Another route through North Kerala is Bangalore – Mangalore – Kasargod – Kannur. Q. Link: Royapuram WAP7. Do not go to Coimbatore but stops at Podanur. It used to run up to Coimbatore long before it was extended to Ernakulam. Trains to Bangalore Palakkad can be considered for both. There are 7 ways to get from Bengaluru to Kerala by plane, bus, train or car. This is why most of them opt for Kerala group tour packages from Bangalore with price and spend their time dancing to the tunes of the light breeze on the mist laden mountains and shaking a foot to the music on large houseboats which can accommodate 10-20 people. (Five), Least number of trains depart Ernakulam on Tuesday and Saturday (Three). Book at least two weeks in advance. Prevent people from getting emancipated so that they can continue looting. If you want to travel intercity in this country, let us say, 500 kilometers overnight, you just cannot grab your backpack and head out. Out of these, three run daily, one is tri-weekly, two are bi-weeklies and four trains run once a week. Q. Q. It leaves 2.5 hours after 16315 and arrives half an hour before it! Fares are 30% less than regular express trains. In the entire city of Kochi, there are 13 railway stations. Route and Stoppages: Bangalore Cantonment, Carmelaram, Hosur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Sankaridurg, Erode, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Palakkad, Thrissur, Aluva. Trains to other important cities Link: ED WAP4. Route and Stoppages: Banaswadi, Carmelram, Hosur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Erode, Tiruppur, Podanur, Palakkad, Shoranur, Kuttipuram, Tirur, Kozhikode, Vadakara, Thalasserry. Runs Yeshwantpur – Banaswadi – Hosur – Dharmapuri – Salem – Kottayam – Kochuveli. ), Most number of trains depart Ernakulam on Fridays! Trains to Pune Sbccape Fest Spl cover a distance of 622 kms. Thiruvananthapuram has two major Railway Stations: Trivandrum Central (TVC) and Kochuveli (KCVL). You have to plan at least a couple of weeks in advance, in some cases a couple of months. Flights to Delhi (No sleeper or general coaches) Link: KJM WDM3A. Can I get the latest online information about train running status via NTES, from Bangalore to Kochi? Get the latest travel trends & deals! A. Route and Stoppages: Bangalore City, Kengeri, Mandya, Mysore, KR Nagara, Hole Narsipur, Sakleshpur, Subrahmanya Road, Kabakaputtur, Bantwala, Mangalore Jn, Mangalore Central, Kasaragod, Kanjangad, Payyannur. Composition (22607/8 in brackets): 01 (01) AC 2 tier, 02 (02) AC 3 tier, 13 (14) Sleepers, 02 (03) General Second, 02 (02) SLR. There are three trains to North Kerala from Bangalore, only one among them being practical. Bangalore To Hyderabad Train Facts: Average Duration is 11 hours required to reach Hyderabad from Bangalore. GoAir flights, Trains to Delhi Composition: 1 AC 2tier, 3 AC 3tier, 14 Sleepers, 3 General Second, 2 SLR = 23 Coaches! Book Bangalore to Thrissur (Kerala) Bus tickets online booking - use code BIGBUS and get upto 500 Rs OFF at For ease, I have divided it into two: South Kerala (Thrissur, Ernakulam, Idukki Kottayam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kollam, Trivandrum) and North Kerala (Kannur, Malappuram, Kozhikode). Trains to Kolkata The journey starts from Bangalore and ends at Kochi. Not to mentions the ordeal that is getting the tickets. Select: Very early morning arrival too. It departs from Bangalore at 20:00:00 and reaches Kochi at 07:35:00. Venad Express provides connection towards Kottayam and JanShatabdi to Trivandrum from Ernakulam. Runs Yeshwantpur – Bangalore City – Kengeri – Mysore – Hassan – Mangalore. Indigo flights Q. I am travelling to Kochi from Bangalore. The seating is comfortable enough though it might get crowded from Hosur to Coimbatore. If you want to take this train to Bangalore, usually one of the two General Second class it is. Kerala is oh, so full of wonders. You have to plan at least a couple of weeks in advance, in some cases a couple of months. How to get the latest online information about the same? 5. Routes and Timetables of New Tejas, Uday, Humsafar and Antyodaya Trains, Indian Railways Fare Hike Effective From June 25 2014, Where is My Train? How to Find Your Train’s Location, The Diesel and Electric Locomotive Story and Working, Indian Railway Locomotive Terminologies & Design, A Perfect Reflection on the Manimala River Waters, Brand new KSRTC Superfast bus on its First Run. Runs Yeshwantpur – Banaswadi – KR Puram – Bangarapet. Provide necessary details about it. 405. Tip: Pantry Car does not function. Jet Lite flights From Bangalore how many trains are there to Kochi each week? It has a half First AC coach. Book 7 N 8 D Splendor of the South covering Bangalore to Alleppey Kerala Itinerary. All It is very close to the originally visualised timetable of 22658 and at 14 hours is the fastest train between Bangalore and Trivandrum. Trains from Bangalore to Ahmedabad IndianRail 06:00 – 17:05 Yasvantpur Jn(YPR) – Ahmedabad Jn(ADI) 24.52 $ 35 h 5 min More IndianRail 18:00 – 07:55 Ksr Bengaluru(SBC) – Ahmedabad Jn(ADI) 36.36 $ 37 h 55 min More IndianRail 08:15 – 14:55 Krishnarajapurm(KJM) – Ahmedabad Jn(ADI) 23.18 $ 30 h 40 min More Runs Yeshwantpur – KR Puram (no stop) – Bangarapet – Ernakulam Town – Kottayam – Kochuveli. Read more about the Island Express here and here. There were widespread protests when its timings were proposed to be changed. kingfisher flights Trains to Chennai A. List of Railway Stations in India, Bus to Bangalore Of course, this is bound to happen with blatant regionalistic politics, mismanagement, corruption, crony capitalist lobbying etc., in a country where everything is run for the whims and fancies of the rich and powerful. Day train with only seating accommodation. Sure there are private vehicles but who wants risk their lives on the death traps that are Indian highways? While superpowers of the World have 5-grade interchanges, Bullet Trains and 10 lane highways, we have potholes, choked 2 lane “expressways” and Railways which runs God only knows how. Flights to Kolkata Running between Bangalore and Kochi which train is the slowest? 20 (22) Coaches. There are are three regular expresses, four Superfasts,  Between them, they run 31 services in total in each direction a week. Daily totally 7 trains are a survival from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Composition: 01 Ac 2 tier, 01 AC 3 tier, 06 Sleepers, 04 General Second Class, 02 SLR. If the journey starts from Bangalore and ends at Kochi, users can check about, A. 14 Coaches, pretty small train. Starts just before midnight on a Sunday from Bangalore to reach Kerala in the afternoon and Mangalore on Monday evening and passes at night through Kerala to reach Bangalore in the afternoon on a Tuesday while returning. This not-so useful train was initially a Bangalore – Kochuveli Weekly which was extended to UBL. 1. If anyone asks me a reason why India is not a developed country, I would say one of the reasons is the extreme difficulty people face for getting their behinds from A to B.


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