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A Beer Lover’s Guide To Touring Japan

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Japan is often known for its sake. This nation is growing into one of the hottest producers of beer. Japanese beer is becoming the new favorite of beer drinkers around the world. If you are looking for a unique experience, pack your bags and head to Japan.

Japan has always led the way for craft beer in the Asian market. The country is now the seventh largest beer producer in the whole world. Japan has a thriving beer industry. In fact, Tokyo has more than 100 craft beer pubs in its city. In order to get a sense of the beauty of Japanese beer, you need to check out these establishments.

Nakameguro Taproom – Nakameguro

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This is one of the first craft beer halls in Japan. It is owned by the Baird Brewing Company. Its exposed wood beams and brick walls give the space a relaxed feel. Their long tables are even designed for communal drinking in mind. The Baird has its own specialty brews on tap, including Teikoku IPA and Angry Boy Brown Ale. They also carry a variety of “guest beers” and some of Baird’s seasonal brews. The Taproom also has a select menu of items available if you need to eat while enjoying a drink.

Delirium Café Tokyo – Kasumigaseki

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The Delirium was originally opened in Belgium. They have brought their beer expertise to the city of Tokyo. This spot is popular with white collar workers and visiting travelers. They have over 60 varieties of beer on the menu. The beers on tap include many Belgium favorites, along with Japanese exclusives. The Café also serves food and includes many Belgium favorites such as steamed mussels and beer stew.

Watering Hole -Shibuya


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This bar is owned by Ichiri Fujiura. He was the first non-American to win the Homebrewer of the Year award in 1998. He knows what it takes to create a great tasting beer. This location has become a mecca for beer lovers. The Watering Hole even has their own nano-brewery on the side of the building. There are 21 beers on tap with many varieties of Japanese and imported brews. Some of the beers served here are not available anywhere else in Japan. The Watering Hole has obtained exclusive rights to sell certain beers in their establishment.

Popeye Beer Club – Ryogoku

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If you are looking for one of the most famous beer spots in Japan, check out this bar. It is the largest beer venue in the country. If you want a wide selection of craft beers, this is the place for you. They have over 70 beers on tap. It is enough to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. The staff at the Popeye Beer Club is trained in the art of craft beers and can help you with a selection. If you cannot make up your mind, there is a flight available with ten different varieties of beer. The Popeye Beer Club even has a wide range of Izakaya dishes to accompany your beverage. There are also wine and spirits on the menu if you want something more than a beer.

If you are looking to get out of Tokyo, there are a few breweries that offer tours of their facilities. The tours will give you the chance to not only taste the beer but see how it is made. Both of the tours are open to the public.

Asahi Beer Factory – Nagoya

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The Asahi Beer Factory has several locations that offer tours. To get a sneak peek of the brewing process, you will have to register before heading to the brewery. The tours are free. Their guides walk visitors through the entire manufacturing process of Asahi Beers. You will have a chance to touch the barley and hops that go into the beer. The guides will also give a look at the beer production process which includes barley-mashing to packaging. The tour is capped off with the tasting room. The samples are free, but there is a per person limit. The room is opened for 20 minutes or 3 glasses per person.

Sapporo Beer Museum – Sapporo City, Hokkaido

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Sapporo is the most popular and oldest beers in Japan. The company was founded in 1877. Their products are sold all over the world. The tour of the Sapporo Beer Museum is completely self-guided. Guests are able to roam around the many historical exhibits that outline the history of the company. Once you have learned about the beer, you are welcomed to join the tasting session. It is not free, and each person is charged per glass. If all the touring has made you hungry, there is a beer garden on the property. You can enjoy fresh barbecued lamb and a glass of Sapporo beer.

Now that you have tasted beer and seen the manufacturing process, it is time for something different. There is a resort that offers beer spa treatments. So if you just can’t get enough of beer, you can bathe in it as well.

Hinotani Onsen Misugi Resort – Tsu

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If you are looking for something unique, then check out the Misugi Resort. This spa is famous for their beer-infused treatments. The resorts offer traditional spa amenities, along with the beer products. For the beer lovers, guests can sit in a ceramic tub filled with a dark lager. The lager is thought to have many health benefits for the skin and body. This particular type of beer is called Ninja Beer. It is crafted by Hinotani Brewery which is located on the property. Besides the beer bath, guests are encouraged to participate in other resort activities as well. They have classes on pizza and bread making. There is also a nearby water park for guests to enjoy. They have a selection of items for dinner including homemade noodles and Waygu beef.

Japan is quickly becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of beer. Their unique culture is breaking down boundaries in beer crafting. If you love beer and want an unusual experience, check out Japan for your next beer inspired trip.

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