Find out which products we highly recommend getting. BroadReview is a participant of various Affiliate Marketing Programs (Amazon) which provide means for it to earn advertising fees by linking to the products. It is more capable of cutting through thick metals. Consult expert sources. You can get all the nozzles and other accessories you need in the kit. from $149.00, 1 new It can be used for both light and general fabrication. While we endeavor to provide accurate information, we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies. The torch body fitted well in their hands. It is made from heavy-duty materials, so you can definitely rely on it for a long time. The set is compatible with Victor cutting and welding nozzles. Rated as medium to heavy duty, the cutting attachment is rated for 5/8” and the welding for up to 1/8”. You should carefully check out your options and use the following buying tips: The rating will tell you the thickness of the metals it can cut. Our collection of cutting torch … Which one you should get will depend on the kinds of metals you are working with. It will tell you a lot of its capabilities. If it has a high rating, it can be more capable of cutting through thicker metals. Here are some of the best ones in the market. It is packed in a molded plastic case for easy storage and portability. from $41.99, 1 new If it does need tools, find out what kind of tool it uses to replace the tips. Taking into account the safety issues when working with volatile substances, the quality of the product should be a major consideration. Afterall there is only about a 100 different brands all claiming they are “heavy duty” right? The kit also comes with soft-sided goggles. All of the welding nozzles have swaged tips and even individual spiral mixers. from $7.95, 2 new We may earn commission on sales through our links at no extra cost to you. Ameriflame T100 Medium Duty Portable Welding/Brazing Outfit with Plastic Carrying Stand, ESAB Victor Technologies 0384-2045 Performer Medium Duty Cutting System, Acetylene Gas Service, ESS3-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator, ARKSEN Harris Type, Gas Welding & Cutting Torch w/ Hose, Professional Set with Case. Change the tips easily between jobs without the need for tools with the slip in tips. The torches are constructed of brass and stainless steel, and the gauges have polycarbonate lenses. If you frequently work with thicker metals, it might be better to get torches with a higher rating. Nothing looks cheap and are easy to damage. Working with gas can be dangerous and it is important to ensure that all safety concerns are considered. from $19.95, 2 new How many tips are included? Here are the cutting tools you should consider getting: STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit Victor Type, Thoroughbred GasPony 1 Portable Welding/Cutting Torch, ESAB Victor Technologies 0384-2691 Medalist 350 System Heavy Duty Cutting System, XtremepowerUS Harris Type Oxy Acetylene Welding Cutting Torch Kit, Everlast Welder Reviews: TIG, MIG & Stick Machines From This Trusted Brand, Best Miller Welder Reviews: See All Our Favorite Models. We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. It doesn’t have the best quality but for its price, it is actually a good choice. Oxygen Acetylene Weld Welding Cutting Torch Kit w/Gauges & goggles & hoses, 8MILELAKE Cutting Torch Oxy/Acetylene Welding Kit, Medium Duty Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting, Victor Style CA1350, Gas Welding & Cutting Kit Victor Type Acetylene Oxygen Torch Set Regulator, Gentec 463 Series Heavy-Duty Cutting Torch - Oxyacetylene, 21Inch, 70 Deg. No wonder a lot of people recommend this cutting torch. It even comes with safety goggles that can protect your eyes while you do some work. Torches that make use of oxy-fuel do more than just cut. We spend 76 hours on researching and comparing 19 of popular models to determine the Best Cutting Torch Brand 2020 you can buy. It has everything you need when it comes to welding as well as some DIY metal cutting at home or at your shop. It comes complete with everything someone new in welding and cutting will use.


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