Scrub the pan clean in warm soapy water, being careful to remove all the "anti-rust coating", and dry very thoroughly. I'm not particularly stressed, but I have screwed it up a couple of times already so I wanted to get it right this time. I've said multiple times - even in my original post, and in replies to you - that I have followed both De Buyer's and Sheryl Canter's techniques, both of which use thin films of oil, and I've explained that I understand why this is important and even that I have some understanding of the chemistry involved. I must have put 10 coats on that thing and it was just getting to darker brown before I gave it to him. Similar to the cast-iron but with a few key differences, the carbon steel is a seriously undervalued tool. Here is a thread with two pictures of the same pan taken at the same time with different lighting: You can see that the lighting is what's making it look black. De Buyer Mineral B Round Carbon Steel Steak Fry Pan. It doesn't work like that. But my gut reaction would be to go a bit less extreme on the temperature. I was following De Buyer's instructions to the letter in those instances. Lost many hours to soaking in oven cleaner and polishing back to bright, clean metal with wire wool. I was using flaxseed oil by this point, and ended up with a sticky dark brown/black covering which wasn't very non-stick (I'm not expecting teflon, but this was as bad as enamelled iron or raw steel) and fell off all over the next day's dinner. That’s why carbon-steel pans are less weighty than cast-iron pans but perform very similarly. On the other hand, once your pan is well seasoned (it has an even, black coating), you could get away with cooking acidic food if you don’t cook it for very long. Read the Removing black marks from carbon steel knife discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Carbon Steel food community. When you’re shopping for carbon-steel pans, you’ll see references to “blue steel” and “black steel” pans. So, for various reasons I bought carbon steel rather than cast iron. I'm not an idiot, I can follow instructions and have been doing so. Cookware. Luckily it's also easily fixed. As soon as you start cooking with your pan, you'll get patches of different colors without affecting performance. You will have it black within a month of continuous use. Let pan cool : Set your pan somewhere safe, where you won’t bump into it, and let it cool completely. Buy on Sur La Table. Three layers and I was able to effortlessly cook an egg over-easy. You complain that you ruined another steak and when I give you perfectly reasonable advice it is dismissed and followed up with more inconsolable whining about your pan's screwed up seasoning. Seasoning a carbon steel pan is easy to do. First attempt at seasoning I screwed up. Anyone got any ideas what might be going on, if it's a problem or if so, how I could fix it? I've done eight coats now and the pan looks like this: - I've seen videos online where people have got lovely satin black seasoning onto steel using similar numbers of coats. Remove from heat. I'm very much looking forward to it. Heat the Pan. Just to be clear, when I say 'days', I mean it's been a couple of days of "warm up, bake for an hour, leave to cool for two" a few times a day - it's just a matter of the process taking up a few days because I have to go out, sleep and so on inbetween coats. The default seasoning instructions from De Buyer is simply heat some oil until it smokes, dump oil, cook, repeat cooking. I'd heard the Mineral B's weren't much better considering how much more they cost, and weight is a bit of an issue for me too. Heat the pan until a drop of water evaporates the moment it hits the interior surface. Well, judging by the picture you posted and your use of words like "flaking" and "sticky", I can say that you're most likely using too much oil. How to Season a Black Iron / Carbon Steel Pan 1. If maintained, heavy carbon steel should last pretty much forever. Wipe the oil in then pretty much wipe it all out as best you can then wipe again while the pan is smoking hot to prevent thick spots. Buy: Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan, $54. But with cast iron, I believe there are some good rules to follow, but the best thing is... just use it. If you don't want to help - and that's fine, I'm not expecting anyone to go out of their way just for me, although I do appreciate people taking the time when they do - perhaps just shut up and stop making your sub look like it's full of cunts. Don't think of it like some level of homemade Teflon perfection that once achieved will give you permanent non-stick. Meet: The carbon steel pan. Same for the second attempt. I also didn't go nuts and do eleven layers. Life's too short to stress over this. For example, it’s possible to make General Tso’s Chicken in a well-seasoned 12” carbon steel fry pan even though the dish contains vinegar, because the sauce will only stay a few minutes in the pan. The end. Care for your pans in a reasonable manner. Best Budget: BK 10-Inch Black Steel Skillet. They will become very dark brown and eventually almost black all on their own over the course of many months or years. Amazon . Stop. 500F seems a bit high to me, but I don't muck about with carbon steel pans, so I don't really have any specific tricks for the OP. Seasoning in the oven over days is insanity. The first attempt I made to season flaked off all over my dinner and was less non-stick than bare steel. And my pan is not black, it's a pretty dark brown color. Is this their Mineral B pan or a Cabone Plus Pans? But with cast iron, I believe there are some good rules to follow, but the best thing is... just use it. My first two attempts flaked off all over my food even at moderate temperatures and it wasn't nice. Trust me, a good, black patina comes from actual cooking. This pan from De Buyer is a bit different from … Coat all internal surfaces of the pan with vegetable oil, (I used a big wad of kitchen paper for ease), and pour a layer of oil to a depth of about half a centimetre in the bottom of the pan. I don't think I or anyone else can help you. $65. But, carbon steel pans are going to look like pretty grotty anyway. Remove from heat: Remove pan from heat and wipe away excess oil with paper towel. And the second.


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