Low air pressure can cause all sorts of problems, but luckily this is a simple fix. Remove the piston/driver assembly out of the cylinder. The common problem is using the wrong sized or damaged fasteners. Check the Compressor The first port of call with any malfunctioning nail gun is the compressor. Does my Craftsman nail gun require Craftsman nails? Nail guns are a simple tool that can help you get an amazing array of jobs done quickly and efficiently. Most nailers are run on an air pressure of 100 psi to 120 psi. A jammed nail is easy to diagnose, and many guns even have a quick release for these scenarios, but what happens when your gun is firing too many nails at once? Over time, the continual use of the parts can begin to wear or become damaged. Nailers fire in various ways. This happen to mine. Loader springs can also be damaged because of this, or simply begin to wear out. 175PSI. Sequential firing methods sometimes vary, but all require some sort of sequential order that has you place the tip against a surface before pulling the trigger. This is the device which carries air from the compressor to the end of the gun. Also, ensure your fuel canister is not empty and is properly connected if you are using a combustible version. Any suggestions. This literally fires the piston downwards to drive the nail. Contact fire feature is no longer working. safety goggles with side shields. Luckily parts can be replaced, but in order to truly determine what is wrong, you should follow the steps provided to troubleshoot and diagnose what, exactly, is wrong. If your nail gun nails not going all the way in that might be because of the power loss. If your gun leaks air out the back, chances are you need to reset the seals. Nail guns load one of two ways, and it is both important to know what style of the nail to buy, as well as what size nail for efficiency, for safety purposes. If your nail gun is not working, and you weren’t sure where to start troubleshooting, then hopefully this article has provided you a decent guide to discovering what was wrong. 34 angle finish nailer (16 pages) Summary of Contents for CentralPneumatic 68019. If that happened, you need to replace and oil the o ring. Check for signs of cracking or other damage on the edge of the hose, and if necessary refit a new hose. Having a plan in mind, and then not being able to get started due to a malfunctioning tool, is an incredibly frustrating experience. My porter cable fn250c nail gun wont work cause it has been sitting un used for years, how can I fix this? If that doesn’t bring the solution, there is a good possibility that the O ring is responsible for the problem. Obviously, checking for air leaks is not possible with a cordless version, but maintaining your gun is just as important to keep dirt and grease from clogging up your parts. If your nail gun is not working, and you weren’t sure where to start troubleshooting, then hopefully this article has provided you a decent guide to discovering what was wrong. View our Privacy Policy here. I ran the end safety bar where the foot at point nails come out back and forth for about a half minute. If air leaks out the trigger, then you know it is a bad trigger valve, but unfortunately few trigger valves are sold separately so you will most likely need to replace the entire trigger assembly. This moves a piston which, when the trigger is pulled, drives forward to fire the nail. But, if you are using a nailer which doesn’t have a quick jam release, you have to go for a wrench then. No. But if it continues, take it apart to look for worn working parts. If your gun is firing weakly, or not at all, then you need to check the compressor. Otherwise, most of what was explained above pertain to a cordless nailer as well. In fact, it might be easier to narrow down as air pressure is not an issue- and if power has been applied, and your gun still doesn’t work right, then you most likely have a part to replace. If a nail gun leaks air, the first thing you need to do is the air hose and the connection between the air compressor and nail gun. Pull the cylinder out of the nail gun, (you may have to tap the side with a rubber mallet to loosen it). Dry fire the gun and give it a good hit with your hand or a rubber mallet on the back of the tool. Then, release the magazine by using the push button. You’re not giving blondes a good name. Any advice would be a great help. Or more accurately double taps (one drove in and it retracted and drive another one in but not as deep due to wedging between the first mail and the wood)? After that, above the shooting nose, you will find a latch, release the latch, and then open the front cap, and you will find the jammed dislocated nail. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. Removing jammed nail is an easy task for nailers that have a quick jam release mechanism. Check your manual for the manufacturer's guidelines on nail gun air pressure. The firing pin on my bostitch gas nailer stays down after firing 1 nail, I’ve stripped it down, changed the O ring and still it does it. my porter cable framing was working shooting bland hit again shoot nail now wont shoot nail looks like firing rod not going up far enough for next nail to slide in place??? As discussed above, loss of pressure and leaking trigger valve is easy enough to narrow down with a little troubleshooting and patience. Loosed magazine screws can also arise a jamming problem. When the trigger is not depressed, you may not hear air leaking, as the valve is probably sealed. Nail loading mechanisms are one of two different designs: strip style, or coil style. Combustion driven nailers use a fuel canister and battery. So if o ring is broke or damaged, the nail gun won't shoot nails. Remove the top, the magazine and the bottom nose piece from the nail gun. If you need a new nail gun, you can check out our reviews of the best models. If it is a pneumatic framing nailer then must disengage the air hose or if it is battery operated nail gun then remove the battery from the device to minimize the risk of any accidental firing. Hello all, I bought a Rigid pancake compressor with two Rigid nail gun. Soo… You know the serious looking blonde guy in the blue striped shirt actually has a drill rather than a nailer, right? I checked for nail jamb. These should be tight enough to prevent air from leaking away from the gun. You should check the gun for nail jams, which can occur when a nail gets stuck near the firing mechanism, and doesn't descend into the muzzle. Just something to try, that worked for me. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". If you are too lazy finding your nail gun’s user manuals, we just came up with some common problems and possible solutions for your nailer. My brad nailer does not fire nails, the gauge on the air compressor goes up to 85 psi but the gauge for the nail gun stays at 0, I cannot find any leaks either. Electromagnetic models generate an electromagnetic field that feeds a solenoid to help fire a piston when charged. 5 Reasons Why a Nailgun is Better than a... 5 Reasons Why a Nailgun is Better than a Framing Hammer. Receive news updates via email from this site. old batteries will not hold as good of a charge, Best Nail Gun For Trim: It’s All in the Details, Best Roofing Nailers: Specialized Tools You Can Count On, Nail Gun Problems: Troubleshooting Your Tool, Best Brad Nailer: How to Choose the Best Brad Nail Gun for Your DIY Projects, Best Floor Nailer: Secure Your New Floor with Ease, Best Pneumatic Framing Nail Guns – Top Choices To Consider, Best Air Compressor for Nail Guns: Portable, Working Power. You also can ‘unseat’ an o-ring or valve, and will need to readjust it. Look first at the gauge, and see whether this has fallen below its usual strength. Pneumatic models are a very powerful choice and use pressured air to create a compressing force. So arising some problems from a nail gun is usual. If the air is leaking from the trigger area, there is a high chance that the trigger valve is damaged. For a magazine that won’t close, check the spring and latch mechanisms. This little device is the power source for the gun, and is the place where the air for your nail gun comes from. You should consider tightening the air pressure, and seeing if this produces a good fire. And piston blade is available in the market for almost every modeled nailer. To conclude, a nail gun is a tool that we use daily, so arising issues with a power tool is common. It offers steps for troubleshooting each symptom and guidelines for repair. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. I don’t want to waste 4-5 nails off every strip. Because a nail gun is a simple design, generally discovering what the culprit is can be fairly quickly diagnosed with a little bit of prior knowledge of how the gun works. 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