You can get it in single sheets or in pads of 20. Drawings will be clear on the smooth finish. ", Note: Because quite a few of my picks below are Strathmore papers, I want to clarify that Strathmore is not sponsoring this article. Bee Paper is for the colored pencil artists who also dabbles in other forms of creation. And when you're done, you just slice off the top sheet to reveal the untouched one below. But have no fear, because I’m here to help you out! watercolor vs. drawing vs. printmaking) because they will all work well with colored pencils to some degree. We do not sell your information or use it for any other purpose than to email you our quarterly Artist Newsletter. Spinning is one of the most popular ways to get fit and lose weight. With this, we come to the real deal – the actual sketching pads which are directly aimed towards colored pencils and shading pencils. As is the case with other art supplies, the best colored pencil paper for you comes down to personal preference, which is why I don’t simply say “Buy this one!” Your choice hinges on your budget, art style, and skill level. The problem with this method is that different paper types are not produced in the same dimensions. For more arts & craft supplies Ram Research have reviewed the following: An option for every artist out there. 13 Best Sharpener For Colored Pencils Reviewed. It can be found at an affordable price, and the quality of the paper never disappoints. Drawings will be clear on the smooth finish. For example, most of the drawings I created in high school were done on cheap drawing paper, and now over 2 decades later, the paper is fragile and yellow, which has altered the colors in the artwork. Despite the name, it is not fully rigid like an illustration board, but can still be quite stiff depending on the ply count. Thus, it makes a lot of sense for students who are just starting out with colored pencils or want more practice to get this pad. Watercolors can be used on the paper, and it has multiple erasures without having the paper stretch. For this article we’re going to simplify things by focusing only on paper, which is by far the most popular choice amongst colored pencil artists. }, The pages are also perforated, and it comes in a spiral binding which should give you an exceptional finish. 11 Best Adult Coloring Books That Will Color Your Mood. If you'd like to experiment with colored paper, the highest quality choice is the Legion Stonehenge discussed above. Erase, paint, sketch and blend with these pencils. The paper itself has long, strong jute fibers which are an ideal artist’s surface. They will perform effectively if you choose a good paper to create the next stunning artwork. What one product describes as cold-press, may be more like hot-press for another. Another great thing is that the paper is 100% recycled. If you buy cheap paper, it might be frustrating to use because it’ll be easily damaged by rough techniques (like burnishing and erasing) and will warp or buckle if you use wet media. It is 9” x 12” in size, which is perfect for sketching, doodling, etc. Canson XL Series paper is great for multimedia artists because of its weight and versatility. This product is manufactured in United States, Product belongs to Arts, Crafts and Sewing. It comes in wirebound sketchbook format and has a fine tooth surface for drawing. Strathmore Mixed Media paper is made with a vellum drawing finish that works well for colored pencils and other dry media. The answer depends on whether I’m using markers, gel pens or colored pencils. One popular paper product that I haven’t yet discussed is colored paper (sometimes called toned or tinted paper). Look for watercolor paper or mixed-media paper, both of which are manufactured to be heavier, and treated with “sizing” to slow down absorption. It is made using a cylinder mold, which results in long fibers for a sheet of paper that is resilient and beautiful. Best Value Bristol Paper: Strathmore 300 Series BristolStrathmore 300 Series Bristol has become a top favorite among colored pencil artists because of its high quality at a reasonable price point. Light and Dark aspects can be easily judged on a toned paper. Finding the best paper for colored pencils can be tricky because there are so many paper products on the market!


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