0 in stock Black palm $ 40.00 $ 25.00 … Orders are filled using random sizes in the above … The lumber … Black Palm 4/4 Lumber/bf price. Black Palm Wood Blanks. Black palm , exotic woods . Buy Quality Guaranteed Black Palm Thin Stock Lumber Boards Wood Crafts With Free Shipping. The carpenters and wood workers extensively use dimensional lumber in framing wooden buildings. If we do not list a size that is common to your specific woodworking industry, please contact us. Sale! BLACK PALM LUMBER (S2S) CLICK HERE: FOR OUR LUMBER PAGEBP-Bd-115 1" x 3.8" x 36" 5 lbs. Showing all 2 results. 0 in stock $----BP-Bd-116 1" x 3.6" x 48" 6 lbs. Great for wood turning or furniture. Exotic Lumber; Burl’s; Live Edge Slabs; Tone Woods; Turning Woods; Bowl Blanks; Knife Handles; Pen Blanks; Black palm. Three dimensional lumber is lumber that is cut to standardized height, width and depth, specified in inches. Note: Surface condition of wood … 4/4 (1 inch thick) lumber available: lengths of 36-72 inches and widths 3-6 inches. 0 in stock $----BP-Bd-130 1" x 3.7" x 59" 8 lbs. Exotic Wood Blanks: Below you will find stock sizes of Black Palm exotic wood blanks.


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