Similar to other tools, you can also add articles to your saved folder where you can find them again when you need them. Flipboard is a digital distribution platform for original content built for web and mobile. The free content curation tool curates high-quality content that is recommended and verified by the pros. The tool lets you find errors on an entire website all at once. Install our social media share buttons today. Made with ❤ by Social Animals. Finding website errors. Animoto is a cloud-based video creation service that produces a video from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows. This is where many marketers face challenges. Flipboard is one of the most popular content curation tools for professionals who want to become authority voices and thought leaders. Navigation Summary – This lets you see how a visitor got to your page and what do they do or where do they go after visiting a given page. Feedly is a content marketing tool that allows users to gather, collate, organize and use web content into a cohesive experience. Just what you need if you want to be able to take things to the next level. Why Should You Curate? The content is curated by other users on the platform and offers additional topics based on the content being shared in that topic. SpyFu is an SEO tool that lets you look into your competitor’s keyword research campaign including the PPC estimates and the keywords they use and buy. You can also even curate content based on industries. Social Animal is a content research tool that also facilitates curation and helps you create working content marketing and Facebook strategies. Lets you connect with over 35 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Not only for content curation but also for identifying influencers and those that have shared a specific piece of content. If you want to share interesting tidbits with your followers and target audience, then Freedly is one of the best tools to make it happen. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can quickly refine the content that the platforms aggregate by adjusting the input fields in your search, and you’ll then be able to home in on relevant content that relates to the specific area you want to read about. The tool offers a free trial for 14 days. Keyword density(KD) is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. Monitor their link growth by looking at the links they get every month. 1. The Best 10 Content Curation Tools in 2019. With luck, your content may even show up on the “recommended section” under NBC News, Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, EuroSport, and more. You can then leisurely peruse it at your own pace even if you are offline. The updated Ubersuggest (after Neil Patel acquired it) pulls in keyword data from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest—and the result is a vastly improved keyword research tool. Try Wordable for free. ProWritingAid is an online writing assistant that helps you check grammar and offers you editing advice. Now, you have an organized board filled with pinned content that you can readily share. 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custom feeds and the provided news and blog database, Setup custom workflows to push content to other platforms, A keyword-based search interface with custom filtering, AI-generated captions for social media posts, A multi-channel composer to create new posts with integrated content, Collaboration tools such as a content planner and calendar, Create a fully automated, multi-social site stream, Utilizes advanced technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) to analyze articles, Advanced filtering capability available in up to 25 languages, The content search function uses machine learning to adapt to your preferences, Easy and intuitive workflow for reviewing hundreds of articles within 20 minutes per day, Customize templates, schedules, and publishing rules, An optimized publishing layout with custom images, In-depth analytics to monitor each publication, Manage sponsorships directly within the platform, Customize posts with images, hashtags, and emojis, A Chrome extension available to schedule posts and discover content, Track engagement with analytics for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Receive keyword alerts for the latest news on relevant topics, A clean and minimalist reading experience, Create shared feeds for distributing content among colleagues, Source content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more, Multiple display options for website content including a carousel view and social wall view, Built-in analytical tools for measuring success, Customize video titles, descriptions, links, and colors, Create custom playlists with auto-play enabled, Automatically tag and organize articles based on your preferences, A full RSS archive of your entire content feed, Apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Machine learning controlled by simple up or down votes on articles, Quickly choose articles for publication with a single click, Integrated AI classification for removing irrelevant or low-quality content, Automated custom actions based on defined Trigger(s) and Action(s), Drag-to-Compare option for comparing charts and data from various sources, Share dashboards among team members to view real-time analytics, Share your fresh content directly to social networks, Create an online newspaper for your website, Easily populate a newsletter with collected content, Share your pearltree directly on Twitter, Facebook, or your website, Offline mode for viewing your saved collection anywhere, Save content from any publication page or app, Offline mode for access to content on any device, Receive smart tag suggestions each time you save a story, A 5-star rating system for predicting post popularity before posting, An automated content recommendation engine, Organize social feeds into collection streams, A centralized content monitoring dashboard, Easily connect to hundreds of thousands of sources, Publish content into almost any CMS, email system, or social feed, Over 500 interest categories to choose from, Integrates with major scheduling tools including Buffer and Hootsuite, Choose between manual and automatic content scheduling, Create email newsletters for Mailchimp and other platforms, Develop private, curated content hubs for team use, An AI-powered searchable insight platform, Auto-generated tags to help uncover trends in the content, Industry-leading security features and protocols, Complete setup assistance including branding and team management, Integration with custom analytics software systems, Comprehensive API for creating custom workflows, Curation for any keyword sorted by popularity, An influencer search algorithm based on keywords, Post blog posts from WordPress to social media, Assign hashtags to your posts from within Social Pilot, Content sourcing, licensing and production, Interactive displays for broadcast, live streams, web, and mobile, and venue screens, Design and produce stories with easy-to-use production tools, Powerful search for social media content across rich sources in real-time, 20,000+ members across thousands of Tribes, Replace spreadsheets and emails with built-in collaboration tools, Create visually appealing online newspapers, View curated newspapers featuring major topics, Find, curate, and share niche content automatically, Create interactive 360-degree video clips ideal for education, ThingLink mobile app for sharing notes and observations, Detailed statistics for assessing audience engagement, Integrated rights management tools for easy sharing, Machine learning to analyze images for greater audience insights, Add stoppable call to actions to UGC to increase purchase conversions, Identify key influencers within your niche, Easily join or create a tribe at any time, Over 60,000+ active tribes on the platform, Proprietary crawler for finding new content from trusted sources, Streamline collaboration with a single workflow, Numerous integrations for sharing content across major platforms, Creates a single system for managing all content, Over 100+ integrations for connecting with popular tools, Curate collection for sharing with various audiences, Connect, sync and automate with the Zemanta API, Campaign management automation including CPC bids, Access to over 35 social, native, and mobile content discovery networks, Receive custom content selections based on your needs, A micro-learning experience on mobile apps, Highly automated system with AI and machine learning, Reach over 145 million viewers on the platform, A Reader Enhanced Display (RED) Bolt Program for a better reading experience, Easy to use tools for gaining followers and increasing distribution, Save nearly any online content for later viewing, Offline mode for accessing the content at any time, Comment, share, and re-post content from other member boards, Create private postboards for your own viewing, Export post links and descriptions to Excel, A Chrome browser extension for capturing list items while browsing, Receive suggested list items from your audience, The Medium Partner Program allows publishers to earn money for posts, An editorial team curates high-quality content for distribution to readers, An ad-free reading experience across all devices, Save ideas from any website with a browser plug-in, A Pinterest API available for 3rd-party development, Short summaries built-in to each article for quick reading, A free Pipeball game is included within the app, Automatically highlights saved links during Google searches, Smart lists automatically recycle saved stories, Contains over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, A Creator’s Hub to help users build great content, SlideShare API available for non-commercial use, Receive automatic topic suggestions related to search terms, Schedule your curated content with SocialPilot, Link to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Create custom links to share lists with others, Easily create, edit, or delete lists from the Twitter menu, Embed playlists as video feeds onto any website, View other users video feeds to discover new video content.


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