Step 8 We run through our seven picks – plus a few extras – for the best books in 2020. Really this is down to the user, but at the end of the day, the consensus is that Tusq sustains longer, has more volume, and has an overall more brilliant sound. Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus, Thinline and Short Scale Review, The Ultimate Guide To 7-String Guitar Tuning. You can buy bone and Graphtec nut blanks from Allparts UK. The clearance should be .004" under the first string graduating to .008" under the sixth string. It’s also the right amount of tough and it won’t wear out prematurely from tuning and doing tremolo dive bombs. Many late-’60s Gibsons had a narrow string spread. I simply compare my numbers to the Gibson string spread measurements on this slotted nuts page, and determine which is the closest. To use it, just hold the printout up to your guitar: Time to see how well secured this old nut is… Use a thin chisel to drive out the old nut. (For details on how to lower string action at the nut check out Trade Secrets #63.). For one, it’s harder to get distracted with a book. Many luthiers say they will be slotting a nut and then run into a soft spot in the material that will means you can’t always get to the exact depth you want, and the slot might naturally deepen over time. Over the years I’ve owned dozens of guitars and who knows how many pedals, playing everything from punk to polka. In this photo, I’m sanding against a fence to keep everything on the square. So far so good!To lower the slots for proper playing action, I like to use files. Visit our corporate site. We offer bone, horn and ancient ivory guitar nut blanks. Tusq nuts have gone on to become standard in high quality guitars from manufacturers such as Taylor, Gibson and Tacoma.Watch this video on YouTube. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. Drop a plastic nut and you’ll hear just about nothing. Click here to get this sizing page.. Traditionally, Martin nuts have had an angled bottom like the nut we include in StewMac guitar kits. String up your guitar with your desired gauge of string. This is tricky business that can even result in breaking off the end of the fretboard. While bone has long been the favoured material for nut upgrades, more and more people are opting to go for Tusq. Our 6001-VS nut is the one that fits it. It’ll take a bit longer, but the results will still be great. Now that we’ve gone over everything, let’s have a quick recap.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'killerguitarrigs_com-box-4','ezslot_4',148,'0','0'])); If it were me, I would pick Tusq every time. In this photo, I’m sanding against a fence to keep everything on the square. Your truss rod must also be set correctly before the next step. In most cases, Fenders made in the US and Mexico have nut slots with curved bottoms. They will also be different from blank to blank, and you’ll need to try several to find the best one. •   No matter how many orders you place. Most guitars have a plastic nut. Here’s the roughed-in nut. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Step 2 Very clever! Installing bone nuts has never been easier. This plays out in several ways – they can have uneven sustain through the nut (so different strings ring in different ways), and they also will have soft spots within the material. Fender offers a few different radii and bottom shapes. Vintage and reissue models are typically 7.25", while the American Standards are 9.5". Now that we have the proper playing action, it's time to mark the ends for trimming, using a sharp pencil. Tune it too as this presents the right tension for the neck. BA1 1UA. One thing to bear in mind when discussing the tonal differences of a nut is that it only applies to open strings. They don't cut as fast as saws, so there's less chance of error. This is tricky business that can even result in breaking off the end of the fretboard. I like it when players learn to work on their own guitars, but know your limits! On our main page you will see categories for large oversize blanks as well as for "Ready Blanks" which are close to finish size with the proper radius crown and beveled string run. To find the nut for your Martin style guitar, measure your string spread and match it as we did with the Gibson nut. This dreadnought needed a 6024-VS nut, with its narrower string spread and angled bottom. Installing these nuts takes only a little handwork and minimal tools, and many players are doing this mod for themselves. Unless it's vintage, you can't positively tell the bottom shape of a Fender slot without removing the nut. I could go crazy polishing it like a piece of jewelry, but this is going on a worn old guitar and I'll just give it a light shine with green and black polishing papers and call it good. I’m using a 6" ruler that reads 64ths of an inch. Erase the previous paper’s scratch marks, all the way up to 200 grit. Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. Remember, having the right tools isn’t everything: they still require skilful use. We’ve not yet found a pre-made nut that’s ready to fit with no adjustment. For Martin guitars, we offer four slotted bone nuts to cover different string spreads and bottom shapes. I took a class with Dan Erlewine years ago and the first thing he said when cutting nuts is “first you gotta pick the blank”. All rights reserved. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? This is the site where I share everything I’ve learned. "Does this bone nut fit my guitar?" Download and print the nut sizing page to see what fits. A bone nut will produce something of a ring, while Tusq has a pronounced ring, almost musical on it’s own. When upgrading a guitar, the nut is often the first place people look, particularly when attempting to improve tuning stability. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. That’s essential to getting a proper fit. Installing bone nuts has never been easier. Tusq on the other hand is a synthetic material, and as such will be consistent not only within the nut, but from one to the other. And I've used that same nut for Epiphones by taking off a little thickness. This will serve as a starting point for our strings. Alhambra bone nut. To help prevent unwanted chips, I'm using a center punch to contact the nut while giving it an upward tap with a fretting hammer. OK, let’s install a nut on this ’67 Gibson (Total Guitar) 31 January 2019, Learn how to make your own with our DIY guide. Created by Dave Dunwoodie of Graphtech in the 80s, Tusq is a synthetic material (a high-quality polymer) that attempts to not only emulate but improve on bone and ivory for not only nuts in guitars but also saddles, and bridge pins. I'm cleaning the bottom of the nut slot with a nut seating file. Use a brand new Stanley blade. I typically use shaping files, but if you're doing just one nut you can get by fine with 320-grit sandpaper. Everybody's Asking: Install the sixth and first strings only and eyeball their placement; you can play with a wider string spacing. You will receive a verification email shortly. You could also buy your own set of understring radius gauges for this; they’d be useful any time you’re setting up an instrument.


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