So you use HP to get the bike moving to 50 MPH....Now you disconnect the motor (NO HP) and coast. The "HONDA" and wing tank decal and the "NIGHTHAWK" side cover decal were silver. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I just got it so I haven't really run it full throttle yet ( 75 miles on the OD ) I weight 300 lbs. In Stock - Ships Same Day If Ordered Before Noon EST, Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Just thought I'd add this in...... That 44.4 HP is from 444cc, or 1HP from every 10cc.... "I have a mind like a steel trap.....Old and rusty, of antiquated design, and hard to get stuff back out of....". Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 1991-2003 Honda Nighthawk 750. I'm still told I rev it too high but it's what I can do these days....The only annoyance I felt at speed was the vibes kicking in on the bottom of my feet at 70mph. Take a million pound (or Kg for our metric friends) under the same conditions. We are still quickly shipping orders! Honda says horsepower peaks at 9000 rpm; the engine speed vs. rpm chart stops at ~195 kph (121 mph), which is above 10k rpm, and also says 'level road with rider in prone position', so, belly on the tank, feet on rear pegs. The HP is 75 (engine) which is less at the rear wheel. My NH750 is 10% optimistic according to 2 different GPS'. Seems like my shifting speed matching rpms is somewhat on target. I have had my 2008 Nighthawk 250 up to 70mph with some left over. This page was last updated: 26-Nov 22:01. The issue is drag, which goes up really fast with speed, and eats up any horsepower you have left over. Nighthawk Nighthawk CB 750. very good friends!!!!! Honda of Japan introduced the CB750 motorcycle to the US and European markets, Honda's painstaking durability testing, the bike's 120mph top speed, From 1991 through 2003, Honda produced a CB750 known as the Nighthawk 750. Nighthawk CB 750 1991 motorcycle pdf manual download. That meant every sunday on the way to work I had a solid mile of just empty roads (literally it looked like a ghost town) In 4th gear where rpm and speed "match" I was at 95 mph at ~9000rpm before it stopped pulling (tach was wavy and i didn't want to look down for more than half a second) If I kicked it up to 5th it would bog down to about 85mph. Top speed & performance: Max power: 73 bhp: Max torque: 45 ft-lb: ... big 750 engine with fins, carbs ... 2002 Honda Nighthawk USA. View cart for details. Accelerations, 1/4 mile time and top speed for 1991 Honda Nighthawk 750 (55 kW / 75 PS / 74 hp). The 750 will break the ton, but not easily. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Laying on tank, arms tucked, feet on front pegs just in case I needed to slow, full face helmet. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The engine was based on the European model CBX750F. JavaScript is disabled. To complicate it even more.........torque is also a defining factor.........LOL. thoughts? Only) 5-1, Engine Removal/Installation - Service Information, Cylinder Head/Cylinder/Piston - Service Information/Troubleshooting, Clutch/Gearshift Linkage - Service Information/Troubleshooting, Drive Sprocket Cover Removal/Installation, Gearshift Linkage Cover/Gearshift Spindle Assembly Installation, Crankshaft/Transmission - Service Information/Troubleshooting, Countershaft Bearing Cover Removal/Installation, Alternator Shaft Nut Removal/Installation, Front Wheel/Suspension/Steering - Service Information/Troubleshooting, Rear Wheel/Suspension - Service Information/Troubleshooting, Brake System - Service Information/Troubleshooting, Front Mastery Cyliner Removal/Installation, Front Mastery Cyliner Disassembly/Assembly, Charging System/Alternator - Service Information, Charging System/Alternator Troubleshooting, No Spark at One Plug (Trouble in Secondary Coil Side), Engine Starts, but Side Stand Switch Does Not Function at All, Ignition Pulse Generator Removal/Installation, Electric Starter/Starter Clutch - Service Information, Electric Starter/Starter Clutch - System Location, Electric Starter/Starter Clutch - Troubleshooting, Starter Motor Turns Slowly/Turns, but Engine Does Not Turn, Starter Relay Switch "Clicks", but Engine Does Not Turn Over, Lights/Meters/Switches - Service Information, Engine Does Not Start or Is Hard to Start, Poor Performance at Low and Idle Speeds/At High Speed, Motorcycle Honda CB750 Owners Workshop Manual, Motorcycle Honda CB750 CUSTOM 1982 Owner's Manual, Motorcycle Honda Nighthawk CB750SC 1984 Shop Manual, Motorcycle Honda CB TWISTER Owner's Manual, Motorcycle Honda CB110 Manual Del Propietario. So, when are you guys launching the rocket? But even double the HP does not give you double the top speed..... 2x the speed = 4 times the wind resistance = 8 times the HP. I have heard that if your tucked in real tight while wearing a full face helmet you can get a 74 k7 to 105, I heard the speedo was bouncing between 100 and 110 so it was just a guess, or so I have heard. Come join the discussion about performance, engine builds, classifieds, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Honda cb750 sport motorcycle owner's manual (90 pages), Honda cb750 motorcycle owner's manual (89 pages), Cb110 twister bike owner's manual (spanish) (93 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Wheels/Tires/Front Suspension/Rear Suspension Standards, Evaporative Emission Control System (California Model Only), Emission Control Information Labels (USA Only), Frame/Body Panels/Exhaust System Troubleshooting, Lubrication System Service Information and Troubleshooting, Pilot Screw Adjustment (U .S.A. 5 speed: Gear ratio 3rd: 1.545: 1 (34/ 22) Primary reduction: 1.780 (73/ 41) Gear ratio 4th: 1.240: 1 (31/ 25) Secondary/ third reduction: N / A: Gear ratio 5th: 1.074: 1 (29/ 27) Final reduction: 2.533 (38/ 15) Gearshift pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5 Since HP is DEFINED as Weight moved a Distance in an amount of Time (how much, how far, how fast), Weight IS a factor of top speed achievable, but not in top speed theoretically possible....But then, we arent in the vacuum of space (no drag coefficient) with negligable gravity effects (weightless)......LMAO! Not for nothing, but the tach is a better judge of speed then the sppedo. I had 170 km/h (105 mph) on my speedo a couple of weeks ago so I know my K2 is good for that. The CB750'91 Nighthawk 750 was sold in 1991 and was available in one color: Candy Bourgogne Red.


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