2020 (ONLY WORKS W/ TRD PRO GRILLE) / 4 LIGHTS / CLEAR WHITE, Good customer service and the lights look OEM, Works with all 2014-2019 4Runners, and 2020 models with the TRD Pro Grille, Complete kit! Step by step installation video below. Ran it to the under hood IJN. Every necessary part included, 4 Light versions easily snap into the grille, no drilling or gluing, 3 Light versions are easily fastened to the grille using an included backplate. Hey Christine, please reach out to us at sales@overlanddepot.com and we can take care of getting the defective light replaced! Any … I'm just curious how you got the lid to close completely with the add a fuse plugged into the INJ location. But he did not do what running for tacos did.i believe he said he has to run the wire differently. Overall I love the look of the front end. For non TRD Pro Grille put 2 lights on each side of the Toyota logo. I prefer the low profile look of the 4 light set-up and the smoked … Can you link me to the video please. I’m going to do on the video from running for tacos did with removing the bolt at the fuse box. 99. It's your rig. either one should work for the raptor lights. Also the installation is a bit wonky. Archived. BTW, I have had Raptor lights ..... on my '10 Raptor. I have both the raptor lights and the TRD Pro grill from cartrimhome. Can be purchased at a discount in a package deal with our TRD Pro grille here. 2020: For 2020 models, these lights work only with the TRD Pro 4Runner exclusively. Thanks. 0. Very simple to install. I have mine plugged into the fuse box in the cabin interior, I ran the line through the fire wall. Click here) These LED Grille lights for the 5th gen Toyota 4Runner make it easy to add the popular Raptor Lights mod to your truck with the TRD PRO or TRD PRO style grille. Used the method of running the wire up through the bottom side by loosing the bolt. Original Amber: Amber lens with an amber light, Smoked Amber: Smoked lens with an amber light, Smoked White: Smoked lens with a white light, Clear White: Clear lens with a white light. Last edited: Oct 23, 2020. a47chuck, Oct 23, 2020 #18. Has anyone with a 2020 installed these yet? I had to use the fuse box under the hood. The smoked clear amber led’s are not as amber as I would of liked. A+ The lights fit perfectly into the grill and look like they came with the truck. Works with TRD Pro Grille and non-TRD Pro Grille. Installation is easy and takes about 15 minutes. Overall my experience was great. Your input is very much appreciated. Do what ya want with it and above all, have fun. Forget the exact video but it’s under runnin for tacos YouTube site. Seven Sparta 4 PCS Led Amber Lights with Fuse and Instruction for 2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Grille, Including SR5, TRD off-road, Limited, TRO Pro (Amber) 4.6 out of 5 stars 254. Raptor Lights 2020 4Runner. Posted by 6 months ago. New Products. 2020 TRDP.. just bought some nice lights on amazon and followed one of the millions of DIY videos on youtube. I did the same thing. Our Raptor Lights DO NOT work with any other 2020 model. Installation is easy and takes about 15 minutes. Search for raptor or grille lights on his channel. There is also a guy on you tube Chris has a 2020 white pro 4runner ran the lights. Sorry to hijack yer post DC. Shipping was fast. Looking at ordering some but seeing people saying the fuse boxes are different and they are unsure of where to plug them into. Close. For non TRD Pro Grille put 2 lights on each side of the Toyota logo. 2020: For 2020 models, these lights work only with the TRD Pro 4Runner exclusively. I would recommend Overland Depot and look forward to giving them my business in the future. But you won't be able to fully close the lid because of the add a fuse device. Included in the Raptor Light Kit Comes with 4 Leds – available in an Amber Housing/Amber LED or White Housing/White LED option. Now also available in a … Have had compliments from many strangers. Has anyone with a 2020 installed these yet? Anyone install raptor lights on 2020 4runner? $35.99 $ 35. Would be greatly appreciated. I got the raptor lights, but im unsure where to put the ground. 4Runner Raptor Light Kit Amber LED – Overland Depot I like the idea of the 3 light set-up which locates them in the center of the upper grille; however, they seem very bulky and obvious. I cannot close the fuse box tight with the double fuse adapter and the wire coming out. Raptor Lights on 2020. More of a salmon amber color. The 4Pcs 4Runner Raptor Light kit is available in a Smoked Housing option – making for a great stealthy look. Discount Codes. If anyone can share a picture of what they've done, id really appreciate it! i have mine in the IGN fuse, and also have s tech switch in ACC fuse. 6 comments. false ... was able to follow a video on youtube, shows you if u remove a bolt, youll be able to install the wire to the fuse re-secure that bolt and then close the lid. Plug and Play 4Runner Raptor Lights 3 Pcs LED Grille Lights for the 2014-2020 5th Gen 4Runner (Looking for the 4 Pcs kit? share. I got the lights in and followed the video you posted. Our Raptor Lights DO NOT work with any other 2020 model. 2014-2019: Works with all models. Installation was super easy and very clean. Lights work as they should but the screws provided strip very easily. Any info would be appreciated. A definite eye-catcher. My add a fuse/wiring harness was not long enough to connect to the suggested fuse area in the cab. Had a minor issue with one of the lights and customer service took care of it without any back and forth.


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