycerides), the third binding position on the glycerol molecule is occupied by a modified phosphate group. Administration of caffeine causes no change in plasma-free fatty acids in humans. Eicosanoic acids are derived from________ and directly derived from_________ and__________. Lecithin can exist in _________ or_________ forms. The highly ordered structure of the lipid bilayer makes its generation and maintenance energetically unfavorable. 97. Figure 3. Answer b. Molecules bearing both polar and nonpolar groups are amphipathic. Lipoproteins may be identified more accurately by means of. True/False. Triglycerides are the primary components of adipose tissue (body fat), and are major constituents of sebum (skin oils). The phospholipid bilayer can easily move around (is fluid) allowing small molecules to pass through. Question: 7) Part F) True Or False? Vitamin F is not a vitamin in the traditional sense, but a term for two important fats.


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