The patent notes that "the display may provide an image or video output for the watch body 100. share. We have been monitoring my BF's temperature with a thermometer. Apple Watch, its adapter, and Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable meet the standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment, IEC 60950-1:2005+A1:2009+A2:2013. Apple Watch Series 6 Cases, Clear Screen Protectors, Covers & Skins If the Apple Watch could do that, it would be pretty awesome. This thread is archived. The Apple Watch 6 (or Apple Watch Series 6 if you want to be all proper about it) is the latest watch from, well, Apple (if you don't count the Apple Watch SE, launched at the same time). Many of you are probably wondering if it’s the right time to buy the Apple Watch 6 or upgrade from a previous generation. The Apple Watch Series 6 is finally here and it’s the most advanced wearable that Apple has ever made. The Apple Watch Series 6 and the Fitbit Sense behave and act like smartwatches, but look under the hood and they are two of the most powerful consumer health monitors on the market. Take off your Apple Watch if it becomes uncomfortably warm. Is there a reliable app for the Apple Watch for body temperature? save hide report. 1 comment. We tried to answer those questions, so be sure to check the links below. Take special care if you have a physical condition that affects your ability to sense heat against the body. 45% Upvoted.


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