Crush the ground dill to release some of the flavor. Make more pickles. The flavors are surprisingly simpatico, which explains why you'll find the pickleback offered at many hipster and non-hipster drinking establishments. Elevate ho-hum hummus to something more punchy with a few dashes of the stuff. But I don't know of anything that really tastes like dill. Then sprinkle those lentils over a garden salad for a wonderful change of flavor. Dill is easy to grow and often available in stores. Pickle juice also makes for an excellent meat tenderizing marinade, and it goes well with cheese (grilled, pimiento, mac and, etc.) We call this "Jewish Deli Bread," since the dough is fortified with a little bit of pickle juice. Credit: PHOTO BY tanya_emsh VIA GETTY IMAGES. Pickle Pops are all the rage in the grocery store and as a DIY project on your own! Dill pickle recipes start with a brine solution of water, vinegar and salt. This post may contain affiliate links. There may be an occasion when fresh dill is out of season, hard to find in your local market or was mistakenly left off of your grocery list. Perfect for potato, coleslaw, macaroni, chicken or tuna salads. If store-bought barbecue sauce doesn't do it for you, liven it up by adding pickle juice to taste by the tablespoonful. Restaurant recommendations you trust. Try boiling them in some pickle juice! Save the brine for later, simply freeze in freezer-safe containers to save for a time when you might need it for one of the suggestions above. Pucker up your Bloody Mary's. A note: When using pickle brine to make any pickled vegetable, do not water ban can it or store it on your shelf. Best Maid sells pickles too, just in case you actually want to eat a pickle, instead of just drinking the juice. Because like the song says, pickle juice is yummy. Try Alton Brown's Bloody Mary mix. Here are our favorite 15 ways to use the salty brine: Just re-use it! As if your meatloaf recipe didn't have enough condiments in it already, throw some pickle juice into the mix. Learn to use pickle juice and make even more fabulous food for yourself and your family! But don't put the other stuff in - just pickles . Use it in place of vinegar in gazpacho (or anything, really). Many swear by it in our oft-talked about threads in my Dehydrating Tips & Tricks group when people ask what to do with leftover pickle juice after dehydrating pickles. Just drop some cucumber spears or sliced cucumbers into your pickle juice (make sure they are completely covered by juice), seal with an airtight lid, and stick into your fridge for a week or so. Try grinding it in a mortar and pestle or simply the palms of your hands. Make sure your eggs are completely covered in juice. Add brine and then taste to get to the mixture that suits you. Many recipes call for a certain number of dill "sprigs" or a "head" of dill. Mix pickle brine with some mayonnaise, sour cream or full-fat Greek yogurt. There are a ton of ways you can use pickle juice, from straight up drinking (really) to more adventurous applications. Dill weed has a strong, tangy taste that complements the preserved cucumbers. An easy and flavorful way to poach fish? Also, try pickling in a sweet pickle brine for a sweet & salty version. Although our family swears by a teaspoon or two of sugar to help the diaphragm settle down, others say that pickle juice helps relieve them, too! Jalapenos would make a great sweet & spicy pickled veg! The worst part about having pickles in your fridge (store-bought or homemade) is eating the very last one. Pickle juice can be substituted for vinegar in just about any type of dish, including salad dressings or homemade mayonnaise, and Taste of Home also recommends using it to freshen up deli salads such as tuna, potato, or egg salad. I've spent the last twenty years learning how to stretch our budget to meet the needs of our growing family. For dill seed, maybe celery seed or caraway. However, if it works for you - use it! Add the crushed dry dill weed in place of the fresh dill to your favorite pickle recipe. Her work recently appeared in "The Goldendale Tourism and Economic Development Magazine" and "Sail the Gorge!" (We sense a business venture coming on.). Add a few pinches of dried dill seed to boost the flavor, if desired. Make a "pickleback," essentially a shot of pickle brine designed to follow a shot of (usually) not-so top shelf whiskey.


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