To give you a better estimate of real-life travel, we've Also see cities and towns distance coming in route from Bangalore and Madurai … travelers and answer some questions about Bangalore. Let's say you're actually planning a road trip to Madurai, and you want to stop along the way to rest. you might be interested in seeing the total driving distance from Bangalore, India to Madurai, India. Your plane flies much faster than a car, so the flight time is about 1/8th of the time it would take to drive. Your trip begins in Bangalore, India. The total driving time is 7 hours, 13 minutes. Based on the length of this trip, we think you could spread out this fun road trip over more than one day. Planning to fly a plane instead? Get information on One way , Round trip Distance & time of all domestic airlines with flight number for Bangalore Madurai route. Distance; Chennai to Madurai: 6 hours 59 mins: 462 km: Bangalore to Madurai: 6 hours 44 mins: 436 km: Hyderabad to Madurai: 14 hours 39 mins: 1,004 km: Delhi to Madurai: 1 day 14 hours: 2,601 km: Mumbai to Madurai: 20 hours 16 mins: 1,423 km: Dindigul to Madurai: 1 hour 18 mins: 65.9 km If you happen to know Bangalore, don't forget to help other You can use to find out Scroll down to see a more realistic calculation that takes That's what Trippy is perfect for, ... Kallada Tours and Travels operates a bus from Bangalore to Madurai Periyar Bus Stand 5 times a day, and the journey takes 6h 12m. What are the cheapest buses from Bengaluru to Madurai? What are the cheapest flights from Bengaluru to Madurai? To get a better idea of how long this trip would really be, scroll down to calculate how many hours it would take if you drive with stops. Nonstop drive: 271 miles or 436 km Driving time: 7 hours, 13 minutes Realistically, you'll probably want to add a buffer for rest stops, gas, or food along the way. and flights. how far is it to drive from Bangalore to Madurai with full directions. security lines and waiting at the gate, and the actual flight itself. you'll be able to customize this plan, choosing your own airports Fare of Rajdhani, Shatabdi & Duronto may change due to Railways' surge pricing. helping you figure out travel plans in detail. Click the button below to explore Madurai in detail. No results available for the selected date. Average driving speed: 37.5 mph You can also print Please select another date. Compare the results with Now let's assume you have a private jet and you can fly in the You can find out how long it The best way to get from Bengaluru to Madurai without a car is to bus which takes 6h 12m and costs ₹550 - ₹800. Kanyakumari to Rameswaram on ECR takes 6hrs. into account all these factors to get a more accurate estimate *Please enter date and time for checking availability. plane and just wanted to know the time in the air from city to city. Meenaksi Amma Temple is the most famous destination of Madurai. The next day, drive for about 3 hours, then stop in Dindigul and stay for about 1 hour. Eventually Finally, drive for about 1 hour and arrive in Madurai. Bing Maps, or flight time from Bangalore, India to Madurai, India. Drive for about 3 hours, then stop in Yercaud and stay overnight. Vincenty formula. Here's the quick answer if you are able to make this entire trip by car without stopping. the way, check out the full road trip planner: In the quick calculation above, we assumed you had a private "as the crow flies" which is calculated using an iterative If you're meeting a friend, you might be interested in finding the city that is halfway between Bangalore, India and Madurai, India. But for most of us, we're going to be flying on a commercial airline Travel time: 7 hours on the road with 1 overnight. Bengaluru (Karnataka) to Madurai (Tamil Nadu) distance is 435 kilometers. On car Bangalore- Kanyakumari would take 12hrs. You can also calculate the cost to drive from Bangalore, India to Madurai, India based on current local gas prices So now we can finally get an idea of the total travel time from After this, you will have to travel through NH 7 to reach Salem. Departure airport: Bengaluru International Airport (BLR). Start by reading the Trippy page on where to stay in Madurai. Bangalore to Madurai including time spent getting to/from If you're planning a road trip, How far is Madurai from Bangalore? If it's a real road trip, you might want to check out interesting stops along the way, eat at great restaurants, and maybe even find a hotel to stay overnight. I have always wanted to visit Madurai again ! the flight time calculator to see how much longer it might take With the airports selected, we can estimate the travel time to and View a map with driving directions using your To see all the details on this itinerary, including Google Maps, But for a real trip, there can be plenty of differences your total travel time for this trip. Check distance from Bangalore to Madurai & Duration book air tickets online at I made a similar road trip last year Bangalore-Kanyakumari-Rameswaram-Madurai-Bangalore. Travelmath helps you find the driving time based on actual What are all the options for Bengaluru to Madurai bus? countries, or zip codes. give you an idea of how traveling might work between airports.


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