Legs – One leg including thigh or both drumsticks removed, Skin – Not more than 1/2 of the area of the breast may be removed, Back Portion – Aggregate length of 6 mm, Elsewhere (< 5.5kg): Continuous air chilling system for whole poultry. The poultry container standard includes specifications for materials, styles, ventilation, closure and compression performance and represents the minimum manufacturing specifications for packing graded, dressed and eviscerated poultry which is fresh, frozen or deep chilled. It consists of selecting randomly from the lot, a designated number of units of product required to make up the sample size. Other descriptive terms considered misleading such as best, freshest, premium brand when used without a company name, etc. Flashcards. The words "keep frozen" or "keep refrigerated" as the case may be. Weighing of the ready-to-sell birds (whole bird or portions) is done manually or by automated weighing equipment connected to a computer network. While a few studies have reported slightly lower drip loss (Jeong et al., 2011b; Bowker et al., 2014b; Zhuang et al., 2013) and cook loss (Zhuang et al., 2013; Huezo et al., 2007a, 2007b) in broiler breast meat from air-chilled carcasses, other studies have not observed a difference in WHC attributes between air- and immersion-chilled carcasses (Jeong et al., 2011a; Zhuang et al., 2008; Permulla et al., 2011). The common name and the grade name must be positioned on the bag so that this marking appears in the centre of the breast of the carcass when the poultry is packaged. Exposed flesh on back less than 1 1/2 inches. CDE, A new application form should be completed before the beginning of each fiscal year. After studying the training module, the trainee continues the training in practicing the acquired knowledge. The Food and Drug Regulations require that storage instructions be applied, "Keep Refrigerated" and "Garder réfrigéré" or "Keep Frozen / Garder congelé", as the case may be. Source: USDA (2011). The accreditation of the industry grading personnel is carried out by the industry poultry grading trainer, previously accredited, in evaluating a number of carcass samples that include a variety of grading defects. A section on the back of the carcass has less than 1/3 of the flesh exposed, but greater than 1" along with one disjointed wing, one protruding broken bone, and a small portion of the tail missing. Collections: Poultry Judging, Learn. Veterinarian in Charge of establishment audited; Operator of the establishment been audited. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. The following poultry grading evaluation plan is to be used for Area Audits. �"Īi������cwCM�U��}�|�>z�r�z��(���2[�����\�ј}4�I .��E�?�O�6�E�Ŝ�b ƆDG��8_g�.��Y��"�B�zϸ�U^l�|U0Y�E5���?�/�^BSq4��Y�����!�GS�����A��x\�P�$�_Y�3Q�(d�y~�2O�0)�f[�$���P����ɸ�S���qu�m���Ι��^b��e�X�t�헒�۾��t�x�Aq�>��=jRݐ���Ad�h���WG��%�b,�� ��h(U���!����`��)v�����j��p�7 G�����7u��'{J�����ɟ�I���#�s&�.�;�a*�q���'�O��k�3U��p����Y�:j�r��X�b�=Zi�=x�-���4h�n՘S�)�M#nNԿ�� ��-��1��QwA�n�O9RB��������&y�aè���S�[�&�(���1�b� Look no further than this handbook developed for the Poultry Judging CDE. Learn. judging, Example: Packaged on   Empaqueté le (81 AL 19). After discussions with the operator during the on-site audit, a copy of the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is to be sent to the Area Poultry Grading Specialist. Terms in this set (20) Grade A. �tq�X)I)B>==���� �ȉ��9. Lact. Ready-to-cook poultry carcasses and parts, and certain poultry products, may be graded for quality according to official standards and grades. After a few freezes and thaws, they can be less than ideal to study from. A computerized system can also be employed to automatically print labels on individual/bulk packages. The industry trainers in the accreditation process that failed the evaluation will review the poultry grading criteria before rescheduling another accreditation evaluation. It allows operators to market graded poultry identified in accordance with the grade names and requirements established by the Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations.


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