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3 Tips for Backpacking Around Japan

Backpacking can be a great cheap and effective way to see new countries and sights. Japan is an amazing place to travel to and around. Japan is one of the best countries to backpack through. Here are 3 backpacking tips to utilize when visiting this stunning country.

Know Public Transportation

During your backpacking adventure in Japan, you will find that public transportation can be your best friend. Most people don’t want to stay in one spot while they are abroad, and understandably so. Get familiar with the public transportation systems in Japan. From subways to buses to rickshaws, there are many wonderful options to choose and to get your sightseeing done.

Japan’s subway and bus systems only cost around 100-200 Yen, which is roughly around 1-2 USD per ride. This is exceedingly cheap, especially if the subway or bus takes you from one city to another. Less walking for you! If you want to stay local, then try renting a bike for your commute instead of walking to get to the market or restaurant.

Pack Light

If you don’t know how to pack for a backpacking trip, look for tips for packing light that will be helpful to you and what you want to do in Japan. The internet is full of wonderful packing hacks that avid backpackers swear by.

Some simple tips for packing include purchasing a collapsible water bottle to save space. Fill up your water bottle only when you need a drink, then roll it up and store away until the next time you need it. Another packing tip is to pack only the amount of clothes that you will need for a few days, so your backpack won’t be too full. You can always stop and wash your clothes at a local laundromat. Lastly, pack your backpack the same way each time you move on to a different location. This idea is two-fold: you will remember where each of your belongings resides in your bag and you’ll save space as well.

Take Advantage of Local Hostels

If you get tired of living in a tent, why not take advantage of local hostels to rest your bones at night? Hostels in Japan are modest but inviting. For a small cost, you get a bed and often a meal. Keep in mind that hostels usually are communal. There are many beds in one room so that other people can spend the night as well. Don’t let this put you off, though, as hostel living is quite a lovely and cultural experience.

Between language barriers and different currency, backpacking in Japan can pose as quite a challenge. Taking advantage of public transportation, packing smart, and utilizing local hostels will help you have the time of your life in Japan.

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